Thursday, November 28, 2013


By Michael H. Osinski
Nobody likes to talk about the fact they cooked their turkey in an oven bag. It is not a pretty sight. But the turkey sure comes out juicy, moist and really really good. People want to dress like June Cleaver and prepare the whole meal without breaking a sweat.
Everybody wants a Fantasy Team that is  juicy, moist and really really good.  (Drafted perfectly, got all the breaks, and finished first).
Nobody gets that.
They are usually stuck with injury giblets. (This year I had Vick, Julio, David Wilson and Justin Blackmon all on one team)
In August your team is invincible.  In November the cold reality sets in that you might not make the playoffs.  Why is that?
Did you fall victim to the trendy fantasy darlings (David Wilson). Or did your team get gutted by injury (Julio Jones) . Did you think you would pick up the correct waiver pick ups? (You took Jericho Cocthery instead of Zac Stacy)
In a 12 team league, 4 make the playoffs. The rest chased darlings, got gutted by injuries or maybe cooked their turkey without a bag and turned out dry and unattractive.
Maybe you would've done better cooking your team in an oven bag? It might be ugly at first but end up juicy, moist and really really good.
The point here is that nobody wants to admit they spend untold hours fine-tuning their teams and scouting for opportunities. They want it to seem as if it comes naturally and without effort. 
Those guys finish 10th every year.  The guys that win put in the work and do it the right way. I am sure June Cleaver was a lousy Fantasy player.
Here's what came out of the turkey bag this week:
No more byes. From here on out, you are either riding 1 guy or you are shuffling 2 depending on the matchup. And, the waiver picking are pretty slim in most leagues, so you are also kind of stuck with what you have. Because QB is the single highest scoring position generally, it also has a lot to do with your fantasy fate.
1. Peyton Manning (DEN): I had him lower initially. Then I watched the tape of Rivers shredding KC.
2. Cam Newton (CAR): He started rolling earlier this year. Hope he is not looking past this one for NO.
3. Tony Romo (OAK): It's still November so he won't start the slide yet.
4. Matt Stafford (DET): He just throws so much...and he won't throw 4 picks this week.
5. Tom Brady (NE): So much for the mid-season groundswell of "Bench Brady!"
6. Drew Brees (NO): The Legion of Boom may not be completely up in smoke, but compromised nonetheless.
7. Russell Wilson (SEA): I am really looking forward to this game.
8. Nick Foles (PHI): ARZ is a tough match, but he is the hottest QB this side of Cam.
9. Phil Rivers (SD): Last week he showed people how to exploit KC. This week, Bengals.
10. Carson Palmer (ARZ): 1st time I have had him top 10 this season. He quit turning ball over and gets Philly.
11. Andy Dalton (CIN): SD secondary should actually be called tertiary.
12. Josh McCown (CHI): Really good matchup, and the Bears really need to win this game.
Just out: Luck, Alex Smith, Kaepernick
Try to avoid: Glennon, Tannehill, RGIII
Possible sleeper: Fitzpatrick
Last weekend was brutal on RBs, and the fallout is spilling over into this week. Moreno has a lower leg issue (bone bruise?). Stacy had a concussion, and as of this writing, we have yet to hear his status. Daniel Thomas is out. Lacy has asthma. Forte tweaked his knee. The list is a real long one.
It's only Wednesday, so keep an eye on the injury report.
Also, looks as if there is going to be a bunch of weather issues East of the Mississippi. That means more teams will operate a bit more run-heavy.
1. Adrian Peterson (MIN): Leg issues are behind him and the Bears would allow my daughter to get 100 yds.
2. Jamaal Charles (KC): A lot of this figures to be in the passing game.
3. Marshawn Lynch (SEA): NO defense is good, but Beast Mode is matchup proof.
4. Andre Brown (NYG): Has been money since his return.
5. LeSean McCoy (PHI): He's on pace for over 1500 yards.
6. Eddie Lacy (GB): I know Flynn has had success in the offense, but Eddie will get his 25 carries.
7. Matt Forte (CHI): Matchup is good, but not sure of his health. Bush was way way bad though.
8. Knowshon Moreno (DEN): Assumes he plays a nicked up KC defense.
9. CJ Spiller (BUF): Superior matchup and he is healthy again. Not the reach it seems.
10. Reggie Bush (DET): He said he is not fumbling ever again.
11. Alfred Morris (WSH): As solid and steady as any RB in the league.
12. Rashad Jennings (OAK): Looks nothing like the back in JAX in 2012. DMC will spell HIM. Not reverse.
13. Demarco Murray (DAL): They just don't consistently give him the ball enough.
14. Ben Tate (HOU): Coach said he didn't lose his starting spot, and he is FA after season. Incentive.
15. Zac Stacy (STL): Tough matchup, but it didn't matter when he played SEA.
16. Gio Bernard (CIN): SD not bad vs. the run, but lousy vs. the pass. He'll catch a few.
17. Chris Johnson (TEN): Jekyll/Hyde...who shows up for playoff run?
18. Danny Woodhead (SD): May get extra carries w Ryan Mathews hurt.
19. Shane Vereen (NE): Has been very good since he got back.
20. Maurice Jones-Drew (JAX): Anyone notice how good he has been lately? Cleveland tough though.
21. Pierre Thomas (NO): Really tough matchup at SEA, and Sproles back.
22. Andre Ellington (ARZ): Mendy splits carries, but Juke does more with them.
23. Fred Jackson (BUF): ATL is mailing in the rest of the season.
24. Le'Veon Bell (PIT): BAL did well stopping good NYJ run game.
25. Darren Sproles (NO): Back this week. Brees will need him as a checkdown vs. SEA.
Just out: Powell/Ivory, SJackson, Bolden(not Ridley)
Try to avoid: Rainey, LMiller, TRich
Possible sleepers: Ball(if Moreno hurt), Cunningham(if Stacy hurt)
At least all the talent missing due to the Week 12 byes is back. But, with all the weather issues on the East Coast, fewer WRs figure to have huge numbers.
1. Calvin Johnson (DET): I truly expect 200+ and maybe 2 TDs. DET really needs to win.
2. Demaryious Thomas (DEN): Rivers (and injuries) exposed the KC defense...Peyton gets a crack now.
3. Brandon Marshall (CHI): Too big a game for spreading out targets. Marshall goes off.
4. AJ Green (CIN): Like I said, the SD secondary is pretty bad.
5. Josh Gordon (CLE): Maybe not like last week, but expect a big game.
6. Dez Bryant (DAL): DAL kind of needs this game.
7. Pierre Garcon (WSH): Even in last week's debacle, he had plenty of catches.
8. Larry Fitzgerald (ARZ): Healthy, with a hot QB, and a pretty juicy matchup.
9. DeSean Jackson (PHI): He may draw Peterson, but so did AJohnson a couple weeks ago.
10. Antonio Brown (PIT): Leads the league in catches, but the matchup isn't so hot.
11. Jordy Nelson (GB): Probably still has some rapport from last time Flynn in GB.
12. Keenan Allen (SD): #1 option on a team that will throw a lot...and have some success doing it.
13. Riley Cooper (PHI): Opposite Peterson's side, and he is Foles' favorite.
14. Andre Johnson (HOU): Expect a bounceback from the Keenum n AJ Show.
15. Percy Harvin (SEA): No snap limitation...expect some fireworks.
16. Vincent Jackson (TB): Carolina can be had in the secondary. Just temper expectations.
17. Harry Douglas (ATL): You know who leads the league in YAC?
18. Victor Cruz (NYG): Not sure what happened last week.
19. Kendall Wright (TEN): Consistent. And he got in the end zone last week.
20. Wes Welker (DEN): Like I said...KC got exposed and has little time to fix before Sunday.
21. TY Hilton (IND): Been up and down more than expected.
22. Alshon Jeffery (CHI): Like I said...big games belong to Marshall.
23. Eric Decker (DEN): Not sure what happened last week, but Peyton has a habit of fixing that.
24. Dwayne Bowe (KC): Quietly erasing the memory of that lousy start.
25. Nate Burleson (DET): His comeback was a roaring success last week. No reason it wont continue.
26. Cecil Shorts (JAX): Still getting targets, but Haden figures to be following him.
27. Rod Streater (OAK): No problem. McGloin likes Streater better anyway.
28. Mike Wallace (MIA): NYJ can be beat deep occasionally.
29. Torrey Smith (BAL): Low scoring game...doesn't figure to score much.
30. Jarret Boykin (GB): He is getting plenty of targets...and got in the end zone last week again.
Just out: Colston, Floyd, Boldin
Try to avoid: Amendola, Nicks, SSmith
Possible sleeper: Stevie Johnson vs. the ATL Foolcons.
Last week was a tough week at TE for me. 3 teams. JThomas; JThomas & JReed; JReed. I had to play Walker, Walker, Walker.
I hear Thomas will play and Reed practiced in full today, so I am optimistic there. Holding on to Walker in 1 league just in case.
1. Rob Gronkowski (NE): Has returned to being the #1 TE.
2. Jimmy Graham (NO): Even against SEA, few are close.
3. Vernon Davis (SF): The "Crabtree Affect" will stretch the field a bit, and Davis will be main beneficiary.
4. Jason Witten (DAL): Mostly because the next 2 are compromised a bit.
5. Jordan Reed (WSH): Assuming he plays.
6. Julius Thomas (DEN): Potentially a big weapon in KC.
7. Jordan Cameron (CLE): Good matchup should provide a good platform for a bounceback.
8. Delanie Walker (TEN): Played well vs. Indy last time.
9. Tony Gonzalez (ATL): Not sure what he has left...or wants with that team.
10. Antonio Gates (SD): As the year has gone on, he has slid further down the list.
11. Martellus Bennett (CHI): McCown doesn't throw to him as much as Cutler does.
12. Rob Housler (ARZ): PHI hasn't stopped too many TEs.
Just out: Pettigrew, Clay, Miller, Fleener
Try to avoid: Cook
Possible sleeper: Ladarius Green
If you read this or my other column weekly, you know by now I stream a kicker each week. I have had some great success (17 pts twice). But, for the first time in years, I have had 0 twice! I'm not scrapping the strategy. I am just narrowing my focus.
Indoor kickers. Warm weather kickers. Kickers on teams that will score a lot. Teams with a history of lots of FGs.
1. Matt Prater (DEN): Team will score a lot.
2. Mike Nugent (CIN): Playing SD.
3. Mason Crosby (GB): Playing indoors.
4. Steve Gostkowski (NE): Indoors.
5. Nick Novak (SD): Nice weather always in SD. 4 of his last 5 are at home. Get him and keep him.
6. Robbie Gould (CHI): Lotsa points...among other things.
7. Blair Walsh (MIN): Ditto.
8. Ryan Succop (KC): This game may be 41-38 as well.
9. Sebastian Janikowski (OAK): FG team...indoors.
10. Dan Bailey (DAL): America's kicker?
11. Greg Zuerlein (STL): I expect a lot of FGs.
12. Phil Dawson (SF): Hasn't missed kick in weeks.
I stream defenses as well. I have had a huge amount of success this year. Then, I fell upon the Carolina Panthers and have kept them for 4 weeks. Not sure what I'll do for the NO home-and-home.
Try to pick defenses playing rookie or backup QBs. Some teams, like the Falcons and Giants, don't take care of the ball...
1. CAR
4. NE
5. MIA
6. SEA
7. SF
8. BAL
9. PIT
10. DAL
11. ATL
12. DET
Good luck to all. Happy Thanksgiving! I am available for questions (even on the holiday) at @mhosinskiLLP.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pick up lines

