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Waiver Wire Week 9

Adds: Welcome them to your family, they're one of us now...


QB Josh Freeman, Tampa Bay (at Oak)
QB Nick Foles, Philadelphia (at NO)
QB Russell Wilson, Seattle (vs. Min)


RB Donald Brown, Indianapolis (vs. Mia)
RB Joique Bell, Detroit (at Jac)
RB Daryl Richardson, St. Louis (bye)
RB Beanie Wells, Arizona (at GB)
RB Ronnie Hillman, Denver (at Cin)

Wide Receivers 

WR Titus Young, Detroit (at Jac)
WR Ryan Broyles, Detroit (at Jac)
WR Cecil Shorts, Jacksonville (vs. Det)
WR Golden Tate, Seattle (vs. Min)
WR Danny Amendola, St. Louis (bye)
WR Brandon LaFell, Carolina (at Was)

Tight End

Dustin Keller NYJ
Brandon Myers OAK

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Who to Follow on Twitter to Win at #FantasyBasketball

Who to Follow on Twitter to Win at Fantasy Basketball

Psst, I have a secret for you. Come closer … closer … a little bit closer. Ok, back off buddy, your cologne stinks! Now I’ve got a headache. Anyway, today I’m going to give you the edge that you will need to win your league. Today I’m going to give you the gift of instant fantasy basketball information! Ever wonder where us fantasy writers get the information we quickly transmit to you? I can tell you I’m not in the arena before the game interviewing the coach or players. In fact, I’m usually sitting on my couch eating a bag of chips for dinner while I follow the guys who are actually in the arena. Right before game time, those guys tweet who is out that night, who is starting or some other useful information. Then I take their tweets and retweet them to you guys as quickly as I can. That’s what all us fantasy media guys do, we basically re-transmit important information from the guys in the arena so you can adjust your lineups accordingly and win! Most of the fantasy guys do a great job of it, too. However, what if you’re counting on me to get you important pre-game information and I decide to go to happy hour instead for a couple of $3 MGD drafts? You’re f’d and we can’t have you being f’d so today here’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to give you the Twitter guys that are MUST follows for you fantasy basketball hoopsters, the guys that I follow. They are broken down into three categories, here goes:
1. NBA Beat Writers and Team Play-by-Play Announcers –  These are the guys that are in the arena doing the dirty work for us. They are the ones standing by the coach outside the locker room against the wall and as soon as the coach says Stephen Curry (random example!) is out tonight, they tweet it. Then guys like me retweet it to you. I’m happy to do it and will continue to do it but why go retail when you can just get the information wholesale? Am I right or am I right? Trick question! Anyway, I want to invite you to click here  on this little link to either subscribe to my Twitter NBA beat writers list or to go through the list and cherry pick for yourself who you’d like to follow. I care man, I want you to win!
2. NBA Teams and Public Relations guys  - These are the official Twitter feeds of the NBA teams and/or their public relations accounts. For pre-game injuries, scratches, line up changes, etc. I prefer the NBA beat writer guys but here you’ll get similar information and also you’ll usually get the starting lineups for the team and their opponent that night. You’ll also get other stuff not really fantasy related like team promotions, etc. but you have to take the good with the bad, those are the facts of life, said Tootie. Click here to subscribe  to my NBA Teams list or  feel free to go through the list and cherry pick which teams you’d like to follow. Did I mention I want you to win?
3. Fantasy Hoops guys - This is a list of fantasy hoops guys and other hoops media like Hoopsworld, etc. who don’t necessarily fall into the NBA beat writer category. Included on this list are guys like the Rotoinfo guys and my friends over at The Fake Basketball, Give Me the Rock, Rotoexperts, Rotoworld, etc. There are too many to list. Click here to subscribe to the list and win!
Lastly, if you’re not on Twitter I have to say you’re at a big disadvantage to your league mates who are. The great thing about Twitter is it has a wealth of instant information. It’s probably the best source of information for any topic if you know who to follow. So go, go, go and get on Twitter if you’re not already, you’ll thank me later. Also, for your desktop I recommend using TweetDeck. It allows you to organize all your tweets in columns under headings like Fantasy Hoops, NBA Beat Writers, NBA Teams etc. so all you see in each respective column are the pertinent tweets relating to the heading of that column. Basically, it allows you to cut out the clutter.
Did I mention I want you to win! I care. Sniff.

