Friday, May 31, 2013

Fantasy Baseball Daily Lineup Advice May 31st

Matt Carpenter play of the day!

Alex Rios is 9 for 22 (.409) against Colon and hitting .381 (16 for 42) in last 10 games versus Oakland.  Rios is hitting .285 VS right-handers.

Adrian Beltre, 4 for 8 off Davis, hit a team-best .371 with team-best three homers and six RBIs against Kansas City last season when Texas won five of nine matchups.  Beltre is hitting .357 with a HR and 6RBIs over his last 10 games.

Domonic Brown  is batting .359 with six homers and 12 RBIs in his last 10 contests.

Matt Carpenter is 7 for 9 with a home run against Cain, and has batted .395 during an overall nine-game hitting streak.  Carpenter is hitting .343 VS righ-handers with 17 extra base hits.

Carlos Gonzalez, who took Kershaw deep twice in his last start in Colorado, is hitting .406 in 28 career home games against the Dodgers.  Gonzo is also hitting .365 VS lefties and has started to swipe some bases as of late.

 Joey Votto, who is hitting .373 against Rodriguez after going 6 for 11 with two doubles and a homer last year.  Votto is hitting .324 with 2HRs and 7RBIs over his last 10 games.

Hisashi Iwakuma who is 3-0 with a 2.63 ERA with 40 strikeouts in 41 innings over his last six outings, ranks among AL leaders in ERA, strikeouts (69) and batting average against (.194).  Iwakuma is 2-0 at home with a 1.34 ERA and 33ks.


Zack Cozart .356 last 10gs

Lyle Overbay .360 VS Lester with 4 XBHs

Jon Jay 5/8 VS Cain

Jayson Nix 7/23 3HRs & 5RBIs VS Lester

Garrett Jones hitting .306 VS Cueto with 6XBHs

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fantasy Baseball Fab Five Daily Plays May 30th

Freddie Freeman  is 7 for 13 in this series. The first baseman went 6 for 9 with a homer and two doubles off Dickey last season. Freeman is hitting .357 over his last 10 games with a HR and 8RBIs.

Neil Walker is coming off back to back nights with a HR.  Tonight he faces right-hander Doug Fister, and Walker is hitting .295 VS right-handers this year.  Walker is hitting .333 over his last 10 games with 3HRs and 5RBIs.

Adrian Beltre has faced McCarthy many times and is 13 for 31 (.419) with two homers against him.  Beltre is hitting .349 over his last 10 games.

Yunel Escobar is hitting .429 with five RBIs over his last four games and is 10 for 27 (.370) lifetime VS Nolasco.

 Chris Davis tops the majors with 19 homers, while his 50 RBIs and .359 average put the first baseman among the league leaders in those categories.  Davis is hitting .541 with 7HRs and 10RBIs over his last 10 games fit him in your lineup!

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fantasy Baseball Daily Advice May 29th

Adrian Beltre play of the day!


Evan Gattis
.364 5HRs & 12RBIs last 10gs
.311 at Home


Mitch Moreland
6/15 2HRs & 4RBIs VS McCarthy
.296 VS Right 9HRs


Kelly Johnson
.417 5HRs & 14RBIs last 10gs
.300 VS Right 10HRs


Adrian Beltre
13/39 2HRs & 9RBIs VS McCArthy
.349 last 10gs


Zack Cozart
.480 last 7gs


Carl Crawford
5/15 HR VS Weaver
 .295 VS Right 4HRs

Alex Rios
10/29 2HRs & 5RBIs VS Feldman
.294 VS Right 8HRs

Matt Holliday
4/6 HR VS Mendoza

 Jose Bautista
.447 6HRs & 9RBIs
.301 VS Right 9HRs


Lance Lynn
4-0 at Home
2.81 ERA
34ks in 32IP

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fantasy Baseball Daily Advice May 28th

Mike Trout play of the day!

.344 VS Right with 3HRs & 9RBIs

7/19 2HRs VS Blanton
.307 VS Right

.308 2HRs & 6RBIs last 10gs
.322 VS Right
3/15 2HRs & 6RBIs VS Gomez
.421 6HRs 16RBIs last 10gs

.438 last 10gs
.571 VS Left

.343 HR & 9RBIs last 10gs
.313 VS Right

.304 2HRs & 6RBIs last 7gs

.375 2HRs, 8RBIs & 5SBs last 10gs
.317 VS Left

2.67 ERA
Mets hitting .230 VS Right

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Fantasy Baseball Daily Advice May 27th

Josh Donaldson play of the day!


Victor Martinez
11/24 5 doubles, HR and 5RBIs VS Liriano

 Brian McCann
.364 in 11 at bats VS Buehrle
.281 last 10gs with 2HRs 5RBIs


Joey Votto
5/12 VS Jimenez
.459 last 10gs with 4HRs and 6RBIs
.382 VS Right

Carlos Pena
3/6 VS Chacin with 2HRs and 3RBIs
.278 VS Left


Dustin Pedroia
.308 last 10gs HR and 8RBIs
.314 VS Right

Marco Scutaro
.357 last 10gs
.341 VS Right


Miguel Cabrera
9/24 VS Liriano with 2HRs and 7RBIs
.459 VS Left

 Josh Donaldson
.371 last 10gs with 2HRs and 6RBIs
.400 VS Left


Miguel Tejada
.348 last 10gs  with 2HRs and 5RBIs

Erick Aybar
7/16 VS Grienkie
.286 VS Right


A.J. Pollock
.588 last 7gs
.284 VS Left

 Jose Bautista
.410 last 10gs 2HRs and 7RBIs
.300 VS Right

 Lucas Duda
.351 last 10gs with a HR


Jason Hammel
5-0 on the road
Nationals hitting .242 VS Right

Madison Bumgarner
2-1 at home
2.77 ERA
45ks in 39IP

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fantasy Baseball Daily Advice May 26th

Omar Infante start of the day!