By Tom O'Mara

Thanksgiving... A day to sit back, overindulge in some food, enjoy your family, and watch Football.... Ok, Ok.... the enjoying the family thing is a bit much... Seriously though... When I think of Thanksgiving, I think Martha Stewart. Yes, THAT Martha Stewart. The felon. The annoying presence in every K-Mart you walk into. (So.. I shop at K-Mart sometimes, you have a problem with that?!?!?) Now why would I think of Martha Stewart you ask? A few years back, I was having Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house, and my mother was on a big Martha Stewart kick. She subscribed to the magazine. She watched her on TV. She had Martha Stewart towels, plates, garbage bags... she may have even had MS tampons... (probably not- Martha Stewart does NOT bleed! She's an evil evil alien! I digress.) So, there my mother is, following every recipe to the exact measurement (using her Martha Stewart measuring cups!)... Dinner is ready. We all sit down, say our thank yous, and begin to over indulge in the food... Unfortunately, there would be NO overindulging this Thanksgiving. I love cranberry sauce. Love it. Love every tasty bit of it. It's the first thing I go for. Took a big heaping spoonful... BLAH! Spit it out... The most disgusting thing I have ever tasted... It was so sour and bitter, it would've made the Grinch smile. For the remainder of the dinner, I couldn't get that taste out of my mouth. YUCK. Thanksgiving Well, as it turns out, the NEXT month's issue of Martha Stewart's magazine came in the mail a few weeks later... Printed, in small typeface, on one of the FIRST pages... "Correction... In last month's issue, we printed a recipe for Cranberry sauce. Unfortunately, we regret that we left one key ingredient out. 1 Cup of sugar should be added to the mixture before cooking. We are sorry for the inconvenience." Thanks a lot Martha Effing Stewart. Thanks a lot. Just remember this story as you head into your playoff run. Don't forget EVERY ingredient. Kickers, while not important on draft day, become important. Defenses become important. Even your bench becomes important. You have Mccoy? Pick up Bryce Brown and drop the WR that you'll never play. Every. Ingredient. Counts. Don't be a Martha Stewart. WAIVER WIRE PICKUPS These are players that are available in leagues. As always, If Geno Smith & Mike Wallace are available, please DON'T pick them up... and thank your league mates for being smart fantasy players. Quarterbacks Aaron Rogers' chances of playing on Thanksgiving are "slim to none" according to the Head Coach. They already benched Tolzien during last week's game, and Flynn came in and played well. He will start on Thanksgiving and put up top 10 fantasy numbers. Really? You forget to tell people to put sugar in a recipe?!?!? With Jason Campbell being sidelined by a concussion, Weeden will get the start this week. However, unless you are really really desperate, he shouldn't be started. He is just bench/backup material, unless you are in a 2 QB league. Don't forget to add potatoes to the mashed potato recipe! Ponder performed adequately this past weekend, but much like Weeden, he is really only useful as a backup QB in fantasy. If you are in a deep, deep league or a two QB league, Ponder can be useful. Oh crap! Turkey! We forgot to add the TURKEY! Running Backs Steven Ridley and LeGarrette Blount will be about as useful as printing a correction the month after you give out a recipe. They both dropped the ball... literally and figuratively. Bill Bellicheck hates players that fumble (almost as much as he hates talking to the media.) Both Ridley & Blount were benched after their miscues, and this is the 4th straight game that Ridley has coughed it up. I think we have a better chance of seeing bigfoot running around on the field than we do Ridley. However, If you play ANY Patriots Running Back, you're taking your chances. Ryan Matthews injured his hamstring. They haven't ruled him out for this week, HOWEVER, he is Ryan Matthews. He won't play. Danny Woodhead will be the primary beneficiary here, but Brown will be active in the game as well. If you're desperate for a running back in a season where RBs were the "MS Cranberry Sauce" of dinner, grab Brown. Rum & Coke - What's in THAT Martha?!?!? Wide Receiver Floyd has been a top 20 WR the last few weeks. And Carson Palmer has been top 5 since week 8... Grab Floyd NOW. He should be owned in EVERY league. Playing opposite Larry Fitzgerald is always a benefit, and Floyd is taking full advantage! People had been saying that Alex Smith can't throw the deep ball... Well, he proved them wrong last week, as he threw several deep passes to Donnie Avery. As with Floyd, Avery takes advantage of the fact that he has Dwayne Bowe across from him. Bowe has improved his game in the last few weeks (Maybe he had Glaucoma!) and with that, Avery has become a solid fantasy target. I would like to wish you all a very safe, and happy Thanksgiving. I'm very thankful that you take the time to read this column, and very thankful for the nice tweets and follows on twitter. Good luck to your teams this week, and God Bless.... well not you Martha Stewart- you can kiss my cranberries! ... as always, if you have any questions regarding your lineup/team or you just want to bash me for any bad advice, i can be found on twitter @celtictso Good Luck this week.