Written by Hecmanhoops


Sleepers for #FantasyBasketball 2012-13

Sleepers for Fantasy Basketball 2012-13

Ok, good peoples of fantasy hoops land, I give you the final post of the hecmanhoops 2012 Fantasy Draft Guide. I give you what you’ve all been waiting for, the 2012 Fantasy Basketball Sleepers! This is a list of by position of guys I’d be looking to grab late for their upside. Will all of these guys pan out? Definitely not. Will most of them pan out? Meh, probably not. Will some of them pan out? Suuurrre. With that said, I’d sooner grab the guys listed below then some stiff who’s been in the league for 5, 6 or more years. With apologies to Stephen Jackson! I also want to point out that some of the guys on this list aren’t the biggest secrets but if they are in this post, it’s just to reinforce that I like their upside. Lastly, I’m not going to be throwing projections out at you because these guys are sleepers, you know, wildcards so what’s the point? Am I right or am I right? Rhetorical! Just hope if you draft them late, they’ll get minutes and do something, if not you can always lose them for a free agent and no major harm done. We cool, Joe? Ok then, Snoopy, let’s get to it!
Point Guards:
Jarrett Jack - Yes, I know he’s being drafted and not too far off the radar but he’s here because Stephen Curry is Stephen Curry and, let’s face it, Klay Thompson, as much as I love him, is still young. That leaves combo minutes at the minimum for Jarrett and possibly more. Can you say possible fantasy boon!?
Nate Robinson – He’s in a backcourt with Kirk Hinrich, Richard Hamilton and Marco Belinelli. Need I say more? Must I?
Austin RiversGreivis Vasquez (whom I really like) will slide to the two when Eric Gordon gets hurt and Austin should get point guard burn. Wait, Gordon is already hurt? See how smart I am?!
Jerryd Bayless – His upside is limited unless Mike Conley or Tony Allen gets hurt but he should see nice combo minutes.
J.J. Barea – Remember J.J. was a fantasy darling FA pickup last year and the man produces when he gets burn. Luke Ridnour is a bit injury prone and Ricky Rubio isn’t back until December. Oh, and Brandon Roy, hahahahehahahe, make it stop, hahahehahahe. Oh, that’s funny.
Devin Harris – I’m not gonna lie, I don’t love him but he should see combo minutes. Jeff Teague and Lou Williams are your backcourt Huckleberries in Atlanta.
Shooting Guards
Jamal Crawford – I think he’s gonna be good. Chauncey Billups, I love you, brah, but you old, she pregnant. (Knocked up!)
Randy Foye – I look at Utah’s depth chart and I see Mo Williams. I see Jamal Tinsley. I see Earl Watson. I see Gordon Hayward who will probably play a lot of 3. Do I really need to say more?
Bradley Beal – He’s not off the radar since he was the number 3 overall pick but Jordan Crawford’s presence is scaring away owners a bit. If he slides, feel free to grab him. He was the number 3 overall pick!, said Adam Morrison.
Roddy Beaubois - I’m not a big Darren Collison fan but I’m also not a believer that Roddy can be a big time fantasy point guard either. That said, you could do worse in deep leagues for a late round flyer.
Marco Belinelli – Cheap threes, cheap threes. Oh, and Richard Hamilton gets hurt. Not sure if you noticed.
Small Forwards
Harrison Barnes - Certainly not too far off the radar but just a reminder.
Jeff Green – Jeff Green is back! I think I’m going to cry.
James Johnson - Always provides the dirty work fantasy stats. He can even do that in 25ish minutes, if necessary!
C.J. Miles – Should see nice minutes on a bad team. Also, keep an eye on Alonzo Gee as a late flyer. Gee doesn’t get his own blurb. No blurb for you!
Carlos Delfino – Flying low but I could see him getting enough minutes to do some damage in the three point department and, um, your FG.
Chase Budinger – What’s that song called, sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight! Threeeeeeees. Also, Andrei Kirilenko isn’t the most durable of men. But you knew that already. You’re so clever.
Tobias Harris – Just 20 years old, he’s finally looking set to get some burn. There’s only one ball though so temper expectations in the scoring department. We straight, Skippy? Who’s Skippy?
Mike Dunleavy – He do what he do. Threes and what not.
Steve Novak – He do what he do. Threes and what not. Echo!
Jae Crowder - Having a nice camp and could be useful in November. Or maybe not. That’s why they play the games!
Power Forwards
Patrick Patterson - I’ve always been a fan but he couldn’t get the minutes. This year I look at Houston’s front court and I see opportunity, said Eminem.
Andray Blatche – Not super high on him but I think he’s in a position to do some damage with the second unit. The man gots talent, y’all!
Thomas Robinson – Will split with Jason Thompson and should be rostered for his upside. Wheeeee!
Carl Landry - Not sure if you’ve heard, Andrew Bogut is hurt … again.
Derrick Williams - Not sure what’s up with the T-Wolves high draft picks and trades for high draft picks. Wesley Johnson, Jonny FlynnMichael Beasley. Maybe it’s contagious. I hope not!
Trevor Booker – A FA fantasy pickup darling from a year ago. You could do worse late in deep leagues.
Jason Maxiell – He’s starting but his name may as well be Rodney. Not Stuckey!
Jared Sullinger - Deep league guy. Like family guy, funny guy, creepy guy and countless other guy types. Or something like that.
Bryon Mullens – Not off the radar by any means but just a reminder.
Jonas Valuncuinas - Stock is rising. I know, I know, you’ve heard. Blah, blah.
Omer Asik – Like Mullens, Omer isn’t off the radar. This is just your friendly public service fantasy reminder. I care!
Marcus Camby – Useful for boards and blocks. Like Sam Dalembert! Or Dalem-bear if you’re feeling romantic.
Gustavo Ayon – Hurt now but back in mid-November. Keep your eye on Gustavo. Just one eye is sufficient. I mean, he’s not that good!
Andre Drummond - Raw and can’t shoot the free throw. Let’s see what happens.
Greg Stiemsma - Could help you win blocks in H2H leagues if you’re short in that department. Swat!
Meyers Leonard - Deeeeeeeeep leaguers take note.
Ok, good peoples, that concludes the 2012 hecmanhoops Fantasy Draft Guide. I need some sleep! As a reminder, this year I’m asking you guys (girl!?) to ask your questions in the Comments section of the latest daily post instead of hitting me up on Twitter. That way everyone can see your question and my answer. Help a brutha out!

