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Aaron Rodgers and the Top Fantasy Quarterbacks

By RotoGuys.com

fantasyaces August survivor contest
Aaron Rodgers enters 2014 as a favorite for the top fantasy quarterback. Rodgers missed nine games in 2013 due to a broken collarbone. The Green Bay Packers quarterback was able to return during the final game of the season against the Chicago Bears.
It didn’t take long for Rodgers to show why he is one of the games top quarterbacks leading the Packers to a 33-28 victory over the Chicago Bears. Rodgers connected with speedy wide receiver Randall Cobb with less than a minute remaining to give the team the win. The win also locked up the NFC North and a trip to the post season.
Prior to the injury Rodgers was putting up another solid season of stats at the quarterback. Rodgers opened the season with 333 yards, three touchdowns and one interception against the San Francisco 49ers. The success continued a week later as Rodgers picked apart a very bad Washington Raven secondary, throwing for 480 yards and four touchdowns.
In the first seven games of the season before suffering the collarbone injury, Rodgers completed 167 passes for 2,191 yards. Rodgers was also limiting the amount of interceptions committing only 4 verses 15 passing touchdowns.
As we enter the 2014 NFL Season, Rodgers is one of a handful of the top quarterbacks worthy of an early fantasy pick for season owners. Here is the complete list of the top five fantasy quarterbacks for the upcoming season.
Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers: If Rodgers last game of the regular season is a sign of the way he is going to play in 2014, the Packers quarterback might finish as the best quarterback in the NFL.
Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers
Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos: Manning is one of those quarterbacks that fantasy owners can take in the first round and can live up to the hype. Last season, Manning broke the single season passing yardage and passing touchdown records. Despite losing Eric Decker, the Broncos found replacements in both Cody Latimer and Emmanuel Sanders.
peyton manning
Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints: Brees is the only quarterback in NFL history to top the 5,000 yard mark in three consecutive seasons. The team also got better adding Brandin Cooks to the passing game as well as building one of the NFCs top defensive units. The key to the offense will be a good defense that can get the ball back for the offense.
drew brees
Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions: It is hard to imagine not taking Stafford in fantasy leagues when he has the NFL’s top wide receiver in Calvin Johnson. The team also made two key moves this off-season signing Golden Tate and hiring Jim Caldwell as the head coach. We saw Caldwell work with Joe Flacco during his eleven touchdowns zero interception run through the Super Bowl.
matthew stafford
Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals:  The Bengals starter continues to get better in each NFL season he plays. Last season, Dalton topped the 4,000 yard mark as well as 30 touchdown passes for the first time in his young NFL career. It doesn’t hurt that Dalton has one of the games top wide receivers in A.J. Green.
Andy Dalton Cincinnati Bengals


With an increase in passing efficiency throughout the air, we're seeing more and more wide receivers entering fantasy relevancy. And while studs at the position certainly hold early-round value in fantasy drafts due to their weekly consistency, there are plenty of guys on the verge of becoming great. Here are eight wide receivers ready to outplay their current average draft position.

Torrey Smith, Baltimore Ravens

Torrey Smith had some hype last year as a guy who might be able to break out and become a WR1. Coming off 49 receptions and just 855 yards in 2012, he had a ways to go to become a bonafide stud overnight.
He finished with 65 receptions and 1,128 yards, but his touchdown tally was cut in half, causing him to finish as the 22nd fantasy receiver in 2013. Give him just two more touchdowns with the same receptions and yardage, and he'd be a top-18 guy who's being drafted as the 26th receiver off the board.  READ MORE AT NumberFire.com


Fantasy analysts don't always get along. They don't always agree. And while our algorithms spit out some amazing projections each and every year, we're bound to disagree with the computers at times.
Insert the fantasy football roundtable, where the football guys here at numberFire are able to disagree and argue for a particular player or ranking in fantasy football. The topic for today: Who should be the number one running back in fantasy football?