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda: Week 12

cws week 12
Welcome back, and thanks again for stopping by. So much has gone on the past two weeks, and all of it has been exciting. The addition of two new writers (David Panosian and Mike Osinski), our partnership with FanDuel, some Holiday Shopping help, and of course the action on the gridiron, have all made for a busy week. Of course, none of this can hide the fact that my Plays and Passes for last week were truly atrocious. It happens, what else can be said. I also fell off my bike a bunch of times, but that hasn’t stopped me from riding. I sincerely hope you are enjoying the additions, and find new reason to check back to this site with more regularity. Now on to the week that was…
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At this point in the year, the haves and have not’s are pretty much separated. Yes, you may be fighting for a playoff spot, and of course anything can happen, but did you really expect to be relying on some names you had never heard of at the games premiere position? Whether it is from injury (Aaron Rodgers), or ineffectiveness (Eli Manning), some lesser known players are carrying your Championship dreams. Of course you could be one of the lucky, and own Tom Brady (344 yards, 3 TD’s), or Philip Rivers (392, 3), who continue to put up consistency. Peyton Manning (150-2-1) owners got a huge scare, as his surgically repaired body showed signs of weakness in the cold and windy weather. I would still rather have him than not, but with his home games in Denver, it is cause for concern. Two guys I have liked as fill ins, suddenly are hazardous to your health. That’s right, stay away from Scott Tolzien (98, 0), and Case Keenum (169, 0-1 INT) – although I would still roster Keenum in deeper and dynasty leagues. Colin Kaepernick (325, 3) may have re-discovered himself, and at the perfect time. Mike Glennon (247, 2) continues to be a steady source of dependability, while Ryan Fitzpatrick (320, 2) and Josh McCown (352, 2/1) are making a case for the same. Most of these guys are probably long gone, but there is one name that more than likely remains available, has been flashing potential, and will get a chance to play. That man is Matt McGloin (260, 1/1), and if you are in desperate need for a live arm, he is worth taking a shot on and starting. Matt Flynn (218, 1) is intriguing and has been named the current starter, but I feel the leash is too short in Green Bay to rely too heavily on him just yet.
Suggested Play, Mike Glennon: 247 yards passing, 2 TD's
Suggested Pass, Matt Ryan: 292 yards passing, 0 TD/0 INT
Running Backs
A week ago, I went out on a limb and said that Zac Stacy would have a tough day against the Bears. It was a cold and lonely island, but not out of the realm of possibility in my opinion. It doesn’t make me happy to say that this came true, as a concussion cut his day short, and I am sure made things very tough for him. Before that happened though, he made me look terrible by running his way to 87 yards and 1 Touchdown in the first half. In fact, if it were not for the injury he may have out-produced Knowshown Moreno (224, 1) who had a monster performance in a frigid New England. The only thing that could have been worse than my Stacy prediction was to think Ben Tate could have a Knownshown type of game at home against the Jags. No, that came to a screeching halt as Tate was only able to put up 1 rushing yard on seven attempts. That is not a typo.  You are seeing ONE, (1), uno, correctly. Fortunately, the backups for my hit and miss guys had very solid games, and are available in many leagues. Benny Cunningham (109, 1), and Dennis Johnson (74 yards) both may have earned themselves some more playing time. If they happen to be available, you should certainly add them, at the very least, to keep them from starting against you. Jamaal Charles (115, 2 TD’s; 4 receptions for 42 yards) and Eddie Lacy (110, 1; 6-48) continue to be the most reliable at the position. If you have either, life is good right now.
Suggested Play, Ben Tate: 1 rushing yard, 0 TD.
Suggested Pass, Zac Stacy: 87 rushing yards, 1 TD.
Wide Receivers
As if the Stacy and Tate debacle wasn’t enough, I also got hammered with my WR picks. Not only did I have this one backwards as well, but Josh Gordon (14 catches for 237 yards, 1 TD) was exceptional, and easily finished as the week’s top producing wide-out. Outside of the usual suspects, there really are not too many guys who may be worth adding that are left out there. Dwayne Bowe (5-51-1) has been a disappointment, but that is only from what his expectations were. He is someone I view as a great Flex starter, and depending on your options, a viable number two receiver. Julian Edelman (9-110-2) is having a career year, but with New England finally being at full strength there are just too many weapons for Tom Brady to play with. Can anyone say with any certainty who will be the Patriots top guy from week to week? That is why I would put Edelman in the same group as Bowe, reliable but not game changing. If Michael Floyd (7-104) is still lingering on the free agents list, you would be wise to add and ride his current hot streak. There really just is not that much that can potentially help you for the playoff run. Justin Hunter (6-109-1) has earned himself more playing time, and will be on a lot of wish lists this week, but he has had one good game. It is tough to pin your hopes on a still unproven rookie. Tiquan Underwood (3-108-2) might be attainable for you, and is in the best situation. He has quickly become a trusted target of his QB Mike Glennon, and is a clear starter on a team playing with some renewed energy. However, this is also his fifth professional season, and his third professional team, so if the numbers never lie, then he too might not be someone to pin your hopes on. You have made it this far with what you have, so the scarcity of usable talent in free agency should not affect you.
Suggested Play, Victor Cruz: 2 receptions for 27 yards.
Suggested Pass, Josh Gordon: 14 receptions for 237 yards, 1 TD.
Tight Ends
Some things have been learned this season at the Tight End position that should stick with you for months after you read this. Rob Gronkowski was worth the wait, and Jimmy Graham is an absolute stud. The moral is there are really only two TE’s in all of football that should make you comfortable as an owner. Outside of these two guys it is a crapshoot. Remember that next year when you draft, because there will be two guys in the room smarter than the rest. Jordan Cameron (3-32) looked like he could be in a tier that would challenge for supremacy, but he has quickly faded. While Josh Gordon was running around catching everything, Cameron totaled just 3 catches. I attribute a large portion of his struggles to the inconsistent QB play, but he is going to have to work his way back to prove his worth. Rob Housler (4-51) continues to turn in about the same production, which in a PPR league will give you a minimum of 10 points a week. The potential is still there for greater numbers, and if that is going to be his floor I would be very happy starting him. Timothy Wright (8-75) is also starting to provide more consistency, and has the talent to breakout at any moment. It seems as though John Carlson (3-36) has returned to earth after his two week excursion to the Land of Make Believe. If you were rolling him out as your starter and expecting great results, shame on you. There is a chance with Ladarius Green though. He is listed as a Tight End, but is lining up as a Wide Receiver – and essentially playing as one. He has now gone two straight games with at least 5 targets and a minimum of 80 yards. This week (3-80-1) he added a touchdown, and if this can become his average day it is like fantasy gold at this point in the season.
Suggested Play, Delanie Walker: 5 receptions for 46 yards.
Suggested Pass, Charles Clay: 4 receptions for 27 yards.
Play 'Em/Pass 'Em I take heat for some of the guys who appear on this list, but more often than not they are accurate. It is a hypothesis, not an exact science. I will remind you: It is always better when I am asked to choose between specific players. Randomly picking guys from a roster that includes the entire league does not completely paint the picture for your individual team. You can do this by leaving your question in the comment section, emailing me at, or asking on Twitter. There are no bye's remaining this season. Here are some of the guys I do and do not like...
Play 'Em: Matt McGloin, OAK (@ DAL) He has been sharp in his only two starts, and now gets a vulnerable defense for his first National game. Those unaware will take notice.
Pass 'Em: Alex Smith, KC (vs DEN) This should be a gritty, grounded out attack, taking place mainly between the tackles. Smith won't be bad, he just won't be good either.
Running Back
Play 'Em: Andre Brown, NYG (@ WAS) Since making his debut three weeks ago he has been nothing short of a work horse. That doesn't change, and neither does the Skin's ineffectiveness.
Pass 'Em: Benny Cunningham, STL (@ SF) Talk about bad timing. Just when the rookie is in line to see more carries, he draws an impressive defense who is starting to peak.
Wide Receiver
Play 'Em: Jarrett Boykin, GB (@ DET) Since becoming a starter he has had just one bad game. That includes three different QB's. He is a legitimate elite WR against a bad defense this week.
Pass 'Em: Mike Wallace, MIA (@ NYJ) If the Jekyll and Hyde theme continues for the Jets, this is a week they will shut their rivals down. Does Ed Reed make an impact in his home debut?
Tight End
Play 'Em: Rob Housler, ARI (@ PHI) He has elevated his floor to be respectable, and still holds big time potential. Cardinals offense has been much better of late. He is big reason why.
Pass 'Em: Timothy Wright, TB (@ CAR) The Panthers think they are better than what they showed at Miami last week. They will make the Bucs pay, which includes Wright's performance.
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Thanks again for the continued and growing support! If you are a Facebook user, please "Like" the new page. If you like the column, please refer a friend - it will make the world a better place. Have a great week and good luck in your games!