Joe Mauer is 8/23 with a HR VS Scherzer.  Mauer is hitting .343 VS right-handers.

Miguel Montero is 5/16 with 3HR's and 7RBI's VS Marquis


Justin Morneau is 5/13 with 3HR's VS Scherzer and is hitting .321 against right-handers.

Adam LaRoche is 8/25 with 4HR's and 7RBI's VS Hamels


Omar Infante is hitting .469 in 32 at bats VS Pelfrey. Omar is hitting .421 at home this year.

Marco Scutaro is hitting .480 against Garland in 25 at bats. He is hitting .381 over his last 10gs.


Evan Longoria is hitting .366 against C.C with 5HR's and 9RBI's in 41 at bats. He is also hitting .345 VS lefties.

Aramis Ramirez is hitting .370 with 2HR's and 6RBI's in 54 at bats VS Rodriguez.


Troy Tulowitzki is 19/54 VS Cain with 4HR's and 6RBI's.  Tulo is hitting .375 VS right-handers.

Miguel Tejada is hitting .348 with 2HR's and 5RBI's over his last 10gs.


Andy Dirks is 4/6 with 2HR's VS Pelfrey.

Josh Hamilton is 5/7 with a HR VS Davis.

Alfonso Soriano has 4HR's VS Cueto in 40 at bats.

Ryan Braun is 17/44 with 4HR's and 8RBI's VS Rodriguez


Johnny Cueto 2-0 with a 3.22 ERA and 26k's in his last 4 starts.

 Patrick Corbin is 4-0 at home with a 1.04 ERA and 18k's.

 When playing daily fantasy baseball pay close attention to weather and starting lineups!  Any questions tweet @SportsWG

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fantasy Baseball Daily Advice May 25th

Miguel Tejada Play of the day!


Jason Castro is hitting .375 1HR over his last 7gs.

Buster Posey is hitting .324 with a HR in his last 10gs.  Posey is hitting .300 VS right-handers.


Adam Lind is 4/8 with 2HR's VS Garcia.  Lind is hitting .314 over his last 10gs.

Prince Fielder is 5/8 with 2HR's VS Walters.  Prince is hitting .321 in days games.


Dustin Pedroia is 17/33 with a HR VS Kazmir. Dusty is hitting .375 VS lefties this year.

Darwin Barney is hitting .412 VS Bailey in 17 at bats.  Barney is red hot hitting .353 over his last 10gs.


Mark Reynolds is 5/15 with a HR VS Lester.  Reynolds is hitting .296 against lefties.

Michael Young is 19/58 with a HR and 11RBI's VS Haren.  Young is hitting .293 against right-handers.


Miguel Tejada .348 with 2HR's and 5RBI's over his last 10gs.

Starlin Castro is 5/18 with a couple of HR's VS Bailey.  Castro is hitting .295 VS right-handers.


Jose Bautista is hitting .455 with a pair of HR's VS Garcia.  Joey Bats is hitting .417 with 4HR's and 10RBI's over his last 10gs.

Josh Hamilton is 8/25 with 3HR's VS Guthrie.

David Murphy is 20/66 with 2HR's and 11RBI's VS King Felix.  Murphy is hitting .290 over his last 10gs.

Andrew McCutchen is 5/9 with 3HR's and 8RBI's VS Fiers.  He is also hitting .333 over his last 10gs.


Jake Peavy 2-0 at home with a 2.29 ERA and 21k's in 19IP.

Doug Fister is 4-0 at home with 3.00 ERA and 22k's.

When playing daily fantasy baseball pay close attention to weather and starting lineups!  Any questions tweet @SportsWG

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Evaluations

Article by Joe Pisapia

Memorial Day weekend for me is the watershed moment where I evaluate my fantasy team and take stock in what I have, what I need and where to go from here. April is too quick to pull any major triggers and you will likely regret any knee jerk reactions to slow or quick starts. By the end of May however, the trends are clear and so is your record. If you are under .500 it is time to make some tough decisions. You will have to trade or or even cut some underwhelming performers. On the flip side, you need to look long and hard at players who are "over-performing" and entertain selling high. Maybe your fast start is due to come crashing down as the summer heats up. Your regular season is 2/5 over in many formats, so it's time to bear down.

Here are some thoughts on players and situations that may help you plan for the next few months.

Patrick Corbin SP ARZ I drafted Corbin in my points league this year as a spot starter and he gave me more than I could have asked for so I dealt him for Brett Lawrie, Michael Bourn and Drew Smyly. Quite a haul for a pitcher who has NO CHANCE of maintaining his current pace. One trend is certain, in his minor league career he always got rocked, then adjusted to the level well before promotion. He is clearly adjusting well the second time around, but his 1.44 ERA and .98 WHIP are due for a correction. Keeper leagues hold on and see what the second half brings. One year leagues, shop around and see what is out there. Someone will overpay.
Matt Harvey SP NYM This is more of an indictment of the Mets being dreadful than anything else, but he too will have some bumps in the road, The Mets offense and bullpen are a joke and will surely start to put some additional pressure on the young stud. His incredible numbers could bring back enough talent to make you a contender immediately in your league. In keeper leagues, you would have to pry him out of my cold dead hand, but you may have seen the best of him in 2013.

Starling Marte OF PIT I also drafted Marte in two separate leagues. I am hanging onto him in roto because of his speed, but I dealt him a week ago in my points league because he still averages a strikeout per game and once the league gets a good look at him he could crash after the break. We have seen many a young talented player get exposed over the years and the ones that bounce back usually have good plate discipline. Marte could become a liability and as an outfielder he is easier to replace than an infielder from a production standpoint.