The Argument for Jamaal Charles

If you have the first overall pick in fantasy football this year, Jamaal Charles should be your choice.
Charles tops our FireFactor rankings, which uses a player’s projected point total against the value of a replacement at the position. In a standard scoring setting, Charles’ FireFactor number tops 235, over 15 points higher than second-place LeSean McCoyand over 40 points higher than Adrian Peterson. Just know that our computers love him.  READ MORE AT NumberFire.com


There are certain teams every year that have a wide range of expectations. One of them this year is the Kansas City Chiefs, a team ranked 13th in our power rankings with a 7.8 win projection. They have a nERD score of 1.51, which means they'd be expected to beat an average opponent by just 1.51 points.
They'll hinge on 8-8, particularly given the difficulties lurking in the AFC West, unless they can get some unexpected production from unexpected players. And a potential breakout candidate in Kansas City exists on the depth chart as a tight end.
Now, if you just commenced your fantasy football research for the season, you may not have gotten into the depths of the tight end class yet. But once you do, there are a few names that will pop up as candidates primed to break out and post big numbers - names that can be had late in your fantasy drafts or even after the fact.  READ MORE AT NumberFire.com


Offense is down around all of baseball, and the need for bats is great. Specifically, teams are in desperate need of power bats, and many are looking for one ahead of the trade deadline on Thursday afternoon.
The following teams have all been connected to one or some of the available outfielders on the trade market. Their rank among all MLB outfielders is in parenthesis.
Seattle.283 (30).637 (30)16 (29)
Cincinnati.297 (28).670 (28)27 (22)
St. Louis.302 (24).675 (24)23 (27)
Atlanta.312 (18).702 (17)37 (11)
Kansas City.313 (16).703 (16)14 (30)
New York.314 (15).711 (15)40 (8)
Pittsburgh.344 (7).780 (8)40 (8)
Seattle, Cincinnati and St. Louis are the three teams who need the most help. Their outfielders have posted a weighted on-base average (wOBA), on-base plus slugging percentage (OPS) and home run totals that are among the worst in baseball. Atlanta, Kansas City, and New York all need some help in the outfield as well, with Pittsburgh's inclusion in the outfield trade market somewhat interesting, given they are in the top 10 in all three categories.  READ MORE AT NumberFire.com

LeBron James Jersey Giveaway

By Danny Stokes - Senior NBA Writer/Analyst for Legion Report @LegionReportNBA - Stokes.LegionReport@Gmail.com
If, somehow, you missed the news, Legion Report was the first site to report it. Click HERE to read how it all went down. After his announcement, the question rose: Which number will he wear? He wore #23 for 7 years in Cleveland and switched to #6 while with Miami and won 2 championships. He posted the question on his Instagram before deciding to switch back to #23.
Legion Report has decided to give a Brand New Cleveland Cavaliers #23 LeBron James Jersey to a fan since we were the first to report this story! In order to be eligible, you must follow @LegionReportNBA and retweet us. The winner will be announced on Sunday August 3rd (We will Direct Message you on Twitter.) Good luck!
If you haven’t started prepping for Fantasy Football, our Quarterback, Running Back, and Part 1 of our Wide Receiver Rankings are up. Get your season started with 2013′s Most Accurate Fantasy Football Experts, no seriously, we really were!

Final Notes from Summer League

By Danny Stokes - Senior NBA Writer/Analyst for Legion Report @LegionReportNBA - Stokes.LegionReport@Gmail.com