 By Michael H. Osinski
The California Bar Exam is a 3-day test. Thankfully, I only had to take it 1 time. And the funny thing is that I knew I was going to pass the morning of the 3rd day of the exam.
I sat there in the foyer with my coffee while the other examinees starting showing up. Inevitably, they greeted each other with "Whew, last day!" "It's almost over now."
So I am sitting there feeling like Ray Liotta in that Cuervo 1800 commercial in which he sees the other guys drinking girlie drinks and just smiles. These guys don't get it. The test is 3 days! You are not done yet. Those are the guys who are going to fail (70% of those who take it fail the 1st time). It's like coasting while running to first base once you hit the 60 foot mark.
Point is, you can fall into that kind of funk while playing Fantasy Football. The byes are done. Trade deadline is passed. You are in the home stretch. If you are already in the playoffs (I have 1 team already a lock) God bless you. If you are like everyone else still fighting to get the final 30 feet! Realize the test is 3 days! In other words, do what needs to be done to win your final 2 games and get in the playoffs.
 Even my good teams are not without fleas. I have Knowshon Moreno in 2 leagues. He left the locker room Sunday night wearing a walking boot. Zac Stacy suffered a concussion. Ben Tate was colossally bad. I got work to do this week. I may have 1 team already in, but I have 2 still needing to deal with Day 3 of the Bar Exam.
What can we do going forward.
The byes are done, so Wilson, Foles and Dalton are back. By this time of the season, you are kind of married to your QB situation. I know on 1 team I have Foles and Kaepernick. I am not going to go looking for another QB. I am going to look at the matchups and play the best guy.
In one league I have Wilson. I don't particularly like his matchups, but there is no way I am going to put my title run in the hands of Case Keenum. I have Cam Newton in the other league. I am rolling with him.
Point is, if you have 2 guys, pay close attention to the matchups. Tony Romo has great matchups going forward. Phil Rivers gets to play at home in good weather 4 of the next 5 games.
The owners with the problems are the guys who own Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler. Chances are, if you own Rodgers you are one of those teams fighting to get in the playoffs. Most of the Cutler owners are probably in the same boat. You are looking for replacements for at least one more week.
The lucky ones snagged Carson Palmer during his current hot streak. Some may have gotten Josh McCown. Beyond them, it's really a crapshoot.
Case Keenum is a nice little QB. But realize there is a reason he was not drafted. Jason Campbell has become a journeyman. I am currently in a twitter discussion with a guy I respect about benching Geno Smith.
Sorry, guys. I have don't have a good answer for your Discount Double Check woes. Maybe roll the dice with Matt Flynn this week. I hope you survive the last week without him.
This became a spot of concern for me this weekend. Moreno in a boot. Stacy seeing stars. Tate laying an egg. The list goes on.
At least some of you get Shady McCoy, Gio Bernard and Marshawn Lynch back this week.
But what do you do with Moreno, Stacy, Tate, Daniel Thomas, etc.
Moreno has a bone bruise on the ankle. He is likely to play Sunday because Denver has its biggest game of the year in Kansas City. If Denver wins, they are in the driver's seat for the #1 seed. I usually think handcuffs are a waste of a roster spot, but because I believe the Broncos will rest Moreno, picking up Montee Ball may not be a bad idea.
Stacy has to go through the league's concussion protocol. I expect him to do so. If he doesn't, I don't know what to make of Bennie Cunningham. Sure, he ran for 100 yards, but it was against the carcass that once was the Bears defense. I am not sure I trust him.
Ben Tate stunk. I have him in 2 leagues. I have some trepidation about playing him this week. Dennis Johnson is available in most leagues, but I can't get my head around him being an option.
Ryan Mathews has a hamstring re-injury and no word yet on his availability against the Bengals. Woodhead is no doubt owned, so you will no doubt have to look elsewhere.
Bobby Rainey might be available in your league, but he has a lousy matchup. CJ Anderson or Ronnie Hilleman for the same reason Ball is an option. Bernard Pierce?
A thought...lots of owners gave up on CJ Spiller. He finishes well, and his matchups down the stretch are pretty good. I have him in 2 leagues and may play him.
Another thought for a RB is Brandon Bolden. Stevan Ridley fumbled himself out of a job and NE won't commit to giving Shane Vereen the feature back job. 
There were no significant WR injuries this week and AJ Green, DeSean Jackson, Riley Cooper, Percy Harvin and Golden Tate are all back.
So, most owners will be rolling with the WR corps they wanted or settled for.
If you have lousy guys on your bench, or want an upgrade, remember Nate Burleson is back from Pizza Gate. I touted him last week, and he didn't even get picked up in my own leagues. I have a claim in on him this week.
Tiquan Underwood and his retro-90s haircut blew by Lions defenders for a 85-yard TD and is a solid #2 in Tampa.
I'd stay away from the rest of what's out there. There are guys out there I would roster and watch if it were Week 3...but we are fighting for our playoff lives and I am not going to rely on Mike Brown.
Just ouch! 3 leagues. My TEs are Julius Thomas; Julius Thomas and Jordan Reed; Jordan Reed. I started Delanie Walker in all 3 leagues. I actually couldn't believe he was available in all 3. He'd had TDs in 3 of the last 4 games.
Thomas's ankle is well enough that I expect him to play. I suspect Reed will pass the concussion protocol and play as well. But, if you need a TE to cover injury or just want insurance, Walker, Ladarius Green, Rob Housler and John Carlson are probably available.
I have always streamed defenses. I have had a reasonable amount of success doing it.
Usually, look for teams that are facing rookie or back up QBs or teams facing squads that don't take care of the ball well. It doesn't always work, but it usually does.
In 2 leagues, I lucked into Carolina at the right time and I am still rolling with them. That may change when they play New Orleans twice in 3 weeks, but for now...
In the league I still stream, I am going with Cleveland. Nice front 7, and they do have the current best cover-corner in the game (Joe Haden).
I hate talking about kickers. I stream them as well. The results this year have been all over the map. I have had a couple of 17-point weeks. But, twice I have had 0! Just give me 8-10 a week and I'll be happy.
Stay away from weather problems, which this week means the whole East Coast. Stay in domes. Warm weather.
This week I am rolling with Nick Novak in SD in 2 leagues. The Chargers play 4 or their final 5 games at home, and if you didn't notice, the weather in SD is pretty damn good. I might keep him the rest of the season.
In my 3rd league I am going with Sebastian Janikowski. He has Dallas this week and a couple home games to go.
Message of the week: Finish well. Make the playoffs.
Good luck. I am available for questions at @mhosinskiLLP

Thursday, November 21, 2013

NFL: Week 12 Preview

By @rotoguys

Manning and the New York Giants host the Dallas Cowboys at home in an NFC East battle. The Cowboys enter this game allowing the most fantasy points to opposing quarterback in the NFL with over 22 points a game. In ten games this season the Cowboys have allowed 20 passing touchdowns.
Manning isn’t the only quarterback that has a good matchup this weekend as Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints host the Atlanta Falcons at home in an AFC South matchup. The Falcons are allowing 18.7 fantasy points a game and have allowed 21 passing touchdowns verse six interceptions.
Top Quarterbacks Week 12:
Drew Brees – In 16 games against the Falcons in his career Brees has averaged 303.9 yards a game and two touchdown passes. This season the Falcons have allowed the sixth most fantasy points to the quarterback position. This should be an opportunity for Brees to add to his season numbers.
Eli Manning – This is a gamble play as Manning has struggled at times this season but if you look back at what the Cowboys have allowed to opposing quarterbacks it is hard not to pick Eli. The Cowboys have allowed 3,299 yards passing and 20 touchdowns in ten games this season.
Top Running Backs Week 12:
Matt Forte – A dual threat type of running back Forte and the Chicago Bears take on the St. Louis Rams. The Rams are allowing the third most points to the running back position with 21 points a game. The Rams have also allowed 553 yards receiving to the running back position this season.
Frank Gore – Coming off a 48 yard performance against the New Orleans Saint Frank Gore will look to get it going against the Washington Redskins in week 12. The Redskins have allowed the most rushing touchdowns in the NFL with 13 and are giving up 22 fantasy points a game to opposing running backs.
Top Wide Receivers Week 12:
Vincent Jackson – Jackson who is coming off his biggest receiving yard game of the season against the Atlanta Falcons has a great opportunity to repeat the success against the Detroit Lions. The Lions allowed a total of four passing touchdowns and 367 passing yards last week to Ben Roethlisberger in the loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Marques Colston – This week the New Orleans Saints take on the Falcons and Colston along with Kenny Stills are both great choices. Last week the Falcons were torched by Vincent Jackson who pulled in 10 catches for 165 yards and a touchdown. This is a plus for Colston as he and Jackson are built the same and have a similar style of play.

Top Tight End Week 12:
Coby Fleener – The Colts host the Arizona Cardinals in week 12 at home in what should be a very good game to watch. Fleener who is coming off his best game of the season gets his shot at a Cardinals team that has allowed ten touchdown passes to the tight end position.
Top Defense/Special Teams Week 12:
Houston Texans – The Texans don’t look good in the record book but their defense has played very well this season. This week they take on the Jacksonville Jaguars at home in an AFC South contest.