Justin Verlander SP DET This may be the only time to get Verlander at a reasonable price in the last three years. He is coming off a dreadful start in Texas and a bizarre rain delayed game in Cleveland where he basically got manhandled by one man; Carlos Santana. Hitters are making more consistent contact off Verlander, but he is still a top 3 pitcher in any format and some owners might be panicking that all those innings are catching up to him. His velocity is fine, this is your window to act because next week he faces the Pirates at home. Last time that happened he was inches from a no hitter.
Josh Hamilton OF LAA Hamilton has always been and will always be streaky. He is not the same player removed from Texas (well documents in the 2013 Fantasy Baseball Black Book), but he is better than what he has shown and should have a few hot streaks in him this summer. He was surely over-drafted in your league which means his owner is pissed off and ready to cut bait for the right price. Make an offer, you may be surprised.
AMERICAN LEAGUE THIRD BASEMEN Brett Lawrie, Mike Moustakas and Will Middlebrooks were all drafted with high expectations and have all hit rock bottom. No worries, they are all worth owning and can be had for next to nothing right now. Moustakas has the best upside in my opinion for '13, Lawrie is a nice option in roto formats with his speed and Middlebooks has great talent around him. All three should be targets as CINF or 3B options in your leagues. Heck you may even get one cheap to plug in a DH/UT slot.

Some teams are in rebuild mode and are clearly heading out of contention. Others had aspirations of October and are already on the verge of becoming irrelevant. What that means is that some prime fantasy studs could be wearing different caps come July and now is the to grab them before their stock rises. Here are some names on their way out the door.
Cliff Lee SP PHI He is still an undervalued player considering his consistency and statistics. The Phillies are without Halladay for most of the year, Hamels has struggled and Utley in on the DL. There was chatter of the Phils dealing Lee last year, but this time around they may have no choice. The Cardinals come to mind as a landing spot since they have a deep farm system and a need for a starter with Jaime Garcia out for the foreseeable future.

Chase Headley 3B SD He is off to decent start after missing key time in the spring, and if he turns it on anything close to what he did last year after the break you have a real difference make here. Headley's power was in question before last season and the Padres will be sure to sell high on him with Jedd Gyorko already capable of manning his spot.The Angels or the Braves could be in the market for an everyday third baseman.
Justin Morneau 1B MIN He may not be the MVP caliber player he was a few years back before concussions robbed him of his prime, but he is could still a useful bat and a change of scenery could do him some good. His power numbers have never been the same since he left the dome. Imagine if Colorado stays in the race what he could do there.

Every year teams wait to call up their big prospects in order to avoid Super 2 status which basically means it gives the clubs more control over the player for a longer period of time. It is not just about talent, it is also about opportunity. Oscar Taveras is incredibly talented, but the Cardinals already have trouble getting at bats for Matt Adams so don't expect him up anytime soon. Here are some players primed for a look in the weeks ahead:
Billy Hamilton OF/SS CIN He got off to a horrendous start but has really turned things around and the Reds have still not been able to fill Ryan Ludwick's vacancy with any consistency. Hamilton is a game changer in reality and fantasy and he likely qualifies at SS in most leagues. His speed is an incredible asset in roto leagues and in points leagues he could score 4-6 points in a night with an 0-3 night.
Zack Wheeler SP NYM The Mets rotation is a mess, the Mets are a mess. The longer Wheeler stays in the launching pad that is AAA Las Vegas in the PCL the more damage will be done to his stock. The Mets plan is to call him up after 2-3 more starts and then he should be up for the rest of the year. He will likely cap out at 175 innings, so don't plan on him helping you in September playoff rounds. In keeper leagues he has serious value.
Kyle Gibson SP MIN He should have been up already, but the Twins are going nowhere so Samuel Deduno will be a place holder for Gibson. He is 100% healthy again and is a better option than 2/3 of the Twins rotation right now. He has good ratios and should be a safe play in match-ups and home starts with spacious Target Field.
Josh Phegley C CWS Who? That's right Phegley! Not much hyper here, but the White Sox catcher situation is dreadful and Phegley has an OPS of 1.051 in the ITL. Catchers are tougher to break in because of the game calling issues and diva starters, but there is only so long you can live with guys like Flowers at the major league level hitting .200 with this guy hovering.

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Fantasy Baseball Daily Advice May 24th

Josh Donaldson play of the day!


Wilin Rosario is hitting .294 VS right-handers this year and is facing  Lincecum who he is 6/14 against with 2HR's, 4RBI's and 2SB's. 

Brian McCann is hitting .323 in his last 10 games with 4HR's and 10RBI's.  McCann is hitting .320 VS right-handers this year.

First Base

Billy Butler is hitting .350 with 10RBI's in his last 10 games.  He faces Jason Vargas who he is 8/16 against with 3HR's and 7RBI's.

Joey Votto is hitting .526 in his last 10 games with 3HR's and 7RBI's.  Votto is hitting .382 VS right-handers and wouldnt you know it he faces one today.  Votto is riding a 11 game hit streak.

Second Base

Marco Scutaro is hitting .442 over his last 10 games and is hitting .352 against right-handers on the year.

Robinson Cano is hitting .478 VS Hernandez and .319 VS right-handers.

Third Base

Jordan Pacheco is 5/14 VS Lincecum and is hitting .347 against right-handers this year.

Josh Donaldson kills lefties (.388) Eric Bedard is a lefty, its go time!  He is also hitting .333 in his last 10 games.

Short Stop

Ian Desmond is 10/23 with 2HR's and 5RBI's against Kyle Kendrick. 

Brandon Crawford hitting .444 VS Chatwood and .296 VS right-handers on the year.


Curtis Granderson is 17/39 VS Hernandez with 3HR's, 3 doubles, 3 triples and 6RBI's.