Don’t Be Smoove
Adreian Payne was a standout at Michigan State during his four year tenure. A 6’10’’ beast that can battle down low or take a step back jumper was a constant threat for other defenses. He was drafted 15th overall by the Hawks to bring a stretch four off the bench and take some pressure off of Al Horford and Paul Milsap. Things didn’t go quite as planned in his first taste of NBA action. He averaged 12.5 points and 7 rebounds in 6 games, which are respectable numbers. However, Payne settled for a lot of outside jumpers. Hawks fans have nightmares of a similar forward that threw up a ton of 3’s, Josh Smith. Payne shot only 30% from the arc and 37.5% from the floor in total. “Being able to shoot the ball translates to any level,” said Payne.
“But it’s a lot different with the speed of the game and the players are more athletic. So, I’m just trying to get more comfortable out there and trying to find the pace of the game, so the shots still come and I’m in rhythm.”
 Unless Payne can bring his shot selection closer to the rim, he will have a tough time cracking the rotation in his rookie season.
You Need To Be This Big to Enter The Lane
The rookie class featured a lot of new point guards that brought a lot of promise to their prospective teams. The common disadvantage for them was that the big guys just are too strong for them. Shabazz Napier was often overmatched in Summer League play. He shot 27% from the floor and scored only 9 points per game. Napier will have 2 point guards in front of him for the start of the season.
Along with Napier, Tyler Ennis struggled in Summer League play. In his first game, he drove to the rim and finished an and-one and sank the free throw. From there on, Ennis was consistently overmatched by bigger point guards. In college, he had an awesome assist to turnover ratio, but that number ballooned.
Ennis and Napier have to adjust to the speeds of the game. They will have time since both of them are behind multiple players on the depth chart as of right now.
Don’t Give Up on Bennett
Saying Anthony Bennett was a disappointment his rookie season is one of the biggest understatements ever. The former UNLV player missed his first 53 shots before making a field goal. He was “praised” for recording his first double-double. At one point during the season, he even thought playing for the Canton Charge, the Cavaliers’ D-League affiliate, might be a good idea. Who in the world would want to play in the D-League? I, however, am confident Bennett can develop into a solid contributor in the NBA. There are big expectations for a #1 pick, but that Draft’s class was not strong and the only clear cut #1 pick was Victor Oladipo. That’s beside the point. Bennett entered last season not being able to condition or play in Summer League due to shoulder surgery. He was consistently playing catch up. This season, he showed up nearly 30 lbs lighter and averaged 13.3 points and 7.8 rebounds per game. Judging by his stats last year, expect a MAJOR upgrade this year for Bennett. Check out the photo below just to show how much weight he has lost so far.
Can you Snell the McBuckets?
Tony Snell was expected to take a step in his progress this season, but he failed to do so. It looks as though he took it personal and improved tremendously. He made 1st Team All-Summer Team and finished 5th in scoring at 20.0 points per game. Snell added 10 lbs of muscle and also added, “I got a lot stronger and faster, so that’s a good sign. I’ve been working hard all summer.”
Many people doubted whether Doug McDermott could succeed in the NBA. He has definitely proved the doubters wrong, so far. Highlighted by a 31 point outburst, McDermott was also selected for the All-Summer League Team. He averaged 18 points per game and is on his way to playing his way into the rotation. McDermott has gotten a lot of advice from Kyle Korver.
“Korver is a guy from Creighton who played with a lot of these guys, so he’s given me some advice.”
If both of these players can keep improving and contribute to the Bulls, I expect them and the Cavaliers to challenge each other for the Eastern Conference title.

Yes, this is Summer League and a lot of these stats don’t mean a thing. Just because Shabazz Napier struggled or Tony Snell lit up the scoreboard doesn’t mean this will translate into meaningful games. Heck, except for Kansas Jayhawk fans and other NBA geeks, the casual fan doesn’t know who Josh Selby is. He won the MVP of the Summer League in 2011. His NBA stats include 2.2 points, 0.9 assists, and 0.5 rebounds in only 38 games played.

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Friday 7/18/2014 DraftKings High Score Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown

The second half of the MLB season is here and just like the crack of the bats from the Home Run Derby it is starting off with a bang.  While the American League winning the All Star game, beating the National League 5 – 3, and Yoenis Cespedes retaining is Home Run Derby crown for the second year in a row made headlines, the real daily fantasy sports news came at the announcement of Draft Kings purchase of Draft Street.  The acquisition was a shock to the industry and it will be interesting to see what is on the horizon for baseball daily fantasy sports at Draft Kings.
Now that DraftKings is pushing full steam ahead to create a premiere daily fantasy sports platform there will be a lot to learn from its players and winning lineups.  On just the first day baseball was back in action DraftKings made it exciting by offering its customers a MLB $5k Player Appreciation Freeroll [$500 to 1st] among other promotions.  With over $5,000 up for grabs on one of the best daily fantasy sports platforms available it was sure to be a hotly contested affair and that it was.  As 5620 runners entered the tournament and created lineups there were plenty of talented DFS players on display.  Emerging at the top of the pack on Friday July 198h 2014 was DraftKing daily fantasy sports player “Yield51”.  Congratulations to “Yield51” for making the winning daily fantsay sports lineup scoring a total 168.9 fantasy points.  Lets review the lineup to see what may have lead to its success.
july 20 article
Pitchers (P) – Pitchers were Bartolo Colon, New York Mets (21.9% owned) and Jose Quintana, Chicago White Sox (17.2% Owned).  Looks like middle tier pitchers were the choice this week.  Both pitchers offer mid range pricing and decent strikeout and daily fantasy sports scoring potential so these were safe choices that paid off.  The ownership percentages show that many had the same sentiment about value.
Catcher (C) – Catcher was Brian McCann, New York Yankees (6.9% Owned).  A reasonably priced catcher hitting in a great lineup spot is always a solid play and that’s what we get almost all the time in McCann.  He is also one of the stronger power hitting catchers again making him a great choice.
First Base (1B) – First baseman was Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Cubs (6.8% Owned).  Very similar to MacCann, Rizzo is another player that hold lots of power, potential and value while almost always getting a great spot in the batting order.
Second Base (2B) – Second baseman was Arismendy Alcantara, Chicago Cubs (20.6% Owned).  The most popular selection on the lineup this week this was a clear pricing play.  Alcantara is a relatively unkown up and coming superstar that it appears a lot of people are honed in on and excited to see play and produce.  A speedster on the bases he is a great play as you can really rack up daily fantasy sports points by swiping bases and that is exactly what he did on this opening night of the second half of the season.
Third Base (3B) – Third baseman was Pablo Sandoval, San Francisco Giants (7.2% Owned).  With this pick we are starting to see a trend emerge in this winning daily fantasy sports lineup of more power hitting based players with high lineups spots and Fat Panda is no exception.
Shortstop (SS) – Shortstop was Jordy Mercer, Pittsburgh Pirates (9.2% Owned).  As the third highest owned player in the lineup it was clear Mercer was on a lot players radars.  Hew was playing at home and had a favorable pitching match up which is what most likely tipped the scales in favor of this choice.
Outfielders (OF) – Outfielders were Jacoby Ellsbury, Boston Red Sox (6.3% Owned), Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals (5.4% Owned) and Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins (11.3% Owned).  It looks like the speed and power combo players were highest on the list when outfield building considerations were taken into account.  The most risky play was found here as Bryce Harper has not played a whole lot this season.  It appears he is till in fine form after hitting a home run and putting up 20 daily fantasy points for this lineup.
Draft Kings player “Yield51” leaned heavily on speed and power when compiling his winning daily fantasy sports lineup and was rewarded handsomely.  While not a particularly high scoring night by Draft Kings daily fantasy sports lineup scoring standards, the winning lineup still excelled by utilizing a wide variety of players from different teams that all have a similar style of play and price point.  By not focusing on any particular team, this winning daily fantasy sports lineup was able to win by deploying a nice mix of talented players with a few risky plays and lower priced pitchers thrown into the equation.  What advantages do you think you will be able to gain by studying Draft Kings top scoring daily fantasy sports lineups?

This Week In Baseball History:
On July 23, 1962, baseball playing heroes Jackie Robinson, Bob Feller and Edd Roush and managing great Bill McKechnie were inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Jon Lester: Not Your Average Major Leaguer.

By Scott Terrana Jr.

In a well-documented contract year, Jon Lester is putting together his best season in his seventh full MLB season

Back in late January when Red Sox ace lefty Jon Lester expressed his desire to take a hometown discount to remain in Boston, many bought into his words and rejoiced. I wrote about it here: http://scottjronsports.wordpress.com/2014/01/24/jon-lester-not-your-average-major-leaguer/

At the time it seemed like a given that the Red Sox brass would jump at the opportunity to lock him up as quickly as possible. Their pitcher stated, “These guys are my number one priority… I understand to stay here, you’re not going to get a free agent deal. You’re not going to do it. It’s not possible. You’re bidding against one team. I understand you’re going to take a discount to stay,” Lester told reporters at the annual Baseball Writers of America awards ceremony dinner.

“Do I want to do that? Absolutely. But just like they (the Red Sox) want it to be fair for them, I want it to be fair for me and my family. If we can get to something in spring training, that would be awesome…” All quotes are courtesy of the Boston Globe.

As I wrote then, Lester was going above and beyond what 95-97% of any other MLB players would do by saying those words. His only (very simple) request was to get something done before the season began. If not, he told reporters that he would prefer it be put off until after the season so it would not be a distraction to the team.
Now in late July, approaching the non-waiver July 31st trade deadline, Lester has done anything but let his impending free agency become a distraction. Despite a borderline slap-in-the-face 4 year, $70 million offer, Lester has been more dominant in 2014 than in any other regular season.