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda: Week 11

What in the wide world of sports is going on here? The last time there was this much controversy surrounding a Monday Night Football game, replacement refs were involved. This is not to say there was Pass Interference, but let us agree that Luke Kuechly was closer to Rob Gronkowski then a drunken Joe Namath was to Suzy Kolber. Week 11 had it all, including some big performances by some relatively unknowns. I hope you enjoyed the new segment featured on this site, “Pickin’ With Pano”. Be sure to check back often for continued growth with our content. Enough beating around the bush, let’s get right into it.
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Did you ever think that at this point in the season there would be so many new signal callers making positive impacts for fantasy teams? There were a total of six quarterbacks who, if they are not still available, were on waivers just a short time ago. Ben Roethlisberger had his occasional big game, as he carved up the Lions secondary en route to 367 yards and 4 Touchdowns. There was even a Carson Palmer sighting as he threw for 419 to go with 2 TD’s, and get this: zero Interceptions. Cam Newton (209 yards passing, 3 TD’s; 62 yards rushing) continued to make strides in becoming one of the game’s elite, and on a national stage at that. But the real story was the continued impressive play of Nick Foles (298 passing; 47 rushing, 1 TD), and Mike Glennon (231, 2). Both have looked comfortable and have given their teams renewed hope. Scott Tolzien may have thrown 3 Int’s with no TD’s, but he also accumulated 339 yards through the air, which leads me to believe he has a future in this league. The undrafted Matt McGloin started in place of the injured Terrelle Pryor and, against a very solid Texans defense, was able to pass for 197 yards with 3 TD’s and no INT’s. The other undrafted starter Case Keenum (170-1-1) didn’t look horrible, but was still pulled in the second half. Matt Schaub wasn’t much better, and I expect Keenum will still be a solid play going forward. Did you really think Jason Campbell (248-1-3) had found something he had been missing to this point in his career? I have never been a big fan of the Auburn product, and despite having some receiving options in Cleveland, would not advise adding him to your roster. Of the QB’s who possibly remain available, I would consider Tolzien and McGloin, with an edge to the Packers rookie. Aaron Rodgers is supposed to be coming back, but it is still undetermined as to when, so Tolzien will have value until that time.
Suggested Play, Case Keenum: 170 yards passing, 1 TD/1 INT. Verdict: Loss
Suggested Pass, Terrelle Pryor (before status was announced): Did Not Play. Verdict: Win
Running Backs
If you have been following me throughout the season, you will remember I recommended Bobby Rainey as a stash to your rosters. The only problem is, that came when he was still a member of the Cleveland Browns. When he was cut from them, he lost most of his value in my eyes – until now. Sunday’s breakout of 163 yards gained on the ground with three touchdowns (one came receiving) should not be seen as a fluke. I don’t know that he can sustain that level for the remainder of the season, but he is now the second ‘project’ who has found success in Tampa Bay. It certainly begs the question, is Doug Martin overrated? Another rusher who I am having a really hard time supporting is Rashad Jennings (150-1), despite his best efforts to prove me wrong. It is beginning to look like he may indeed be for real. Shane Vereen returned after a long absence to give his patient owners something to be excited about. His 8 receptions for 65 yards came against a top defense in Carolina, and he doesn’t appear to have missed a beat. A burning question on everyone’s mind is if Ray Rice (131-1) turned the corner. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt and say yes, but the sample size this season is too great to restore my trust in him completely. If you haven’t bought in to Donald Brown (80-2), shame on you. Not only is he playing with renewed energy, but he has the vote of the coaches now getting 14 carries to Trent Richardson’s 8. He is becoming a high end RB2 very quickly down the stretch of this season. Don’t overestimate the performances of Monte Ball (2 TD’s) or Antoine Smith (88-1). But had success this week, but their backup roles will not change. Andre Brown (66 yards) and Stevan Ridley (48-1) continued to be steady, and can be relied on each week. However, some concern should be shown regarding Andre Ellington who only managed 8 3 yard on 8 carries against the Jaguars. We may not have seen the end of Rashard Mendenhall in Arizona, and it may have been premature to anoint Ellington his successor.
Suggested Play, Chris Ivory: 98 rushing yards, 1 TD. Verdict: Win
Suggested Pass, Stevan Ridley: 48 rushing yards, 1 TD. Verdict: Loss
Wide Receivers
Just looking at the box score, Calvin Johnson’s stat line (6-179-2) is impressive. Yet that all came in the first half, so it is a little disconcerting to see him be entirely shut out of any half. I wouldn’t worry too much, but don’t forget that there were some absences from Megatron earlier this year. I continue to be impressed by Harry Douglas (6-134-1) and Jarrett Boykin (6-91) who went from obscurity to outstanding in the blink of an eye. If for any reason either is available don’t hesitate to add both. Equally emerging on that level is Marquise Goodwin (6-81-1) who is adding an all-around game to his break-away speed. Antonio Brown (7-147-2) maintained his league leading pace and All-Pro season, as did Vincent Jackson (10-165-1). The Michael Floyd explosion (6-193-1) was nice, but out of the norm. Jarius Wright (3-69-2) is an intriguing name and is one to watch in the immediate future. I wouldn’t drop someone with higher value to add him just yet, but if you have the room on your roster, by all means don’t pass. My prediction of a dynamic debut in Seattle for Percy Harvin (1-17) fell very short of coming true. He looked great on a kick return, but only managed to get 1 target from Russell Wilson during the contest. As much as I would like to see Harvin succeed, I think his production will come in the post-season, which limits his value for fantasy purposes. I have been wrong before, and will assuredly be so again, but he has a lot of work to do to get back into top form. I thought adrenaline alone would carry him this past week, but it just wasn’t there. Brandon LaFell (7-159-1) continues to be a sneaky source of points as a target for the Panthers. If you are looking for some depth at the position, he is someone you may be able to still pluck off of waivers.
Suggested Play, Percy Harvin: 1 reception for 17 yards. Verdict: Loss
Suggested Pass, TY Hilton: 5 receptions for 44 yards. Verdict: Win
Tight Ends
This was a big week for a lot of Tight Ends who have shown potential, but never quite put it together. Somehow, they all managed to find that big performance in the same week. You had Garrett Graham (7-136-1), Coby Fleener (8-107), Rob Housler (6-70), Delanie Walker (10-91-1), John Carlson (5-69), and my personal favorite Mychal Rivera (5-54-1) all contribute valuable points. Of this group Housler is the most intriguing. During the pre-season he had as much hype as Jordan Cameron, only to be hobbled by a high ankle sprain in the first couple of weeks. That appears to be a thing of the past as the Cardinal now has put forth a solid effort 3 of the last 4 games. Despite playing in the NFC West, at 6-4 Arizona is still in the playoff hunt. If Housler can be what he has shown of late, he makes for a solid starter at TE going forward. Speaking of Cameron (6-29), his production has taken a big hit since Jason Campbell became his starting QB. While the 6 catches are nice to see, the total output of 29 yards is alarming. It is way too soon to pull the plug on him, but if you can add a Housler or Fleener I would consider them to be safer plays at the moment.
Suggested Play, Garrett Graham: 7 receptions for 136 yards, and 1 TD. Verdict: Win
Suggested Pass, Martellus Bennett: 2 receptions for 48 yards. Verdict: Win
Play 'Em/Pass 'Em I take some heat for some of the guys who appear on this list, but more often than not they are accurate. It is a hypothesis, not an exact science. I will remind you: It is always better when I am asked to choose between specific players. Randomly picking guys from a roster that includes the entire league does not completely paint the picture for your individual team. You can do this by leaving your question in the comment section, emailing me at, or asking on Twitter. There are six (4) teams on a bye this week. Here are some of the guys I do and do not like...
Week 12 Byes: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Seattle
Play 'Em: Mike Glennon, TB (@ DET) I have yet to see him look intimidated at ant point, and he now how his team on a slight roll. Detroit's pass defense has been atrocious. 3 TD's too much?
Pass 'Em: Matt Ryan, ATL (vs NO) The Saints are looking to deliver the finishing blow to their division rival. This could be the one week Ryan doesn't find the end zone.
Running Back
Play 'Em: Ben Tate, HOU (vs JAX) He's finally getting his chance to be the featured back, and he's doing it with pure guts (cracked ribs). Look for him to flourish against the Jags.
Pass 'Em: Zac Stacy, STL (vs CHI) This is the product of a top secondary taking on a poor QB. The Bears will stack the box and make it a long day for Stacy.
Wide Receiver
Play 'Em: Victor Cruz, NYG (vs DAL) So a couple of bad weeks makes everyone doubt you these days. Cruz will dance his way back into your hearts against America's team.
Pass 'Em: Josh Gordon, CLE (vs PIT) Take a re-energized Steelers defense versus an underachieving QB, and I'll take Pitt every time. Gordon suffers as a result.
Tight EndPlay 'Em: Delanie Walker, TEN (@ OAK) He's becoming a favorite of Fitzpatrick, and did you see what Garrett Graham did last week to the Raiders? I like Delanie a lot this week.
Pass 'Em: Charles Clay, MIA (vs CAR) This is the week the Dolphins offensive line issues catch up to them. The Panthers linebackers are too good to let Clay run free, and the shut him down.
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