Written by  Hecmanhoops

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Week 8 picks by the spread by @MoreThanFantasy

NFL Week 8 Bets
Last Week: 3-1
Season: 5-2
Coming off the biggest bye week of the year, plenty of teams have has an extra week to prepare for their opponents. In the NFL today, this gives a big advantage (assuming a good coaching staff). As usual I will give my survivor pick of the week. To date, I’ve used DET, CIN, DAL, ATL, PIT, NYJ and MIN respectively each week. This week I’m playing it safe and going with the Packers.
Eagles -2.5
Sure, Andy Reid is on his way out of Philadelphia. He’s also 13-0 coming off of a bye week. For some reason, I like these odds. A FG for the Eagles as the clock runs down wins this game for the Eagles. I’m usually not a fan of these stats; however, each Head Coach has been with their respective team for a while: the Eagles are 8-2 SU and 7-2-1 ATS in the last 10 meetings with the Falcons. As seen in years past, remaining undefeated is no easy tasks. Starting the season 7-0 is no easy task. I love the Falcons and I think they are legitimate Super Bowl contenders, but I think Vick keeps the TO’s under 3 and the Eagles take the game by a touchdown.
Seahawks +2.5
At what point in the season can we call the Lions and Stafford a bust? I’m still holding onto hope that Stafford will turn this year around, but only because I have him on multiple fantasy teams. Realistically, watching him play is brutal. He looks like Jay Cutler circa 2010 when he was sacked 52 times. He’s afraid – throwing off his back leg and side-arming quick throws behind his intended target. Seattle, on the other hand, still isn’t getting the respect they deserve. They have beaten Green Bay, New England and Dallas this year. I’m not worried about the Lions offense, even if they break out of their funk. The only thing that worries me is Seattle’s performance on the road this year. With this being a toss-up game, getting 2.5 points is more than enough for me to take the plunge.
Giants -2
The Giants are the better team in this matchup. The easy explanation is that the Giants won’t lose twice to the Boys this year. Eli is firing on all cylinders and Bradshaw is playing like a RB in his prime. Nicks is getting healthier each week and should have a big game as the Cowboys try to take away Cruz. The Cowboys on the other hand have struggled in the passing game this year. DeMarco Murray is on track to miss his 2nd straight game, leaving Fragile Felix and Tanner to shoulder the load. These two aren’t going to take much pressure off of Romo. The Giants DE’s are going to force Romo out of the pocket, where he is normally at his best, and make him turn the ball over. Dez Bryant drops the winning touchdown with 3 minutes left and the Giants Cruz to victory.
Had I written this article yesterday, I may have been able to win you some more money. Taking in the public’s current perception of the Vikings, I figured that the line would be skewed in their favor. Ponder came into the game with 2 poor outings in a row just as Freeman had 2 solid showings. As you can see from my bet below, I was very confident that the Bucs would win that game. Good luck with your bets this week and don’t forget to check my recap on Monday, covering which games I was right/wrong on.