In 20 starts he has compiled a 2.50 ERA (3rd in the American League), 1.14 WHIP (career best), 142 strikeouts (top-10 in MLB) to just 31 walks (a career best 4.6 K/BB, 2. 0 per 9 innings). He has surrendered only 8 home runs in 137 innings pitched. His success earned him his third American League All-Star selection, the first time since 2011. After 8 shutout innings and a win against the Kansas City Royals, Lester has surrendered 2 earned runs or less in a remarkable 14 of 20 starts.

This does not completely demonstrate exactly how dominant he has been in 2014.

How can anyone say that? Consider this: Lester has had two poor starts all year (5/22 vs. Toronto, 6/7 @ Detroit) in which he allowed 22 hits, 12 earned runs, 3 walks, 3 strikeouts and 5 home runs across 10 1/3 innings pitched. Yes, of course those starts are still there. However, the larger sample size of his other 18 starts demonstrate exactly how dominant the 30 year-old impending free agent has been for an offensively starved Red Sox team.

In those 18 starts, Lester has thrown 125 1/3 innings, allowed 100 hits, 26 earned runs, 139 K’s to 28 walks, while allowing only 3 home runs. That equates to a 1.86 ERA, 1.02 WHIP, 9.98 K’s per 9 innings, 2.0 BB/9, 7.1 H/9, 0.2 HR/9.

In a year where Felix Hernandez and Chris Sale are not pitching to their own career bests, Lester is probably your leading candidate for the American League Cy-Young Award with roughly ten weeks left in the regular season. His 10-7 record does not tell the story: his offense has given him only 3.35 runs of support per start. Only 11 MLB starting pitchers have received less run support. Despite that, it is overwhelmingly likely that he finishes 2014 with his sixth 15+ win season out of seven as a full time starter.

When writing about his contract negotiations in late January (here:http://scottjronsports.wordpress.com/2014/01/24/jon-lester-not-your-average-major-leaguer/), I made the comparison to Philadelphia Phillies left-hander Cole Hamels’ contract of 6 years, $144 million, which he signed at age 28 in July 2012. Those comparisons ended up dead on after the Boston media began comparing Lester’s career statistics to Hamels’ prior to the All-Star break. Even more ironically, national pundits reported the Red Sox were scouting Hamels. After this season, the 2008 World Series MVP for Philadelphia will be due 4 years, $90 million on the contract he signed in 2012.

The unsuccessful free agent contracts of both Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford before the 2011 season caused a shift in the front office philosophy of the team. Since those failed signings and their subsequent departure in the biggest salary dump Major League Baseball has ever seen, the Boston front office has committed not to pay over 5 years for players. Often this has meant paying a large average annual value in order to get the player signed.

At age 30 Lester is looking for his only long term, big money contract over the course of his career. The safe assumption is, since he wants to remain in Boston for his career, that he probably wants a 6 year deal. He may even settle on a 5 year contract, but he undoubtedly no longer will accept a hometown discount.

Earlier in the season more than one report came out about other players being upset about the initial offer that Lester received. Much to his credit (and to no one’s surprise), the prized pitcher has handled the situation perfectly. He has answered every question without making it about himself. He has gone out to the mound, and given the team his absolute best, with consistently excellent efforts through the first three and a half months of the season.

Durability is never in doubt with him either. In a baseball era where torn ulnar collateral elbow ligaments have resulted in so many Tommy John surgeries it’s been deemed an “epidemic,” Lester has proven to be among the most durable starting pitchers in baseball. He’s well on his way to 32 or 33 starts, a number he’s hit in five of his first six seasons (with 31 in the other). He’s thrown at least 200 innings in five of the last six seasons. He has only been to the 15-day Disabled List one time in his career, missing two starts in 2011 with a minor lat tweak.

Essentially there is zero doubt that Lester has greatly increased his value this season. Now more than ever, there is a real possibility that Boston will lose their best pitcher.