 By Michael H. Osinski
There are way too many distractions in the NFL taking you away from your Fantasy Football preparation. And damn! We are too close to the playoffs for all this mess.
The worst thing is that I have been getting caught up in it.
It started 3 weeks ago with the whole Martin-Incognito mess. Things are still coming out. Every time I hear it mentioned on the TV, I put down my Fantasy Football charts and go listen to what is ostensible 95% of the stuff I have already heard.
It's like watching "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" or for those of you more my age "Anna Nicole."
Then we had the Ahmad Brooks hit on Drew Brees. Back in the day, I played QB and I thought it was a clean hit. No penalty. No fine. OK...we know that Brooks just got a $16k bill from the league today.
Then, MNF ends on a freak call involving the Patriots (Again?!).
Don't they know I write a Roster Management Column and a Player Ranking column for each week? I guess I am going to represent the site on as well.
I don't have time for all these distractions if I intend to do a better job than the other 65,000 people dispensing Fantasy advice on line and twitter.
So there comes a time when you look at the mess(es), distill them and come to conclusion before moving on.
OK...Martin-Incognito. Dolphin front office in big trouble. 50/50 Incognito plays (though it will not be in Miami)...he is on the wrong side of 30. Martin is made out to be soft, but strong in a politically correct sense...and then continues his career in Indy or SF (Blocked or Luck...played for Harbaugh).
The Brooks fine stands. The league has changed. I am more worried that Ray Lewis paying 1/2 his fine and Ted Bruschi paying 1/4 has just opened a Pandora's Box in which we have sanctioned future Public Offerings on Bountygate situations (Yes, I know this time was after-the-fact...but the NFL is working under the guise of protecting player safety.)
So the "Hug" on Gronk is like the old "Tuck Rule." got called correctly on the field, a lot of people got pissed off, and the league will change a couple rules so it doesn't happen again. (Rules here are "What is uncatchable?, and what is Defensive Holding and when can it be called?) Tom Brady's mom said it looked like a penalty.
Good. Done. Now that we have the distractions out of the way (at least some of them), we can concentrate on the stretch run. I have 2 teams in already (Yes, even if I lose all 3 remaining games), and 1 team that, in order to get in, has to win all 3 and needs 2 teams to lose 2 each. (Very plausible...and that's my team I whine about all the time that lost Vick(twice), Julio, DWilson, JBlackmon, and for time (Amendola, Colston and LFitz) and that used the 1st pick in the draft for Spiller. So I have some incentive.
As we have said time and again, this time of year we play our studs and look at matchups even more than earlier in the season when we are more open to chances.
I feel for the guys who own Wilson, Foles or Dalton if you are not already reasonable certain you are in the playoffs. I have Wilson on an 8-3 team and Foles on a 7-4(w/ Kaepernick as a back up), so I don't have dire issues. But with the slim reserve QB pickings, I had to scramble.
In my other league (the one in which I have to win out), one owner scooped up 4 QBs over the past 2 weeks. He saw that his main competitor carried Wilson, but no back up. I think it's bushleague, but it does kinda help me. Interesting to see who among Campbell, Glennon, and who knows he chooses.
In last week's rankings, we played mostly chalk. 1-4 were Stafford, Wilson, Brees, Manning. We were a little heavy on Rivers and a touch light on Brady and Cam.
1. Matt Stafford (DET): Not sure what Revis does with Megatron, but Burleson and Durham may have big games.
2. Drew Brees (NO): Contrary to what is said, ATL is mailing in the season on defense.
3. Eli Manning (NYG): Hunch of the week, but based on history of big yd/big td games v. lil d.
4. Peyton Manning (DEN): NE secondary problems will be a problem.
5. Tom Brady (NE): It's not like DEN stopping folks. See Alex Smith last week.
6. Colin Kaepernick (SF): With the bad WSH def, this is the week Harbaugh unleashes him.
7. Cam Newton (CAR): MIA ok v. pass, but Cam runs a bit as well.
8. Tony Romo (DAL): NYG def looks better last 4 weeks, but look who played QB in those.
9. Andrew Luck (IND): ARZ passrush scares me a bit, but Luck is Luck.
10. Carson Palmer (ARZ): After slow start, much better.
11. Matt Ryan (ATL): They have to throw a lot...even though NO good v pass.
12. Case Keenum (HOU): Gets JAX and some encouragement after last week's benching.
Just out: Griffin, Roethlisberger, McCown
Avoid: Flacco, Tannehill
We were heavy on Peterson and Bush, but Lynch, Charles, Moreno, McCoy, Gore, etc in the Top Ten
Missin a lot of skill people this week: Lynch, Gio, McCoy
1. Frank Gore (SF): WSH can't stop squat. Lots of big days in SF backfield.
2. Zac Stacy (STL): Protecting a lower-end QB. Nobody poaching TDs. 25 carries. Wow!
3. Jamal Charles (KC): V SD a lot of this will come in the passing game.
4. Andre Brown (NYG): Yes, lots of points in this game for both teams.
5. Matt Forte (CHI): Hasn't had many sub-par games.
6. Eddie Lacy (GB): Stacy, Brown, this is a weird season.
7. Adrian Peterson (MIN): This is only because of the injury.
8. Knowshon Moreno (DEN): I expect a bit pass heavy offense this week.
9. Ben Tate (HOU): A few sleepers this week.
10. Alfred Morris (WSH): I don't care who he plays. Most dependable back in the NFL now.
11. Pierre Thomas (NO): V ATL, lots of this in the passing game.
12. Chris Ivory (NYJ): Every other week...this week they win. CI gets 25 carries again.
13. Chris Johnson (TEN): Never sure where to put Jekyll n Hyde. Next week throw darts.
14. Reggie Bush (DET): What's weather report? At least Joique has a balky ankle.
15. Shane Vereen (NE): Mostly in the passing game, and looked good Monday.
16. Stevan Ridley (NE): Mostly because he gets a TD.
17. Maurice Jones-Drew (JAX): Not sure what to do with him these days.
18. DeMarco Murray (DAL): Doesn't get enough carries to get higher.
19. Danny Woodhead (SD): Will be Rivers safety valve v the KC passrush.
20. Rashad Jennings (OAK): Can't argue with recent history.
21. Le'Veon Bell (PIT): Gets the ball enough to warrant more, but CLE front 7 good.
22. Steven Jackson (ATL): NO only ok v run, SJax last chance.
23. Bobby Rainey (TB): No way he gets 30 pt again!
24. Andre Ellington (ARZ): Last week was a fluke.
25. Chris Ogbonnaya (CLE): Good last week. They finally buried McGahee.
26. Ryan Mathews (SD): KC is good.
27. Donald Brown (IND): Who saw this coming? Not Trent.
28. Darren Sproles (NO): A bit inconsistent.
29. Montee Ball (DEN): Touches creeping up...TDs too.
30. DeAngelo Williams (CAR): He'd be higher with a different QB.
Just out: Stewart, Rice?, Mendenhall
Avoid: Richardon, LMiller
AJ Green, Jones, DJax, Cooper, Harvin, Tate all on bye...yikes!
Kinda all over the map last week. Too high on Hilton, Green, Harvin. Too light on Douglas, Gordon. The rest were about chalk.
1. Demaryious Thomas (DEN): Problems in the NE secondary.
2. Brandon Marshall (CHI): Yeah I know Jeffery stealing targets.
3. Vincent Jackson (TB): Another shootout at Ford Field.
4. Calvin Johnson (DET): Revis only moves him down 3 spots.
5. Andre Johnson (HOU): AJ and Keenum are best buds.
6. Victor Cruz (NYG): Dal scares nobody. Lots of salsa dancing Sunday.
7. Dez Bryant (DAL): They say they have a plan for double team.
8. Danny Amendola (NE): An educated hunch he grabs 10 and gets a TD.
9. Larry Fitzgerald (ARZ): Healthy. Reasonable matchup. Hot QB.
10. Eric Decker (DEN): Moving him up, Welker down due to concussion.
11. Jordy Nelson (GB): Boykin taking targets with Tolzien at the helm.
12. Pierre Garcon (WSH): Usually higher, but SF kept NO to 23.
13. TY Hilton (IND): ARZ passrush keeps his numbers down a bit.
14. Kendall Wright (TEN): OAK not so hot v pass. Has been solid all year.
15. Torrey Smith (BAL): Always seems just behind the best guys, but look at stats.
16. Josh Gordon (CLE): Would be higher with a different QB.
17. Antonio Brown (PIT): Two words...Joe Haden.
18. Wes Welker (DEN): Not sure of his health.
19. Marques Colston (NO): 2 weeks ago, he was on life support.
20. Aaron Dobson (NE): Has won his role and is ready to roll.
21. Jarret Boykin (GB): Tolzien loves him.
22. Alshon Jeffery (CHI): They are getting to crunch time. Marshall will get more targets.
23. Anquan Boldin (SF): Pretty good matchup...and maybe Manningham can stretch field a bit.
24. Rueben Randle (NYG): Has caught Eli's last 6 TD passes.
25. Keenan Allen (SD): The KC rush and a knee less than 100%.
26. James Jones (GB): Was always hit-n-miss, but missing a lot these days.
27. Michael Floyd (ARZ): Let's not get ahead of ourselves on him.
28. Harry Douglas (ATL): Look at that YAC number!
29. Dwayne Bowe (KC): His season didn't go up in smoke after all.
30. Cecil Shorts III (JAX): Wanna rank him higher but how?
Just out: TWilliams & Austin, KDurham & NBurleson
Avoid: Wallace, Nicks, White
Not even going to list who is out as few are rostered, let alone played.
We had Clay and Fleener "Just out" last week. Both should've been in Top 10. Cameron bombed...again.
1. Rob Gronkowski (NE): With Graham's sore foot, he's on top.
2. Jimmy Graham (NO): Even with the foot, they are using his limited snaps well.
3. Vernon Davis (SF): Really good matchup.
4. Delanie Walker (TEN): A bit of a flyer, but has TDs in 3 of last 4.
5. Julius Thomas (DEN): Ankle is bothersome.
6. Coby Fleener (IND): Recent target numbers speak for themselves.
7. Jason Witten (DAL): Giants.
8. Jordan Reed (WSH): RGIII #2 target.
9. Greg Olsen (CAR): His line Monday is becoming typical.
10. Tony Gonzalez (ATL): Healthy, and Ryan throws a lot.
11. Charles Clay (MIA): Tannehill's safety valve v CAR defense.
12. Garrett Graham (HOU): Gets JAX and Keenum is finding him.
Just out: Housler, Gates
Avoid: Cameron, HMiller
1. CAR...They are playing with the Dolphins.
2. TEN...McGloin will turn the ball over.
3. BAL...I know NYJ go 1-1-1-1-1-1-1, but lots of picks.
4. HOU...v JAX
5. KC...It's still KC.
6. SF...It's still SF.
7. ARZ...look good to me.
8. NO...sneaky good play v ATL.
9. GB...Ponder playing.
10. DET...Rookie QB plays rough rush.
Just out: CLE, DAL
Avoid: NE, DEN, ATL
I have 3 teams and stream K each week. I am usually pretty good.
However in each of the last 2 weeks, 1 the teams had a gooseegg. Vinateri. Forbath. Lucky for me I still won those games, but my luck has got to change.
Top Tier:
Gostkowski, Prater, Bailey, Hartley
Next Tier:
Folk, Succop, Akers
Last of the good ones:
Gano, Gould, Lindell
Maybe I will feel good about K next week.
Good luck to all. I am available for questions on twitter at @mhosinskiLLP