Andrew McCutchen 7/22 2HR's and 4RBI's VS Estrada.  McCutchen is hitting .341 over his last 10 games.

Matt Holliday 10/27 2HR's 4RBI's VS Capuano.  Holiday is hitting .296 VS lefties on the year.

Jeff Baker 5/14 with a HR off Joe Saunders and is hitting .344 VS lefties this year.

Starting Pitching

Anibal Sanchez 3-1 at home with a 2.25 ERA and 42k's in 28IP

Kyle Kendrick 2-0 with a 1.20 ERA. Nationals are hitting .237 VS right-handers this year.

When playing daily fantasy baseball pay close attention to weather and starting lineups!  Any questions tweet @SportsWG

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy 2013

Article by Joey C

   It's almost that time of year again, and there are many fantasy football players who need some draft advice. There are several people that find it hard to draft a team that could win their league. In order to win a lot of fantasy football games, you must have a well put together team. There are some guidelines to follow if you wish to have a great season in fantasy football. Keep in mind that these are just guidelines. They do not have to be used by yourself, but coming from someone with years of experience, these tips will help improve your game.

       First, make sure that you have two elite running backs that will provide more points than most of the others at the position. The running back position is the most valuable to the team, as they have the largest opportunity to score the most points. In fantasy football, most leagues require teams to start two running backs. A general strategy that could help is to draft a running back in the first round, as well as the third round. This would help your team tremendously, because while other people are looking for another running back in later rounds, you would not have to worry about that and have two backs with higher production value. Some people like to draft a running back in the first two rounds, although I do not suggest this, unless of course, you see a player you really want to have on your team.

       The next most important position in fantasy football is the wide receiver. In most leagues, there are three wide receivers used in the starting lineup. Wide receivers do not have as many chances to get the most amount of points as running backs, but still can produce at a high level. Wide receivers should be taken in the second, as well as the fifth round. Examples of Wide Receivers to take in the second round include AJ Green, Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, and Julio Jones. These players usually give you solid numbers as your WR1. In the fifth round, there is a good chance that you will not be able to find players of THIS Caliber on the board. However, you can still find players like Reggie Wayne, Randall Cobb, Michael Crabtree, Larry Fitzgerald and Percy Harvin to round out your WR2 Position.

       A quarterback, the most important position in real life football, is the third most important position in fantasy. The reason behind this is because you can find a really good quarterback in later rounds, and not have to waste a high pick on that top three player. For example, last year, a rookie quarterback named Russell Wilson was not drafted in high rounds in fantasy football, but he still turned out to be a really good player at his position. Another example of this is quarterback Andy Dalton, of the Cincinati Bengals. This player was drafted after round eight in most leagues, turned out to be among a top fifteen player at the position. Another prime example of this is quarterback Joe Flacco of the Ravens. Flacco, who may be inconsistant at times, performed really well several weeks, and was drafted between rounds six and ten in most leagues. Flacco went on to win the Super Bowl in 2012. In previous years, there was always about four quarterbacks drafted in the first round. However, people realize that they made mistakes by drafting a QB That high, and in most leagues this year, there will be none. As you can see, it is not necessary to draft a quarterback really early. An ideal round to draft a quarterback this year would be round four or later. Some quarterbacks you should look to draft that would be available in the fifth round this year include Cam Newton, Matthew Stafford, Robert Griffin III, Peyton Manning, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, and Tony Romo. Top QBs like Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Tom Brady are likely to be picks in rounds two or three and that would be a reach in this year's fantasy football drafts.

       The next position to look at in fantasy football is a team’s defense/special teams. This is referred to as DST. This position gets points for when a team holds an opponent to a certain amount of points, when the defense causes the other team’s offense to throw an interception, or when the defense gets a touchdown, or when they force a fumble. The special teams part of this is when the team returns a kick or a punt for a touchdown. This position should be drafted after you have at least one player at each of the previously mentioned positions, because DST’s do not usually score as many points as the rest of the positions. The best round to draft a defense would be in round seven or later. The top DSTs to draft in the NFL This year include the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears, and the Denver Broncos.

       Tight Ends are the next position to draft. There are plenty of tight ends that provide points for your team in later rounds. These players get the same amount of points as a receiver do. Tight ends are not always as consistant as receivers are, thus making them not as important as a receiver. If you see a player that you really like before you pick a defense, make sure you pick the player you like so that you have someone to root for. However, make sure you draft a tight end that is a pass catcher and not a blocker. Examples of TE's to draft include Tony Gonzalez, Owen Daniels, Kyle Rudolph, Jason Witten and Vernon Davis. Brandon Myers could be a sleeper TE with his new team, the New York Giants.

       Once you have drafted all of your starting players, it is time to fill out your bench. The bench are players mainly used to fill in for your startes when they are injured, or on their week off. There are enough spots to back up each position you have drafted, although that is not really necessary to do so. Some people like to grab their third RB before drafting all of their starters, which is fine to do, but you may miss out on a good player at a position you need and be weak in that area.

       The last, and least important position in fantasy football to draft is the kicker. These players only get points when the team that player plays for scores a touchdown, or a field goal. The kicker gets one point for the point after attempt after a touchdown, and also points for a field goal. Another way the kicker gets points is if he kicks a field goal. The amount of points he gets varies on how far away the kick is. Kickers do not score nearly as many points as other positions do, thus making that position the last one you should draft. Try to draft kickers from teams who score a lot of points consistantly so that you can have the best chance to get their points. The Patriots, Broncos, and 49ers have really good kickers because their team scores a lot.

      Remember, you do not have to stick with the team you drafted throughout the whole season. You can add some players, make some trades, and get rid of players you do not like. Thats what makes this game so fun. Make sure to stay on top of who the top waiver wire pick ups are to help improve your team.