Brought to you by Aaron Marcotte (@MoreThanFantasy) of TradeDebate.com
Check out the blog: marcottesfantasy.tumblr.com

Studs, Duds and Stashes week 8

Atlanta at Philadelphia


STUD-Mike Turner-Before the bye week Philadelphia allowed Mikel Leshore almost 100 total yards. Turner is a similar back in style and size. You can expect similar numbers as Atlanta will try to control the clock in a hostile environment
DUD-Matt Ryan-Ryan was on fire before the bye week and he’s still a top flight quarterback but you’ll want to temper your expectation vs. a rested Philly defense that ranks 8th against fantasy quarterbacks. Andy Reid is undefeated coming off bye weeks in his career (13-0) so I expect the whole offense to struggle a bit.
STASH-Jaquizz Rodgers-Quiz has been a disappointment so far to owners who looked at him as a big sleeper going into the year. I still believe that he fits the offense better than the aging Turner and Atlanta will try to get him more involved as Turner wears down later in the season, which he has done over the past few years.


STUD- Lesean McCoy- Look for the Eagles to get their star running back more involved as the season progresses. Atlanta is giving up over 27 points a game to opposing RBs, so this is a good week to get him started
DUD-Deshawn Jackson-The Falcons rank 2nd against opposing wide receivers, so this is not the week to start the inconsistent Jackson.
STASH-Bryce Brown-In the past few weeks we’ve seen starters MJD and Demarco Murray lose significant time to injuries. If McCoy were the next stud to go down, the rookie would be the beneficiary, and he has flashed the ability to produce.

Carolina at Chicago


STUD-Greg Olsen-With Peanut Tillman shadowing Steve Smith, Cam Newton will have to look elsewhere and Olsen is Cam’s second most reliable target. Chicago has allowed over 17 points a game to tight ends so Olsen should put up some decent numbers this week.
DUD-Steve Smith-The wily veteran had a resurgence in 2011 but ‘12 has not been so kind. Peanut Tillman held Calvin Johnson to three catches for 35 yards last week. Smith shouldn’t fare much better.
STASH-Brandon Lafell-Lafell scored his first TD last week since the opening game. The 3rd year receiver has a ton of talent and will need to get more involved, going forward, if the Panthers want to get their pass game going. This is not the week to start Lafell, however, stash him.


STUD-Matt Forte-Carolina started the season off as the worst team in the league against running backs. They have played a lot better recently but Forte will gash the Panthers at home while Chicago nurses a lead.
DUD-Jay Cutler-Keep Smokin Jay on the bench as the Bears will likely not need to pass much against a team that they should handle easily at home.
STASH-Earl Bennett-I told you to stash Bennett a week ago and I’m going to echo that sentiment again. Bennett caught only three passes in his first game back from injury but he has rapport with Cutler and will be counted on until Alshon Jefferey returns from injury.

Indianapolis at Tennessee


STUD-Andrew Luck-Luck saved his fantasy day last week with two rushing touchdowns even though he failed to pass for one. I don’t expect the rookie phenom to be shut out through the air against a Titan defense that ranks 27th against quarterbacks.
DUD-Donnie Avery-Although I would feel comfortable starting any of these Colts against a porous Titans defense, Avery hasn’t scored since week one. There are better options this week in a deep receiver pool.
STASH-TY Hilton-The rookie speedster is 3rd on the team in targets and is averaging almost 17 yards a catch. Hilton should become more involved going forward on this rising offense.


STUD-Chris Johnson-Johnson was a huge disappointment to start the season after being drafted in the first round of most fantasy drafts. However, Johnson is coming off a 195 yard 2 TD performance in week seven. Ride the hot hand against an Indy D that’s giving up almost 27 points a game to opposing runners.
DUD-Jared Cook-Indy does one thing well and that is limiting tight ends, ranking 1st among teams with less than 7 points a game. Keep Cook on your bench if you have a better option.
STASH-Jake Locker- Locker is one of the up and coming young quarterbacks in the league and won the starting job in training camp. The second year gunslinger hasn’t played since being injured in week four but should be back and starting again soon. If he was dropped in your league, now is the time to pick him up and stash him.

Jacksonville at Green Bay

STUD-Rashard Jennings-The 3rd year running back out of Liberty totaled over 100 yards and a touchdown in relief of Maurice Jones-Drew in week 7. He gets the start this week and faces a Green Bay team who’s given up 69 points over the last three weeks to running backs. Feel comfortable rolling with Jennings if you were lucky enough to grab him off the waiver wire.
DUD-Blain Gabbert-Besides the running back, this whole team is a dud but Gabbert is a big reason for that. Even if you need quarterback help because of byes, there has to be better options out there.
STASH-Marcedes Lewis-Lewis is available in most leagues and for good reason; he has just 12 catches for 84 yards in the last five games. However, Lewis has been asked to block more because of injuries to the offensive line and could be more involved as they get healthier. His upside remains limited as long as Gabbert is playing under center however


STUD-Randall Cobb-Cobb has 4 games or more with 7 catches or more and is coming off his first two TD game of the season. The electric second year player out of Kentucky has gained Rodger’s trust and is a huge part of the offense.
DUD-Jermichael Finley-Finley has disappointed game in and game out. Sit this guy until, if ever, he performs.
STASH-Johnny White-I told you to stash this guy last week and he was a healthy scratch for the game. I still believe that he could have a role in this high powered offense at some point and a smart fantasy owner stays ahead of the curve.