There is no real argument, the Red Sox must swallow their pride to keep him. With Philadelphia recently deeming that Hamels is not available for trade, it would cost Boston at least a trio of very good prospects to pry him away from the Phillies. With so many young pitchers on the way to the big league club in the next 1-3 years, who better to mentor them than Lester? With the way he’s pitched this season (and while Hamels missed the first month with a shoulder issue), the realization that they cannot afford to lose their 2002 2nd-round pick has come full circle to Boston GM Ben Cherington and President Larry Lucchino.
With so many young pitching prospects on their way up, it only makes sense that Lester is the guy who can teach them the most about being a successful big league starter. The last thing the Red Sox should be trying to do is cheap out on a guy who has been integral in two World Series Championships, particularly in 2013. They undoubtedly know that they made a huge error in judgment this spring, and the ball is now firmly in the burly hurler’s court.

Lester has said that he does not like change, that this is the place he wants to be. That is the one mistake he has made in this entire drawn out process. Yes, it is the best thing any fan of the team and player could hope for him to say. However, he initially took all of the leverage away from himself. He knew that at the time for sure.

After the borderline ridiculous/nearly insulting proposal, added to the fact he has pitched lights-out baseball, he has unquestionably regained that leverage and then some.

At this point, on July 20th, it appears as though his patience and resistance to change will continue to be heavily tested.

What is now clear to observers, and Red Sox Nation alike, is that the team owes this one to Jon Lester. They need to come to him with their tails between their legs, admit they wronged him with the first offer, and give him what he’s earned over the course of his career.

The hometown discount that he was talking about? It appears all but certain that is no longer an option for the Boston Red Sox.

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[This is a continuation of my exploration of FireFactor, which is our way of ranking players compared to replacement players at the same position. I already discussed it in detail here while applying the ranking to the quarterback position. I've also discussed the running backs using FireFactor as well.]
No position is as deep, in terms of volume, in fantasy football as the receiver position. After all, there are 32 teams and most of them roll out at least two competent receivers on a given play, and some offer three or four capable options. Factor in the now pass-heavy nature of the NFL, and worthwhile fantasy receivers can come from all levels of the depth chart on a given team.
But just because a team's third receiver might offer some level of production doesn't mean he's a player you're eager to have on your squad, especially if you have to take him off the bench and place him into your starting roster.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE >>> NumberFire.com


Each week, we'll be analyzing player trends based on their average draft position (ADP) fluctuations to help you, the reader, find value in your fantasy leagues. All of the ADP info referred to in the article are from FantasyFootballCalculator.com and are based on 12-team standard scoring leagues.
Let's get at it.

Rising to the Top

Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Minnesota Vikings
Cordarrelle Patterson has been the Vikings’ most talked about player within fantasy circles; quite a feat considering he plays with Adrian Peterson. As a result, his ADP has skyrocketed. He's currently going in the middle of Round 4 (WR17) - an entire round higher than what we saw on June 19th.
Sure, the Vikings are likely to increase Patterson’s looks, and he'll probably increase his catch rate which ranked 49th among relevant wideouts a season ago. But will that be enough to justify his current ADP?  CLICK THE LINK TO READ MORE AT >>> NumberFire.com

Thursday, July 17, 2014


T.Y. Hilton was one of the most coveted “sleepers” last year in most leagues. He was the next breakout candidate, the playmaker who was supposed to supplant Reggie Wayne as the top dog in Indianapolis. And while his final stat line of 82 receptions, 1,083 yards and 5 touchdowns seems adequate, the numbers, on occasion, do lie.
So is T.Y. Hilton someone to avoid this year in fantasy football? Let's take a look.

Hilton's 2013 Campaign

Let’s dig a little deeper into Mr. Hilton’s 2013 campaign. So you broke the 1,000 yard mark, congratulations. Five touchdowns. Not bad, but not really great, either. But wait, there’s more. T.Y. Hilton had about a quarter of his yardage production and 100 percent of his touchdown production in just two games last year. The first game was against the Seattle Seahawks, in which he had 5 receptions, 140 yards and 2 scores. The second of these mammoth outings came in the Colts’ first of two matchups against the Houston Texans. In this game, Hilton went for 7 receptions, 121 yards and 3 touchdowns, making a total of 12 receptions, 261 yards and 5 trips to the end zone between the two games.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE NumberFire.com


No position in football is more highly scrutinized and overanalyzed than the quarterback. Every breath a big-name quarterback takes on and off the field is subject to debate and discussion by every form of media known to mankind.
But simultaneously, no one position has as big of an impact on a game of football as the quarterback. A quarterback's efficiency dictates not only the passing offense for his team, but the success of the running game, and the opportunities provided to the defense.
Quarterback is just as big of a talking point in fantasy football, with different analysts and pundits offering various thoughts and views on how important quarterbacks are to your fake football success, and which players in particular will help you win your league in any given year.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE NumberFire.com