      When following this general strategy, drafting a successful fantasy football team should come easy. Make sure that you get running backs early, because they will be harder to find in later rounds. Have fun and good luck drafting!

NBA gone but not forgotten

Article by  @furiousandfunk

Before I really devoted myself to MLB, I wanted to reflect on lessons learned during my first daily NBA season. I’m writing this as a reminder to myself and others next year that we will continue to improve as long as we don’t forget what worked from this season. A quick note before you read, it seems that regular season NBA and playoffs NBA are two different games. I did terrible the past few weeks playing in NBA playoffs after an amazing regular season so the info in this blog mainly relates to regular season.
The Stars and Scrubs roster method was very effective for me in big gpps. I usually picked three “scrubs” 4k-7k and loaded up on Stars priced around 15k. Surprisingly a lot of those 5k guys can go for 30, and when it happens you’re ahead of people that wasted money on big ticket duds. I read an article when I first started written by the great “Notorious” and he stressed that he started making his rosters each day by choosing centers first. I ALWAYS did this and had great results. I felt focused building a roster and by having an actual starting point I didn’t feel as overwhelmed. Another note on centers, they can be terrible…..Like AL_SMIZZLE punts his catchers, I punt my centers. I found a ton of value in centers priced 8k-12k, and if they get a double double you get easy value. If a guy was 12k but had multiple double doubles recently it was almost an automatic pick this year.
Learn to anticipate scratches and injured players by actually watching games. You will still get screwed by late scratches because it’s inevitable, but you can minimize the times it happens to you by watching how coaches play their players and how certain players deal with playing through injuries. It’s easy to see an injury report that says “Raymond Felton- wrist -probable.” You don’t think much about it, then draft him and watch as he puts up 8FPS total for 12k. If you had been watching the Knicks the night before you would have seen with your eyes that he banged it very hard on the floor. He was in obvious pain and playing one handed, not even close to dropping buckets. He decides to “give it a go” the next night but you know his bothersome wrist is no good so you pass and save yourself. You only get that info from watching the games…..or by being extra observant on twitter and following courtside reporters.
Hot streaks equal win streaks for DFS players!! I usually only click the “last 15 days” performance as an option while crafting rosters because we need to know how they are doing NOW, not a few months ago. This seriously helps me spot lower priced guys that are performing well. Also examine the teams recent injuries, maybe you missed a big injury but now you know so you can play the cheap replacement for another game or two. Now the hardest part of relying on “Hot” players……..knowing when they’re going to go cold. Unfortunately I don’t have an answer so I defer to my gut feeling. If a hot player has a cold game, that’s it for me unless my instinct says it was one bad night. Most of the time I walked away and waited weeks before I revisited playing streaky players, and the results were usually good.
Players may be good on one site and terrible on another, focus on your scoring format!!! I had JR Smith and Melo win me money on Draftkings and lose me money on Draftstreet in the same night. DK doesn’t penalize for missed shots and gives you bonus points for threes. Even if they throw up 15 bricks, they can still put up solid scores for their price if there aren’t penalties issued. Draftstreet does penalize for misses and no bonus points are given for threes. A bad shooting night will kill these players performances and they should be avoided on a site like DS. Lesson learned!
Losing streaks are part of the game, know this and accept it. I’ve seen people “rage quit” and be back the next night, swear off fantasy sports forever only to bet double the next night to try to make it up. These are dangerous practices that can kill hard earned bankrolls. Control your emotions and take a break, even if only for a day. Sometimes the daily grind can wear you out and giving your brain a breather can be big. I did it a few times and highly recommend it. I always came back fired up and performing better, like I was playing with a clear head again.
I have more tips for NBA but these blogs can get real long, real quick so I’ll save them for next week. Thanks as always to EVERYONE for all the support and “liking” my first blog enough to make it one of the most popular of the month!! Follow me on twitter @furiousandfunk and Keep doin work fellas!

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice May 23rd

Andrew McCutchen play of the day!


Jarrod Saltalamacchia .300 over his last 10 games with a HR and 4RBI's.  Salty has a HR off Mcallister in 8AB's.

First Base

Chris Davis .368 in his last 10 games with 4HR's and 10RBI's the guy looks really looked in.  .359 VS right-handers.

Second Base

Darwin Barney .353 in his last 10 with a HR.

Third Base

Miguel Cabrera 8/16 VS Diamond.  Cabrera is hitting .425 with 6HR's and 12RBI's in his last 10 games.

Short Stop

J.J. Hardy is hitting .300 over his last 10 games and has 2HR's off of Morrow.


Adam Jones 12/31 with 3HR's and 10RBI's VS Morrow.  Andrew McCutchen hitting .308 with 2HR's VS Jackson.  Michael Bourn 10/32 VS Dempster.  Bourn is hitting .306 with 5SB's in his last 10 games.

Starting Pitcher

Jeanmar Gomez is 2-0 with a 2.78 ERA in his last 10 starts.

 When playing daily fantasy baseball pay close attention to weather and starting lineups!  Any questions tweet @SportsWG

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice May 22nd

Miguel Cabrera Daily Play of the day!