By Michael H. Osinski
The good news is that Week 12 is the last bye week. The bad news is that this is a brutal week.
Seattle? Wilson, Lynch, Harvin, Tate, The Defense...even the place kicker is owned. Philly? Foles, McCoy, Jackson. Bengals? Dalton, Gio, AJ, The goes on and on.
And if your leagues are anything like mine, most of the time it is still a mad scramble. The worst team in one of my leagues is 4-7. I am on top at 8-3. That leaves 10 teams between 5-6 and 7-4! Only 1 of the 3 is spread out at all. Good competition.
Good decision making is paramount. It probably wouldn't hurt to be a bit lucky this week. I had a bit of that luck last week.
Bobby Rainey was not played in any of the 3 leagues in which I play. One owner (playing me) picked him up but didn't play him. I won by 16 so the 30 Rainey picked up might have helped. Remember Bryce Brown's 2 weeks last year?
I am not seeing too many opportunities like that, but we still have to fill rosters. Pray for luck.
I am one of the poor unfortunates to own Russell Wilson this week. (I have Foles in a league as well.) I didn't want to get aced out by the Dalton, Foles or Wilson owners in other leagues, so I picked up Keenum last week. I almost had a heart attack when I saw Kubiak pull Keenum and replace him with "Pick Six" Schaub. All is back to normal with the Houston QB situation, so I am looking forward to Keenum vs. JAX.
For those of you who need to replace any of these guys, I feel for you. McCown is owned in all 3 of my leagues. Tolzien isn't, but who knows?
Trade deadline is a memory in most Yahoo leagues (I think's deadline is Friday). So...if you didn't roster a replacement already, all you may have left is Chad Henne or Carson Palmer.
Henne gets Houston. Palmer has Indy. Neither is a great match up.
One last note on QBs. If you own Peyton Manning, you may be in trouble in the playoffs. Roll with me on this a minute. Let's say Denver beats NE this week, and KC next week. And imagine SD somehow beating KC this week. Denver would be up 2 games on KC with the head-to-head tiebreak, and 3 up on NE.
That means there is a slight chance Peyton and his injured ankles will rest a game or 2. If you have Manning, you are most likely headed for the playoffs and shouldn't risk your championship run with Henne or Glennon at QB.
This one really gets me. We have been so good scooping up RBs this season. Zac Stacy, Andre Ellington, the Andre Brown and Shane Vereen stashes. Mike James.
Bob Rainey has been cut by 2 teams (Ravens, Browns) this season. There was no reason to think he would throw up over 30 points last week. That being said, somebody in your league will claim him. Just hope history doesn't repeat itself unless the new Rainey owner is playing someone you need to beat.
The guy still out there in a lot of leagues that intrigues me is Montee Ball. He was drafted ahead of a lot of folks this past August. Then he started fumbling. But, for many of the same reason owners of Manning should consider insurance, owners of Moreno may consider Ball.
Chris Ogbonnaya may be the back the Browns go with from here on out. You could do worse. He is a big enough guy who does well in the passing game, but he looks slow.
I might consider a flyer on Toby Gerhardt if you get sketchy injury reports on AP this week.
I will assume Rishard Matthews and Michael Crabtree are owned. If not, Matthews is worth a look. Crabtree started practice, but you may need to burn a roster spot another week to get him. And, I would only consider burning a roster spot if I was reasonably sure I am a playoff team.
Nate Burleson is back from "Pizza Gate" this week. He should be ready to go. Ditto Miles Austin who was back at practice during the bye week. If I am down this far, I'd play Burleson.
If McGloin is playing QB and you needed a DJax bye replacement, Rod Streater or Andre Roberts might be a good place to look.
After that, it's pretty thin. Stills long TD gamble? Ditto Marquise Goodwin. Ted Ginn? One of the Colts? Because the quality and depth of the WRs on bye, it is really ugly.
Here is where you may have some options. These guys are available in most leagues: Housler, Delanie Walker, John Carlson. All 3 have had decent numbers the past couple weeks.
Garrett Graham was only available in 1 of my 3 leagues.
Back to my Denver rest theory. Julius Thomas has an ankle issue that could get rested if the Broncos get up a couple games. Joel Dreessen is probably available.
I might also check the injury status of the Jet's TEs
SEA, CIN defenses are good.
Not sure who you could plug and play with any success. You could gamble on Detroit's good D-Line stopping Rainey and forcing Glennon into mistakes.
Oakland gets Tenn and Fitzpatrick throws picks.
Bailey might be available if someone threw him back during last weeks bye.  Always feel good going back to David Akers.
After last week's ZERO, Kai Forbath might be available.
Good luck this week! I am available for questions at @mhosinskiLLP

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fantasy Basketball Notes

Don’t Call it a Recap

Greetings from Toronto, my hometown and a city under siege by Rob

Ford and his new friend Nicolas Batum. After another gutsy overtime win by

Batum’s Portland Trailblazers, he was seen out for brunch with the Mayor

Ford. A friend of mine was sitting a table over and happened to hear a bit of

Ford: Solid win last night Batsy, even if it was against my Raptahs!

Batum: No one calls me Batsy, but uh, thanks.

Ford: Yeah, yeah, sweet dribble hoop dunk, shit was CRAZY, I was

actually sitting front row.

Batum: I know, you kept yelling “Batsy’s the BOMB” and then dropping

Ford: Haha! You saw that?! Awesome, my brother taught me that. So listen

I’m starting a league at work, but I can’t find a good shooter, you interested?

Batum: I play professionally Rob. In Portland.

Ford: Right, right, just thought I’d ask, you never know, crazier things have

happened AMIRIGHT?! **winks**

Batum: You’re right Rob. You’re right. I’ll think about it.

After that my friend was kicked out for taking cell-phone pictures,

unfortunately he had been drinking the night before and forgot to move his

hand away from the camera. So all we have is his story, and this picture.

You’ll have to take my word for it. On to the good stuff:

Linsanity is back!

Jeremy Lin continued to bounce the yo-yo that his career by turning

in a renaissance week special with averages of 25.5 pts, 4.8 rbs, 5.5 asts and

3.3 3’s with a few blocks and steals on a bed of excellent shooting. I think

these numbers will take a hit as Beverly gets his feet wet, but it’s a

promising sign from a player many were quick to bury. Speaking of buried,

by the time this hits the net you can find the King’s starting five 6 feet under

after coach Mad Mike Malone benched the entire unit. Continue to give

Boogie Cousins the run he deserves, but keep a close eye on who’s getting

minutes in that ridiculously crowded system. Perhaps most importantly,

Kobe “Bean” Bryant may be making his return from a career-ending injury

this Friday, as of course, only Kobe can. If you were smart/lucky/drunk

enough to draft him, I applaud you because I cannot applaud myself.

The top dogs are all at it again, with Paul, Love, James, and Davis

all finishing in the top ten for the week, and guys like Curry, Harden and

Durant not far behind. If Jordan Hill is still available in your league run,

do not walk, to grab him. The hype is real! With averages of 18 pts and 12

rebs to go along with steals, blocks and delicious shooting percentages, the

man is officially a must-own. That is until Kobe returns, gets jealous, fills

Hill’s car with popcorn and runs away screaming “POP POP JORDAN!

THIS IS MY CITY!” causing Jordan Hill (Not Micahel Jordan) to become

extremely confused and late for practice.

Disappointing news of the week includes Josh Smith doing his worst

Reggie Miller impression by jacking up 3’s at a rate higher than Kevin

Durant. Re-read that. Read it again. Offer him to people in your league.

Repeat. Derrick Rose continues to freefall, and if you weren’t able to trade

him last week, have faith in the fact that it can only get better…right? The

entire Spurs team, while being incredible in reality, is leaving a sour taste

in owners’ mouths. Hopefully Duncan, Parker, and Leonard can wake up

and realize Boris Diaw is challenging them for minutes. I’m not getting too

concerned and neither should you, but it’s a frustrating situation.

And now for the good stuff, its **drumroll**…Buy Low/Sell High!

Ryan Anderson – Yes he’s only played one game. That being said he

had six three pointers and 26 points on a ridiculous 10 of 16 shooting. While

he only had one rebound, that number will rise. The emergence of Anthony

Davis will give Anderson all day to shoot, and the other stats will come. I’m

putting out offers for a guy that is only going to improve as the season wears

Kyrie Irving – Uncle Drew has been frustrating owners who drafted

him in the first round this season. His shooting is abysmal and with only 4.5

assists a game he’s not doing enough of the other things to justify his lofty

ADP. After a recent explosion against Washington, it may be hard to buy

him low, but it’s worth a shots with owners who are currently tearing out

their own hair every time he clunks one off the backboard.

Pau Gasol – Currently ranked 112th

fared well as the centerpiece of the offense. He is a passing big man with a

deft touch – kind words to describe someone whose toughness has always

been in question. That being said, the abominable snowman distraction that

is Andrew Bynum is gone, and Kobe is returning to draw defenders off the

mighty Spaniard. Look for Pau’s percentages and points to rise, as well as a

slight uptick in all other stats. Buy! Buy! Buy!

 in 9-cat leagues, Pau has never

Kevin Martin – His stats are excellent, he’s a starter, and he’s

playing for a coach he loves. All ingredients for a delicious fantasy stew I

know, but beware of that which is unproven. Martin will simply not sustain

his scoring, especially as Rubio continues to improve and Pekovic finds his

touch around the basket. I still think he’ll shatter his ADP of 86, but will he

 overall fantasy player? Hold on to him at your own risk.

Carlos Boozer – Having never been a fan of Carlos Boozer in my

life, this may be a little biased. Then again, he is terrifying, so perhaps it’s

justified. Boozer has been consistent, but a lot of that production is simply

filling holes left by Derrick Rose. Not to mention he’s about due for an

injury, and the signs all point to a firesale. Let someone else deal with his

inevitable collapse ¾ of the way through the season.

Dwyane Wade - Savvy owners will see right through your ploy if

you try to offer them Wade, but there’s always someone in every league

who’s eyes turn to dinner plates when a star name is involved. While

Wade’s steals are nice, the rest of his starts are significantly down, and his

dinosaur knee joints aren’t allowing him to play in back to back games. He’s

going to be a hero come actual NBA playoff time, but for those of us mired

in the statistical realm of fantasy sports…he’s just not worth it this year.