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Daily Fantasy Advice July 12th

If this is your first time coming to this page, I would like to welcome you! What we do here is give some free Daily Fantasy Advice for players you should target on that given night. We sprinkle in different positions and some descriptions as to who and why I am choosing this person. On top of that, we have a subscription service that is $20/mo that gives full details on a full lineup that we use on FanDuel. We give our exact lineup and reasons why we are picking these players. If you would like to try it out for a day, or a week, feel free to click the subscribe button for $1/day, $5/week, or the $20/mo option under the ads. There’s so many option today with great matchups and history against each other, it could take you hours to do the research. Luckily for you, I’ve done the research and will be highlighting key players to take a look at today.
I’ll keep bringing these suggested play articles, there’ll be a small subscription fee for full articles with actual suggested lineups for each day. To subscribe, hit the “subscribe” button under the ads on the right side. Once subscribed, shoot me an email at fantasysportsguru22@gmail.com telling me you have subscribed. Once it’s confirmed, the day’s article will be emailed to you!
Follow me on Twitter: @FantasyAdvice22
Suggested Plays 7/12/14:

P- Jered Weaver $7,300- Last time out he only lasted 2 innings against the Blue Jays so I don’t think many people will be targeting him. The last time he faced the Rangers however, he went 8 innings and 12 FP. The Rangers usually are the team to fear with their potent lineup, but lately it’s been more like a little league team. I like Weaver tonight especially how his price is so low. I’m expecting a great outing and his offense has finally woken up around him so look for good things today.

P- James Nelson $5,000- Obviously this is a complete GPP play for us tonight. At his price tag at minimum today, we can afford a great all-around team. He’s the Brewer’s top prospect and faced the Marlins on May 25th, going 5.2 innings, with 6 Ks a win and 15.66. We could be scared off against the Cardinals, but they just aren’t the same team we are used to seeing. This is the recipe for a Great GPP Pitcher.

Other P I Like: Adam Wainwright- $10,800, Mike Minor- $7,100, Stephen Strasburg- $9,700

C- Buster Posey $3,100- He was out last night but I believe it was just for rest. He gets to face Miley who is sporting a 4.43 ERA. He has 114 strikeouts to go along with 115 hits so that is always a good stat to see when you’re picking on him. Posey is a notorious lefty killer and Miley is just being Miley (get it?). Posey’s price has dropped significantly since he has struggled, but I’m expecting a BOMBpop tonight.

Other C I Like: Wilin Rosario- $3,300, Jason Castro- $2,600

1B- Freddie Freeman $4,000- He’s facing Edwin Jackson who struggles with his 5.05 ERA and Freeman has had success. Freeman is 7 for 14 a double, triple, and 2 HRs. He’s averaging 3.1 FP this season and has a great matchup today. I think Freeman will be hitting a BOMBpop and it’s time we utilize his $4,000 salary.

1B- Nick Swisher $2,400- He’s really heating up lately with 3 HRs in his last 5 games. He gets to face Scott Carroll who gets torn up by lefties. He’s sporting a 4.52 ERA with only 31 Ks giving up 74 hits at the same time. Swisher is in for a great game and a BOMBpop or two today.

2B- Brian Dozier $3,000- This guy is a stud but his price is really low. If the weather holds up in Colorado (seems like we go through this every day) he has a great matchup against lefty Matzek who should get lit up by the righties in Minny. Dozier has the power (16 HRs) and the speed (16 SBs) and is a threat in both cash-games and GPPs. I can’t find a reason not to use him today.

Other 2B I Like: Jose Altuve- $4,400

SS- Troy Tulowitzki $4,700- He is an absolute beast at home and proved it last night with yet another HR. If you’re not using him in at least some of your Cash-Games then be prepared to be disappointed. He’s also a great GPP play because I feel people fade him in lieu of going with a boom or bust type. He’s expensive, but this guys is a perennial All-Star and he will be an asset in the DFS realm for years to come.

OF To Target:

Jacoby Ellsbury- $3,700
Carlos Gonzalez- $3,700
Desmond Jennings- $3,100
Kole Calhoun- $4,200

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