Joe Mauer Hitting .800 against Malholm and .425 over his last 10 games.  Mauer is hitting .368 VS southpaws this year he gets the start for me today.  Victor Martinez is another good option 6/18 VS Jimenez with 2HR's and 6RBI's.
First Base
Travis Hafner is hitting .287 VS right-handers this year and has a solid history VS Hammel 3/10 with 2HR's.  Edwin Encarnacion .361 in his last 10 with 2HR's and 10RBI's with a 7 game hit streak.
Second Base
Robinson Cano 10/26 1HR 4RBI's VS Hammel and .319 VS right-handers makes for a solid play tonight.  Dan Uggla 4/9 VS Worley with 2HR's and 4RBI's. Uggla seems to have a good read on Worley only striking out once.
Third Base
Miguel Cabrera 13/38 VS Jimenez with a HR and 6RBI's.  Blah blah blah this guy is a beast i could spit out stats all day just start him.  Evan Longoria .360 VS Lefties and facing a terrible Mark Buerhle today.  Longoria also has a 15 game hit streak.
Short Stop
Jhonny Peralta Hitting .304 with a HR and 4RBI's VS Jimenez.  .324 over his last 10 games.  Troy Tulowitzki kills righ-handed pitching (.378) big day coming VS Cahill.  Tulo is hitting .364 with 2HR's and 10RBI's over his last 10 games.
Michael Brantley .307 VS right-handers facing Verlander who he has a great history against 11/26 with 4RBI's and 3SB's.  Jay Bruce .390 with 3HR's 13RBI's last 10 games.  Vernon Wells 5/14 with 2HR's VS Hammel.  Ichiro Suzuki 7/14 VS Hammel.  Jose Bautista 5/13 with a HR VS Hellickson. Joey Bats is .324 over hs last 10 games.
Starting Pitching
Cliff Lee is 3-1 on the road with a 2.00 ERA facing a terrible Marlins team. Mat Latos 2-0 on the raod with a 2.53 ERA facing the Mets enough said get him in your lineup. 

When playing daily fantasy baseball pay close attention to weather and starting lineups!  Any questions tweet @SportsWG

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

NBA Draft Lottery: 5 Biggest Game Changers To Come From NBA Draft Lottery Conspiracies and Bad Luck

Article by Rob Kelley

The 2013 NBA Draft Lottery will take place tonight, with the Orlando Magic standing the best odds to win the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft at 25 percent. Of course, as well all know, the team who finishes with the worst record and highest odds rarely wins the first selection in the draft. Many have cried and theorized about conspiracies, while others simply claim it is bad luck and poor decision making. Whatever the case, many teams have had their entire future landscapes altered by the bounce and selection of a few ping pong balls.
You don’t have to look back too far. It was quite controversial when the then NBA owned New Orleans Hornets won the No. 1 overall pick right before they were about to be sold to the highest bidder. Winning the rights to draft Anthony Davis certainly boosted the value of the team. But that was just one case. Truth be told, this dates all the way back to 1985, which was the first year the NBA held the draft lottery system. Take a look at the 5 biggest game changers to come from the NBA Draft Lottery. Some were controversial. Some involved terrible decision making. Others involved bad luck. All were game changers.

5. 2007: The Memphis Grizzlies and Boston Celtics stood the best chances to receive the top two picks and win the Kevin Durant or Greg Oden sweepstakes. They both fell to No. 4 and No. 5. The Portland Trail Blazers received the top pick but foolishly chose Oden instead of Durant. The Celtics traded their pick to the Seattle Sonics, who also drafted Durant, for Ray Allen and won the upcoming NBA Championship. The Grizzlies drafted Mike Conley Jr. One can say that the team who won the No. 1 pick turned out to be the biggest losers.

4. 2008: The Miami Heat went through some difficult times after winning their first NBA Championship, falling to 15-67 prior to the 2008 NBA Draft Lottery. Many teams were rebuilding, but Miami seemed like a slid bet to land the top spot and put themselves in a position to draft Derrick Rose. As we all know, Miami fell to No. 2. It may not seem like a lot, but one spot was once again the difference between a league MVP and just another bust. Somehow, the Chicago Bulls shot all the way from No. 9 up to the No. 1 overall spot and drafted Rose. The Heat took Michael Beasley, passing on Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love and many others. But then they went out and signed all of the All-Stars a few years later.

3. 1997: The Boston Celtics were supposed to finally make their return to NBA relevance – if not glory – by selecting Tim Duncan. The team needed another star, especially in the front court. Duncan was going to be that player. The San Antonio Spurs, who were already a solid team, but were bad for one year due to an injury to David Robinson, won the top pick and grabbed Duncan. The rest is history. The Spurs have won four NBA Championships under the leadership of Duncan. The Celtics had two top pick that year and drafted Chauncey Billups and Ron Mercer. They bypassed, well, not really anybody. It was an extremely uneventful draft overall.

2. 1992: The Minnesota Timberwolves were still a fairly new expansion team in need of landing a franchise player. They had the worst record the previous season, but with the weighted lottery system not in effect until two more years, it was actually even easier to leapfrog other teams back then. Minnesota found that out the hard way, as they were forced to watch the Orlando Magic and Charlotte Hornets pass them for the top two picks. Those picks just happened to be Shaquille O’Neal and Alonzo Mourning. The Timberwolves got Mr. All-America and Duke superstar Christian Laettner, although he clearly peaked in college.

1. 1985: Ah, the year it all began. The “Frozen Envelope.” The Golden State Warriors and Indiana Pacers were expected to get the top two picks, but, alas, it went to the New York Knicks. They took Patrick Ewing. The Pacers drafted Wayman Tisdale while the Warriors selected Benoit Benjamin. Those two passed up the likes of Chris Mullin, Charles Oakley, Karl Malone, Joe Dumars and A.C. Green, and many were bitter about how the whole thing went down.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice May 21st New Format!

Jay Bruce play of the day!


Going to roll with the hot hand today at Catcher and first up is Buster Posey.  Posey is .324 in his last 10 games with 2HR's and 7RBI's.  Posey has a 5 game hit streak where he is hitting .388.  On the cheap side Kurt Suzuki is riding a 10 game hitting streak.

First Base

Edwin Encarnacion is hitting .478 in his last 6 games with 2HR's and 9RBI's.  10 of his 12 Home Runs VS righ-thanded pitching this year.  Mitch Moreland in his last 10 games is hitting .324 with 4HR's and 10RBI's and and the fact that he is playing at home (.354 hitter) against a right hander makes him a strong play today.