Miami at NYJ


STUD-Devon Bess-You’re already starting Reggie Bush but if you are in need of a wide receiver this week Bess is your guy. Bess is available in over half the leagues and should have a good week while Tannehill has to look away from Hartline, who will be blanketed by Antonio Cromartie.
DUD-Brian Hartline-Antonio Cromartie has shut down opposing wide receivers week in and week out and will be covering the electric Hartline. I love Hartline as a player, but he is no match for the more physical Cromartie.
STASH-Lamar Miller-I’m going to pound the table for Miller again this week. Miller has shown flashes when given the opportunity and is a Reggie Bush injury away from a heavy workload. Miami has one of the easiest (fantasy) playoff schedules of any team so Miller could really help if he is playing a role at that time.


STUD-Jeremy Kerley-Here is receiver that is available in over 85% of leagues and can be a huge help for you in the bye week gauntlet. Kerley has scored 14 points or more in four out of seven weeks and faces a Miami defense that ranks 27th against the pass. Kerley can go straight from the waiver wire to your lineup this week.
DUD-Shonn Greene-Greene has surprised many by scoring over 20 points in fantasy for two weeks in a row but he should go back to your bench this week against a stout Miami run defense.
STASH-Tim Tebow-Tebow will get his shot at some point this season and he can provide a dual threat spark for your fantasy team when he does.

New England at St. Louis


STUD-Wes Welker-Randall Cobb exploded for eight catches and two touchdowns last week against these Rams. Welker plays a similar roll for the Patriots and should have a nice week for fantasy owners.
 DUD- Steven Ridley-The Rams are 3rd against fantasy running backs over the past two weeks, trailing only Miami and Houston over that period. I would sit all of the Patriot backs on the road this week against this defense.

STASH-Shane Vareen-The Patriots like to rotate their backs extensively but Vareen’s workload has increased quite a bit over the past few weeks. If Ridley were to get injured, Vareen will have quite a bit of value for owners who stash him now.

St. Louis

STUD-Brandon Gibson-The Patriots are horrible vs. the pass and Gibson is Bradford’s number one target. The Rams should be playing from behind which should mean a nice day for Gibson.
DUD-Steven Jackson-New England will try to get ahead early and try to take Jackson out of the game. Daryl Richardson has cut into Sax’s carries quite a bit too, so I wouldn’t expect much here.
STASH-Danny Amednola-I told you to stash him last week and now reports are surfacing that the ppr machine, Amendola, is practicing already. He could be back as early as week 11 so grab him if he’s available.

 San Diego at Cleveland


STUD-Phillip Rivers-Rivers has been disappointing this year but this should be a great week for him. Cleveland ranks 30th against quarterbacks; giving up an average of over 25 points a game.
DUD-Robert Meacham-The Chargers thought Meachem was going to add a deep threat to their offense but the perennial underachiever doesn’t have more than 67 yards in any one game this year. Sit him.
STASH-Vincent Brown-Brown flashed in the preseason and is eligible to return to practice starting this week. He hasn’t returned yet, so keep an eye on him. If he returns soon he could be huge for teams in need.
STUD-Brandon Weeden-Weeden is available in a lot of leagues and is facing a Chargers defense that is giving up almost 23 points a week. If you need a quarterback this week, Weeden could be your guy.
DUD-Montario Hardesty-You may be tempted to start Hardesty because Trent Richardson is ailing with a rib injury. However, Hardesty has been limited in practice with a knee so stay away.
STASH-Travis Benjamin-Weeden throws a nice deep ball and Benjamin has speed to burn. The rookie might have some nice value as time goes by, especially in dynasty leagues.

Seattle at Detroit


STUD-Sidney Rice-Detroit’s secondary is a mess and Rice leads the Seahawks in receptions, targets, and yards. Rice is a nice play this week.
DUD-Russell Wilson-Detroit’s aggressive defensive line will give the rookie fits at Ford Field. Look for better options.
STASH-Robert Turbin-Turbin is a big back in the mold of starter Marshawn Lynch. If the rookie gets the starting job because of injury to Lynch, he could put up similar numbers.