As always, you can scream and yell at me on twitter @CamDorrett, or

email me directly at Good luck this week, and may

this video cheer you up when the injury gods strike.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda: Week 10

This week's article is dedicated to the memory of my former co-worker Adolfo Otano, who passed on November 8, 2013. Al was a veteran of the US Navy, served 27 years in the FDNY, and was one of my "Senior men". Rest In Peace Papi.
cws week 10
It is getting awfully close to crunch time for the Fantasy Football season. Most leagues have had their trade deadline come and go, so from this point forward, what you can get on the waiver wire is your only hope. Some have already clinched a playoff spot, maybe even locked up the #1 seed overall, and in some leagues that is good for a first round bye. Others have already been eliminated from playoff contention and are now packing it in. If that is you, and you have become a regular reader of "Coulda Woulda Shoulda", I hope you will stick around. To the clinchers, congratulations – your hard work, and luck, has afforded you a sigh of relief. And to everyone in between, right in the thick of things, here is to hoping this column can be a difference maker for your season. Whether it is identifying players you may want to add for the stretch run, or if nothing else providing a little diversion from the stress of the playoff race, make this one of your favorite destinations. If you have the time, please leave a comment below on a highlight, or lowlight, of your season. Good Luck in all of your leagues!!
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The changing of the guard at the quarterback position continued in Week 10 of the NFL. We already knew the Packers Aaron Rodgers would be sidelined, but no one expected Scott Tolzien to be the one replacing him. It did take a gimpy Seneca Wallace ankle to make that possible, but the rookie more than held his own throwing for 280 yards, with 1 touchdown against 2 interceptions. He certainly has some weapons around him, and could be a nice play for a few weeks until Rodgers gets back. I would rather roll the dice with him right now, than to trust Eli Manning to get me points. The youngest Manning was my “Play of the Week” and he did nothing to impress, totaling just 140 yards with 1 TD/1 INT. His older brother Peyton turned in a typical day (330 yards, 4 TD’s/0 INT’s), and Drew Brees was his usual self (392, 4/0). Both Nick Foles (228 yards) and Case Keenum (201) continue to impress, as the youngsters tossed another 3 TD’s each without being picked off. Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick faced off, and neither was able to do much against aggressive defenses. Both were held without a touchdown, by way of air and ground, and each was intercepted once. If you thought the 91 passing yards totaled by Kaep was awful, keep in mind Cam was only slightly better with his 169. Jake Locker has been ruled out for the remainder of the year, and Ryan Fitpatrick should see a spike in his popularity. He has been better than average when filling in for Locker, and Sunday was no different as he threw for 264 yards, with 2 TDs’ and 0 INT’s. If Foles and Keenum are both unavailable, and you are in need of a QB, I would not hesitate to pick up Fitzpatrick or Tolzien, with the priority being Fitz.
Suggested Play, Eli Manning: 140 yards passing, 1 TD/1 INT. Verdict: Loss
Suggested Pass, Mike Glennon: 139 yards passing, 1 TD/1 INT. Verdict: Win
Running Backs
It was go big or go home for Week 10 rushers, as three went for over 145 yards, and only one other cracked the 100 yard club. Pierre Thomas receives my top honors racking up 87 rushing yards and 7 catches for 24 yards, and also scoring each way. Would you believe that his teammate Mark Ingram not only returned to action, but scampered his way to 145 yards. No seriously, he really did finish with that number and a touchdown to boot. Just two weeks ago Khiry Robinson was being touted as the guy to get in the Saints backfield, but now it feels as complicated as the Patriots group of runners. Ingram has had problems being consistent, and Darren Sproles also had a great game along with Thomas, so I have some reservations about his role going forward. For the most desperate of teams, he is not a bad speculative add, but do not overvalue him and drop someone more worthy of a roster spot. For example, as bad as Stephen Jackson looked (9 carries for 11 yards), I would not give up on him in favor of Mark Ingram. It pains me to say this, but it is time to pull the plug, if you have not yet done so, on Trent Richardson. He has now had the bye week, and good matchups, and this past week put up a grand total of 2 yards on 5 carries. It was only his 3 receptions for 33 yards that gave him any value at all. This is a case in which Ingram is a better play. Even better than that though, is Richardson’s teammate Donald Brown, who may still be available. Some owner in your league waited 10 full weeks for Andre Brown to return, and for at least one game it worked out well. He will be getting a boatload of carries from here on out, but I would temper expectations. He is someone I would confidently start each week, but an average of 80 yards per game with a score every other week is what I believe should be expected. The CJ Spiller (23 yards) roller coaster continues, and he should only be viewed as a Flex option at this point. I fundamentally have a hard time trusting Ben Tate, or any of his four cracked ribs, for the remainder of the season. His back up Dennis Johnson is more than likely available, and should be heavily viewed as an addition to your bench. Bobby Rainey, now in Tampa Bay, is another low level RB who should be on your radar as a potential impact player.
Suggested Play, Le’Veon Bell: 57 rushing yards, 1 TD, and 3 receptions for 39 yards. Verdict: Win
Suggested Pass, LeSean McCoy: 155 rushing yards, and 1 reception for 6 yards. Verdict: Loss
Wide Receivers
Once again, this position is the deepest producer of points for fantasy league owners. There is a long list of guys you can depend on each week to give you, at worst, average production, and an even greater number who can flat out dominate on any given Sunday. This week was another example of the proven, Brandon Marshall (7 catches, 139 yards, 2 touchdowns), the reliable, TY Hilton (7-130), and the surprise, Tavon Austin (2 catches, 2 TD’s, 138 yards – huh?). Demaryius Thomas (7-108-3) and AJ Green (8-151-1) showed again why they are elite talent, while Riley Cooper (3-102-2) and Jarrett Boykin (8-112) are showing the kind of consistency that can get them to that level. With Percy Harvin returning I would not bank on Jermaine Kearse (3-75-1) to have a repeat performance, kind of in the same fashion I warned against buying too much into Marvin Jones (1-2 yards). Wes Welker (3-21) and Cecil Shorts (2-42) are two names who slumped that I would not be too concerned about. They both have enough of a track record in their current systems to warrant an expected return to their average numbers. If you have any of the “unknowns” on your roster, filling out each week’s lineup card can be a draining task. Even if you missed out and had them on your bench, the good news is they did not score against you for someone else in your league. Two more guys you can add to the watch list are Tiquan Underwood (3-64), and Rishard Matthews (11-120-2), both of whom will be counted on heavily by their teams for the remainder of the season. Matthews may have hit his ceiling to never again return to this same neighborhood, but Underwood is establishing himself as a reliable target for an ever improving young QB. Either way, both are guys that should be monitored, and do not be afraid to pull the trigger on adding one if you are in need of a receiver for your squad.
Suggested Play, Emmanuel Sanders: 4 receptions for 13 yards. Verdict: Loss
Suggested Pass, Larry Fitzgerald: 3 receptions for 23 yards. Verdict: Win
Tight Ends
If you thought the Running Back position was becoming thin, I wonder how you feel about the Tight Ends. The further we get into the season, the shorter the list of reliable targets becomes. Of course there will be blips on the radar each week, John Carlson (7 catches for 98 yards, 1 TD) being the latest, but the bona fide studs are few and far between. To emphasize my point, one of the members of this elite group, Jimmy Graham, had an off day (5 receptions for 59 yards) and still is amongst the leaders. The bottom line is if you do not have Graham, Rob Gronkowski, Julius Thomas, Jordan Cameron, Jordan Reed, or Antonio Gates, you are playing Russian Roulette each week at the position. With Kyle Rudolph injured, Carlson is a decent gamble, as is Delanie Walker (4-62-1) in Tennessee. Garrett Graham is also someone who should be available, after disappointing some other owner in your league. The guy who should receive the most attention though is Rob Housler, who may be on the verge of meeting his lofty pre-season expectations. If you have a need at TE you should target the guy who has the skills to be on that elite level, and Housler fits the profile.
Suggested Play, Jordan Reed: 6 receptions for 62 yards, and 1 TD. Verdict: Win
Suggested Pass, Tony Gonzalez: 3 receptions for 29 yards. Verdict: Win
Play 'Em/Pass 'Em I take some heat for some of the guys who appear on this list, but more often than not they are accurate. It is a hypothesis, not an exact science. I will remind you: It is always better when I am asked to choose between specific players. Randomly picking guys from a roster that includes the entire league does not completely paint the picture for your individual team. You can do this by leaving your question in the comment section, emailing me at, or asking on Twitter. There are six (2) teams on a bye this week. Here are some of the guys I do and do not like...
Week 11 Byes: Dallas, St. Louis
Play 'Em: Case Keenum, HOU (vs OAK) This kid is proving he is for real, and now he gets a chance to showcase it at home in a very favorable matchup. Houston, there could be a problem.
Pass 'Em: Terrelle Pryor, OAK (@ HOU) On the flip side, the Texans defense is staunch. Pryor has been up and down, and I expect Houston to keep him grounded for another week.
Running Back
Play 'Em: Chris Ivory, NYJ (@ BUF) One of the most difficult places to play is Buffalo, which is exactly why the Jest should continue to feed their new bell cow. This will be an old school ground and pound all day.
Pass 'Em: Stevan Ridley, NE (@ CAR) His four game scoring streak will come to an end, against what is becoming the best defense in the entire league. The Patriots offensive line will be off balance the whole day.
Wide Receiver
Play 'EmPercy Harvin, SEA (vs MIN) Harvin had this game circled on his calendar since before his injury, and so have many of his owners. The adrenaline gets him through any rust.
Pass 'Em: TY Hilton, IND (@ TEN) The Titans secondary is pretty good, and as well as Hilton has been playing, the double teams will finally catch up to him, and limit him this week on the road.
Tight End
Play 'Em: Garrett Graham, HOU (vs OAK) So much has been expected of Graham since Owen Daniels went down. This week he has the matchup to get him back on track with his rookie QB.
Pass 'Em: Martellus Bennett, CHI (vs BAL) He has been on three teams now for a reason: he shows flashes but lacks consistency. He will continue to be missing in action against a tough group of Raven LB's.
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