Second Base

 Fresh off a 3RBI night with a HR, Dan Uggla  faces Mike Pelfrey who he has a great history against 13/32 with 11RBI's.  He won't cost you a lot and i am willing to take a chance on Uggla's power potential.  Brandon Phillips has a 7 game hit streak going and i don't see why he can't extend it against Jon Niese who he is 5/13 against with 2HR's. Phillips is hitting .319 VS lefties with 4HR's this year.

Third Base

Aramis Ramirez hitting .394 VS right-handers and with Greinke coming off the DL its worth ago.  Miguel Cabrera owns right-handers .379, 9HR's and 40RBI's he is a must start almost everyday.  Cabrera is 4/9 with a HR against Kluber.

Short Stop

Brandon Crawford .405 in his last 10 games with 8RBI's.  Crawford is hitting .308 with 4HR's against right-handers this year and he faces Strasburg tonight. Yunel Escobar .343 with a HR and 9RBI's last 10 games.


Nate McLouth 7/9 VS Hughes with 4 doubles.  McLouth is hitting .292 VS right-handers.  Matt Holliday 7/17 2HR's 4RBI's VS Volquez.  Holiday is hitting .296 against lefties.  Melky Cabrera .350 last 10 games, and is hitting .311 against right-handers. Jay Bruce has caught fire as of late hitting .415 with 5HR's and 14RBI's in his last 10 games.  Bruce is hitting .309 VS Lefties.

Starting Pitching

Tim Hudson is 3-0 with a .284 ERA at home this year.  Twins are at the back of the pack playing on the road makes for a good match up with value.  Tyler Cloyd faces The Marlins tonight who struggle against right-handed pitching hitting a dismal .222.  Cloyd had a decent first start going 6 innings with two earned runs and 4k's.

When playing daily fantasy baseball pay close attention to weather and starting lineups!  Any questions tweet @SportsWG

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice May 20th New Format!

Adam Jones Play of the day!


Wilin Rosario is coming off a nice day off yesterday and should be ready to rock and continue to stay hot.  Rosario in is last three games has contributed in many categories 6 hits, 2HR's, 7RBI's and 5runs.  He faces  Corbin who he does have a little history against 3 for his last 10 with a HR.  Buster Posey faces off against lefty Zach Duke and Posey has been crushing lefties hitting a whopping .351 not to mention he is hitting .357 at home this year.

First Base

Travis Hafner  is a good value pick he is facing Freddy Garcia who he is a lifetime 15/33 with 4HR's and 7RBI's.  Garcia has given up 10 earned runs in his last 15IP.  Paul Konerko's face lights up when ever he sees Jon Lester on the hill.  Konerko is 10/23 with 2HR's and 7RBI's.  Don't let this years splits fool you Konerko has always hit lefties well.

Second Base

With Second Base not having many great match ups today i am going to go with the hot hand of Daniel Murphy.  Murphy is hitting .417 in his last 10 games with 2HR's 5RBI's and 7runs.  He is hitting .313 VS right-handed pitching and is working on a 7 game hit streak.  Alexi Casilla 14/24 VS C.C Sabathia makes for a strong value play today also.

Third Base

Stud Third Basemen have been producing very well lately and i like to spend the extra money and get the stud and  Adrian Beltre fits that profile. He is 19/60 with 5HR's 14RBI's VS Colon and if that's not enough he is hitting .442 in his last 10 games making him one of the safest plays today. If you wanted to save a couple bucks at the position i would look at plugging in Eric Chavez.  Chavez is hitting .483 over his last 10 games.

Short Stop

I have been riding the Jean Segura wave for the past few days now and he just produces day in and day out.  .465 last 10 games with 3HR's, 7RBI's, 6 Stolen bases and 9runs WOW!  J.J. Hardy just snapped his 13 game hitting streak yesterday but i still think he is a great play today against C.C Sabathia who he is 7/17 with a HR.  Hardy is always a power threat and when the history is good i always try and get him in my lineup.


Adam Jones is hitting .318 VS Sabathia lifetime with 3HR's, 10RBI's and 2 steals. Jones is working on a 5 game hit streak.  In the same game i also like Vernon Wells who has a nice little history VS Garcia with 7 hits and a Home Run in 16 at bats.  For a little value i might take my chances on Rick Ankiel.  Ankiel is 7/16 VS Cueto with a Homer and 6RBI's.

Starting Pitching

The Mets are terrible and starting opposing pitching against them isn't a bad idea so Johnny Cueto is getting the nod.  Cueto has a good WHIP 1.12 and opposing hitters are hitting just .194. 18k's in 17IP not to shabby.  I would also take my chances with Cole Hamels in hopes that he can get back on track against a Marlins team that is dead last in the league in hitting at .220 and even worse VS Lefties at .219.