STUD-Brandon Pettigrew-Seattle’s defense is great across the board but they are susceptible to tight ends, giving up 53 points over the past three weeks. Detroit will have to get their pass game going if they want to compete. Look for ‘Grew to be involved this week.
DUD-Mikel Leshore-The Seahawks are allowing only 17 points a game to running backs. Temper your expectations for Leshore.
STASH-Ryan Broyles-The rookie wide receiver from Oklahoma got involved in late week 7 after Nate Burleson broke his leg. With Burleson out for the season, the Lions will need to get the sure-handed Broyles much more involved.

 Washington at Pittsburg


STUD-Santana Moss-With leading receiver, Fred Davis, lost for the season Washington will need to get Moss involved. It’s not a great matchup, but somebody has to catch Robert Griffin’s passes and Moss has the experience and hands to do it.
DUD-Leonard Hankerson-Hankerson has flashed potential but he is far too inconsistent to count on right now. If he could string a couple of good games in a row together, he could be a decent start in deeper leagues.
STASH-Logan Paulson-Paulson caught four passes for 75 yards after Davis got hurt last week. Griffin relies heavily on his tight end and Paulson should benefit from that. Chris Cooley was signed this week to help replace Davis, but I feel like Paulson is the player to own here.


STUD-Heath Miller-This is Miller’s second week in a row in this spot. If you drafted Miller late, or picked him up off waivers, you have been pleasantly surprised with his production. Washington has been horrible against the pass and Roethlisberger looks for Miller in the red zone.
DUD-Jon Dwyer-Dwyer will get the start this week with Mendenhall out and Redman likely limited. However, Washington has been good against the run so the Steelers will be passing early and often.
STASH-Baron Batch-Batch didn’t get as much work as I thought he would last week but I still think he’s worth a stash in deeper leagues as Pittsburg seems to be running the ball well, as of late.

 Oakland at Kansas City


STUD-Darren McFadden-Kansas City has given up almost 95 points to running backs over the last three weeks and McFadden has the talent to gash them. If you own Dmac, get him into your lineup this week.
DUD-Darrius Heyward-Bey-DHB had a good week last week, which was well overdue for fantasy owners. He will be matched up against Brandon Flowers this week which should mean bad news for his stat line.
STASH-Mike Goodson-DMC has never finished a season healthy so chances are he will be hurt at some point. Goodson was signed in the offseason to serve as McFadden’s primary backup. Goodson has the skill to be a good spot starter for your fantasy team if he gets his shot.


STUD-Jamal Charles-Oakland ranks 22 against the run and Charles is the type of dynamic talent that can take advantage of a good matchup. Charles should be in for a huge week again this week.
DUD-Dwayne Bowe-Bowe has been disappointing this year with Matt Cassel throwing him the ball. Brady Quinn does not present an improvement as a passer so sit Bowe until further notice.
STASH-Peyton Hillis-Hillis is finally healthy after missing weeks with an ankle injury. Hillis is an intriguing talent, especially as a receiver out of the backfield. Brady Quinn looks to check down more than the average NFL quarterback so Hillis could produce well, especially in ppr leagues.

New York Giants at Dallas


STUD-Martellus Bennett-Bennett is a revenge play vs. the team that gave up on him in the Cowboys. The Black Unicorn had a decent showing in week one, catching four catches for forty yards and a touchdown. Expect at least those numbers this week, now that Dallas has lost linebacker, Sean Lee, for the season.
DUD-Hakeem Nicks-Dallas may have the best pair of wide receivers in the league and they should limit the returning Nicks.
STASH-Andre Brown-Ahmad Bradshaw has had foot injuries his entire career and has yet to practice this week. Brown has shown that he can produce, when given the chance, and should be owned in all leagues.


STUD-Miles Austin-Austin is finally healthy and produced in a big way last week. He is Tony Romo’s favorite target and should exploit New York’s secondary.
DUD-Felix Jones-Jones was the waiver wire darling last week and I told you he is injury prone. He was hurt on the second play of the game he did return) but he’s missing practice again this week. I wouldn’t be able to trust him enough to start him.
STASH-Phillip Tanner-Tanner is a no-nonsense runner with little burst but if Jones can’t go he has the talent and opportunity to produce if called upon.

New Orleans at Denver

STUD-Lance Moore-Until Jimmy Graham is healthy, Moore will get increased targets. Moore is a ppr machine and is a great WR2 with upside this week.
DUD-Jimmy Graham-Graham has been dealing with a high ankle sprain and his status is in question for this week. Even if he plays he will likely be used as more of a decoy.
STASH-Chris Ivory-Ivory is a tough runner with talent that is buried on the Saints depth chart. There is a chance that he gets traded before the October 30th trade deadline and if he lands in the right spot (Arizona, NYJ) he could produce in a big way for a guy that’s probably available on your waiver wire.


STUD-Eric Decker-The whole passing offense should be in for a huge day against the league’s worst pass defense. Call it a gut feeling that decker has the best day of them all.
DUD-Jacob Tamme-Tamme was a popular sleeper tight end because of his prior relationship with Peyton manning. Tamme has disappointed, however, and loses looks (especially in the red zone) to Joel Dreesen
STASH-Ronnie Hillman-Hillman is a speedy rookie who has shown flashes in limited duty. He fits the offense better than starter Willis McGahee but has yet to pick up pass protection enough to earn playing time. If Hillman can earn the trust of coaches, he has major upside in a high powered offense.

 San Francisco at Arizona


STUD-Frank Gore-Gore shocked everyone when he ran all over a stout Seattle defense in week 7.Arizona is beatable on the ground so this should be a good week to own Gore.
DUD-Vernon Davis-Davis was held without a target in week 7 and faces an Arizona defense that is the best in the league against tight ends. Keep him on your bench.
STASH-Kendall Hunter-Hunter is the primary backup to Frank Gore and runs a lot like him. Gore tends to wear down later in the season and has been injury prone in the past. Hunter could produce similar numbers if Gore were to go down.


STUD-Larry Fitzgerald-San Francisco is the best defense in the league. They are at the top or near the top of every meaningful category. However, Fitzgerald is a future hall of famer and Arizona will have to lean on F=Larry Fitz if they want a shot at winning this game.
DUD-Larod Stephens-Howling-LSH had a good week last week and rewarded owners that stuck with him. San Fran’s defense won’t allow The Hyphen to total anywhere near 100 yards or score this week. If you have LSH... keep him on your bench.
STASH-Beanie Wells-I told you to pick him up last week and this week he has proclaimed himself ‘ready’... he’s not available to return for another month, but grab him now and he can help you down the home stretch.

By Paul Batts
Follow me on twitter @unclepauly333. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask.If you have a start or sit question?Ask me on Twitter, I will answer all questions my readers have.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


1. Aaron Rodgers, Packers (Jaguars)
2. Drew Brees, Saints (at Broncos)
3. Robert Griffin III, Redskins (at Steelers)
4. Tom Brady, Patriots (at Rams)
5. Peyton Manning, Broncos (Saints)
6. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers (Redskins)
7. Michael Vick, Eagles (Falcons)
8. Matt Ryan, Falcons (at Eagles)
9. Tony Romo, Cowboys (Giants)
10. Eli Manning, Giants (at Cowboys)
11. Philip Rivers, Chargers (at Browns)
12. Andrew Luck, Colts (at Titans)
13. Cam Newton, Panthers (at Bears)
14. Matthew Stafford, Lions (Seahawks)
15. Carson Palmer, Raiders (at Chiefs)
16. Christian Ponder, Vikings (Buccaneers)
17. Jay Cutler, Bears (Panthers)
18. Sam Bradford, Rams (Patriots)
19. Josh Freeman, Buccaneers (at Vikings)
20. Brandon Weeden, Browns (Chargers)

Running Backs
1. Adrian Peterson, Vikings (Buccaneers)
2. LeSean McCoy, Eagles (Cardinals)
3. Ryan Mathews, Chargers (at Browns)
4. Jamaal Charles, Chiefs (Raiders)
5. Matt Forte, Bears (Panthers)
6. Alfred Morris, Redskins (at Steelers)
7. Darren McFadden, Raiders (at Chiefs)
8. Willis McGahee, Broncos (Saints)
9. Ahmad Bradshaw, Giants (at Cowboys)
10. Marshawn Lynch, Seahawks (at Lions)
11. Chris Johnson, Titans (Colts)
12. Michael Turner, Falcons (at Eagles)
13. Stevan Ridley, Patriots (at Rams)
14. Frank Gore, 49ers (at Cardinals)
15. Doug Martin, Buccaneers (at Vikings)
16. Darren Sproles, Saints (at Broncos)
17. Trent Richardson, Browns (Chargers)
18. Reggie Bush, Dolphins (at Jets)
19. Rashad Jennings, Jaguars (at Packers)
20. Jonathan Dwyer, Steelers (Redskins)
21. Vick Ballard, Colts (at Titans)
22. Shonn Greene, Jets (Dolphins)
23. Mikel Leshoure, Lions (Seahawks)
24. Pierre Thomas, Saints (at Broncos)
25. Felix Jones, Cowboys (Giants)