When playing daily fantasy baseball pay close attention to weather and starting lineups!  Any questions tweet @SportsWG

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Surviving the first six months

Article by  @furiousandfunk

Hello fellow grinders, thanks for checking out my first post! I’ve been playing daily fantasy sports(DFS) for six months and it gets better everyday. You may have seen me on Draftstreet and more recently Draftkings as Furiousandthebigguy. I am NOT an expert, but would like to share some of the lessons I’ve learned in the first six months mostly for people that are just starting out like myself. I love this game and think as a community we can really bring DFS to the next level. Even though we are competitors, we can all learn from each other. I’d like to emphasize that you MUST be skilled at fantasy sports to succeed on a regular basis. If you plan on being lucky all the time, you should probably take your deposit and light it on fire.
Are you good enough or will you just be donating money?
This is a tough thing to figure out. I see many people in the chats on these sites talking about constantly redepositing and it scares me. If you do it for fun or don’t like money that’s fine but this game isn’t for everyone. I started at the same time as four friends, all of which could not win and don’t play anymore. A way to test ability that I tried was $60 over my first 30 days, playing in a big gpp for $2 each day. If you win once($200), you can continue this method for another two months for free. If you can get a top five or ten finish, you probably have another month on the house. If you go 30 days and don’t win a dollar, maybe it’s not for you.
The real “experts” actually know their stuff!!
Pay attention to the leader boards. The best players in the industry consistently stay there because they have the skill to. LEARN from them!!!!! If you see them in a game you’re in, examine their roster. Ask yourself questions about why they picked the players they did or why they favor certain positions. The answers are there, you just have to pay attention. This is one of the best ways to grow your skill. They are also very accessible and even willing to help you grow in DFS. Grinderslive on this very site is a great example. You can chat with the top ten guys almost everyday, all you have to do is watch the show and soak it in.
Injuries/weather/scratches can make or break you
I’m going to use one word to describe the best way keep informed, and it actually doesn’t require hours of scouring sites…….TWITTER. I still can’t believe I didn’t use it for the first few months I was playing DFS. The info is up to the minute and has saved me so many times I can’t even give you a figure. Follow me on twitter @furiousandfunk and check who I follow if you want specific names. Yes that was a shameless plug……
One roster or multiple rosters?
I’ve experimented with both and the one roster method works better for me. I found that picking 8 guys everyday that will go off is much better for me than picking 16 and screwing both teams. This one is personal preference but I suggest you choose one method and stick to it.
Daily Fantasy sports don’t remember a performance from two weeks ago!!
I think DAILY is the key word….I look at each day as an isolated incident. If you focus too much on the past, you may dismiss a great one night pick. This is very important in NBA because a cold streak will kill a players value, but if you catch him heating up you can play him on your winning rosters for a week, cheap as hell. Baseball is slightly different because batters and hitters do have history which can be examined.
Trust your gut! seriously, you have skill so why not trust it?
I enjoy reading player picks from experts but it can confuse me sometimes. This is where the “roster crafting” skill comes in to play. I can give you 15 must starts tonight, but can u pick the best 8 from that list that work together with salary? It’s tough so I start my day with my gut picks and pepper in a few players that multiple experts like.
Honestly I have many more topics to cover but this is long enough for a first post. I’ll be posting more in the next week so keep an eye out for the furious. Thanks again for checking me out, follow me on twitter @furiousandfunk, and keep doin work fellas!!!!!

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice May 19th

Carlos Beltran Daily Fantasy play of the day!


Matt Wieters
6/11 2HR's VS Moore

Joe Mauer
11/27 2HR's VS Lackey
.512 last 10gs
.400 at Home

First Base

Adam Dunn
3/5 2HR's VS Vargas
4HR's 10RBI's last 6gs

Garrett Jones
2/6 HR VS Harrell
.295 VS Right

Second Base

Jason Kipnis
4/11 VS Hernandez
7 hits 7RBI's 2HR's last 3gs

 Marco Scutaro
2/3 VS Nicasio
.500 last 10gs

Third Base

Evan Longoria
7/15 3HR's VS Tillman
12 game hit streak

 Adrian Beltre
6/14 VS Fister
.405 3HR's 9RBI's last 10gs

Short Stop

Alexei Ramirez
7/15 2HR's 4RBI's  VS Vargas
.385 VS Left

Jean Segura
.419 3HR's 7RBI's 6SB's
.397 Away
.377 VS Left


David Murphy
8/18 4HR's 8RBI's VS Fister

Carlos Beltran
23/45 4HR's 12RBI's 5SB's VS Loshe
.333 last 10gs

Matt Holliday
8/15 HR 3RBI's VS Loshe
5game hit streak

Vernon Wells
7/16 VS Dickey
.383 Day

Dayan Viciedo
4/6 HR 3RBI's VS Vargas
.433 2HR's 7RBI's last 10gs

Starting Pitching

Travis Wood
2.03 ERA

Justin Masterson
2-0 16k's last two starts

 When playing daily fantasy baseball pay close attention to weather and starting lineups!  Any questions tweet @SportsWG

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice May 18th

Yadier Molina Daily Fantasy play of the day!


Yadier Molina
8/15 HR 4RBI's VS Estrada
.386 at Night

 Wilin Rosario
5/11 1HR VS Lincecum
.290 VS Right

First Base

Justin Morneau
4/9 HR VS Dempster
.439 13RBI's last 10gs

Joey Votto
4/13 HR VS Kendrick
.391 Road
.360 Day

Second Base

Chase Utley
6/17 2HR's VS Arroyo
.324 VS Right

 Jamey Carroll
6/18 VS Dempster
.381 at Home

Third Base

Manny Machado
.419 last 10gs
.368 VS Right

 Ryan Zimmerman
.361 last 10gs
.409 VS Left

Short Stop

Jimmy Rollins
10RBI's last 10gs
6 game hit streak

Brandon Crawford
.351 last 10gs
.299 VS Right


Jay Bruce
5/14 2HR's VS Kendrick
8 game hit streak

Matt Holliday
6/12 HR 5RBI's VS Estrada
6RBI's last 6gs

 Adam Jones
5/10 VS Hernandez
.347 VS Right

Jose Bautista
.444 2HR's 5RBI's last 7gs

Norichika Aoki
.400 last 10gs
.343 at Night

Starting Pitching

A.J. Burnett
2.73 ERA
72k's 56IP
VS Astros

Jordan Zimmermann
1.69 ERA
1.51 ERA at night

 When playing daily fantasy baseball pay close attention to weather and starting lineups!  Any questions tweet @SportsWG

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