Wide Receivers
1. Victor Cruz, Giants (at Cowboys)
2. Brandon Marshall, Bears (Panthers)
3. Demaryius Thomas, Broncos (Saints)
4. Percy Harvin, Vikings (Buccaneers)
5. Jordy Nelson, Packers (Jaguars)
6. Calvin Johnson, Lions (Seahawks)
7. Roddy White, Falcons (at Eagles)
8. Vincent Jackson, Buccaneers (at Vikings)
9. Reggie Wayne, Colts (at Titans)
10. Wes Welker, Patriots (at Rams)
11. Julio Jones, Falcons (at Eagles)
12. Marques Colston, Saints (at Broncos)
13. Mike Wallace, Steelers (Redskins)
14. Eric Decker, Broncos (Saints)
15. Antonio Brown, Steelers (Redskins)
16. Randall Cobb, Packers (Jaguars)
17. Dez Bryant, Cowboys (Giants)
18. Dwayne Bowe, Chiefs (Raiders)
19. Miles Austin, Cowboys (Giants)
20. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals (49ers)
21. Denarius Moore, Raiders (at Chiefs)
22. Jeremy Maclin, Eagles (Falcons)
23. Brandon Lloyd, Patriots (at Rams)
24. DeSean Jackson, Eagles (Falcons)
25. Mike Williams, Buccaneers (at Vikings)

Tight Ends
1. Rob Gronkowski, Patriots (at Rams)
2. Jimmy Graham, Saints (at Broncos)
3. Aaron Hernandez, Patriots (at Rams)
4. Tony Gonzalez, Falcons (at Eagles)
5. Antonio Gates, Chargers (at Browns)
6. Vernon Davis, 49ers (at Cardinals)
7. Martellus Bennett, Giants (at Cowboys)
8. Jason Witten, Cowboys (Giants)
9. Heath Miller, Steelers (Redskins)
10. Greg Olsen, Panthers (at Bears)
11. Brent Celek, Eagles (Falcons)
12. Kyle Rudolph, Vikings (Buccaneers)
13. Brandon Pettigrew, Lions (Seahawks)
14. Jacob Tamme, Broncos (Saints)
15. Jared Cook, Titans (Colts)

NFL WEEK 8 SPREAD PICKS by Richard Donohue by @floworcrash

Eli Manning’s second interception against Washington dropped me to 2 – 1 on last week’s picks. Can someone explain to me why The Giants were throwing in that spot? I thought the trend would change, but it still seems when Eli sees Red and Gold, he forgets he’s an elite QB. If it weren’t for that backbreaking BOMB to Cruz, his stats would’ve been atrocious. Let’s turn the page to Week 8.

GREEN BAY PACKERS – 13 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville is 1 – 5, and winless at home. They were a bad team before they lost MJD for possibly the year. Now Blaine Gabbert’s shoulder is making him a question mark as well. As of this writing he’s a probable start, but his status wouldn’t affect my pick here. If Chad Henne plays, it only makes it easier. Green Bay is currently on fire, and the Jaguars will not put them out. The Jaguar’s passing defense is ranked near the bottom of the league, and Rodgers and company will eat them alive. The Pack has allowed an average of 109 rushing yards per game, and Rashad Jennings has shown he’s more then a capable backup. However, once Green Bay starts to take a commanding lead, the Jags will turn to the air, and the 3 and outs will start to pile up. Green Bay wins going away.

ST. LOUIS RAMS + 7 vs. New England Patriots

I expect the Pats to walk out of St. Louis with a win, but they will have a tough one on their hands. In fact, with the exception of two games so far, the Pats have been in very close games all year. They are averaging a 9 point differential to this point, and if you eliminate the 52 – 28 blowout to the Bills (which was close until the 4th), you are looking at a 6 point average swing. 4 of their 7 games have been decided by 3 points or less. I just don’t think 7 points is giving the Rams defense enough respect. They are ranked 10th in the league overall, and will keep it close. Mark Sanchez threw for 328 yards against the Pats last week, his best game so far. Bradford may be matching Mark in stats in 2012, but he has a better skillset. I expect a big game from him against the Pats weak secondary. This could be a shootout of sorts, and I don’t see the Pats covering.

Oakland +1.5 at KANSAS CITY CHIEFS

This is pretty much a pick ‘em game and it probably will be by Sunday morning. It’s the battle of O-fers: Oakland has yet to win a game on the road, and KC is winless at home.  The Chiefs have officially named Brady Quinn their starting QB after his sterling 180 yard 2 INT losing performance against the Bucs last week. Jamal Charles’ back problem seems to be cleared up, which is good, but when you are this one dimensional, how effective can you be? Jamal will do well for Fantasy owners, but not for his actual team. Two of KC’s losses include the Chargers and the Bills, two mediocre teams at best. Oakland loves to shoot themselves in the foot, as evidence by their 23 –20 choke against the Falcons, but they have the potential on any given Sunday. It will be close, it will be ugly, but Oakland will win and cover.

Thanks for reading. Let’s see if we can catch that 3-team parlay! Good luck!