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Start 'em if you got 'em - Week 9

Start em’ if you got ‘em – Week 9

Adam Stoczynski
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Start ‘em if you got ‘em


Cam Newton vs GB – He’s playing too well to sit. The GB defense is good, but they have been pretty leaky lately.  Cam should keep rolling vs a defense that has given up almost 850 yards passing the last two weeks. Last week was also the first time since week 5 Cam did not have a rushing score, he’ll run one in here.

Ben Roethlisberger vs OAK – I understand he was a frustrating start last week, but stick with him. You waited for him to come back from injury and here he is. Last week will have helped a ton, and with Bell going down, he’s going to have to throw.

Running Back

Ronnie Hillman @ IND – We are going right back to the well here. I said to start him last week in his first start of the year, and he rewarded us with 2 touchdowns. We are sticking with him again as the starting running of the Denver Broncos. The Broncos need to run to win and Hillman is useful as a pass catcher. Indy’s D is also giving up 125 yards per game on the ground.

Jeremy Hill vs CLE – When the matchup is right Jeremy Hill has big games, and this is one of those weeks. Don’t give up on Hill, he has a lot of yards coming his way. He was one of the best players in fantasy football down the stretch last year, and that’s why we drafted him this year. Let him roll on Thursday night, he will score one, and he might score twice.

Wide Receiver

Martavis Bryant vs OAK – See Big Ben. Bryant will hit on a deep one this week, just playing the odds. The Steelers will be tossing it all over the field and Martavis will be one of the beneficiaries of this. He hasn’t had a big game in a few weeks, he’s just due. Oh, and Oakland has a good run D. They are giving up just over 80 yards per game and only 3 TD’s on the year. I repeat… Pittsburgh will be throwing a ton.

Jordan Matthews @ DAL – Playing a lot of hunches this week. Philly off the bye should be ready to soar vs Dallas in a huge divisional game. He hasn’t had more than 60 yards in a game since week 2, which also happens to be the last time he scored. The Dallas defense is capable of keeping the Eagles in check, but off the bye, they have to realize Matthews is too good not to be involved more often.

Tight End

Delanie Walker @ NO – New Orleans has been bad vs tight ends all year long. With Wright out, there should be more balls to go around and Walker is a favorite target of Mariota, who is back in week 9. He hasn’t had less than 6 catches since week 5, so keep trotting him out there, he has a pretty high floor.


Atlanta @ SF – Blaine. Gabbert. Blaine Gabbert. Come on. Not much else to say about that. If they are available, go pick them up. I just can’t see Gabbert moving the ball. Blaine Gabbert?!

Sit ‘em and quit ‘em


Andrew Luck vs DEN – It’s bad, real bad right now, and the Denver D is good, real good. Luck can’t take care of the ball and has only 1 week where he’s thrown less than 2 interceptions in a game. Denver also leads the league in sacks, and is top 5 in interceptions, this one could be a disaster. If it wasn’t for a respectable finish last week, Luck would have been a terrible play.

Matt Ryan @ SF – Not sure what is going on in Atlanta, but after a rough game at home, he heads across the country to face a team that cannot stop the run. Expect a heavy dose of Freeman here, and much less of Matt Ryan. I wouldn’t start him this week if you can help it.

Running Back

                Frank Gore vs DEN – You just can’t start running backs like this vs Denver. Denver is giving up next to nothing on the ground and Gore looks like he will be the Broncos next victim. Jamaal Charles and AP are the only two backs to run for more than 40 yards vs this D this year, keep Gore on the bench.

                Jonathan Stewart vs GB – His last 3 games have been quite good actually, but let’s quit while we are ahead. This angry Packers defense is going to be ready, and Stewart will be better left on the bench. GB has given up 7 touchdowns on the year, but gave up 3 last week. This defense has actually been pretty stingy all year long, and I bet they get back on track this week.

Wide Receiver

                Willie Snead vs TEN – After the huge game last week, Snead is a little banged up and faces a good secondary. Snead has been a nice plug and play, but I’m not going to chase the points from last week. If you missed out, then you missed out. The Titans are actually third in the league at just under 200 yards per game through the air, I wouldn’t be taking them too lightly and wouldn’t put too much stock into Snead’s week 8 outbreak.

                Any 49ers WR vs ATL – Blaine. Gabbert. Blaine Gabbert. Stay away from this mess. I’m not sure anyone on the 49ers is worth starting this week. Just stay away, far, far away.

Tight End

Jordan Reed @ NE – This one is tough. I love the guy, and have him across the board in my leagues, except for the league I have Gronk. It’s not like the matchup is too brutal or that he hasn’t been playing well, because he’s been on fire. I’m worried because the Patriots always try to take away the thing a team does best. Jordan Reed is that guy for the Redskins. He’s been a straight stud all year, but if you need a huge win this week, sit him for a better option. When it comes to fantasy football, in Belichick I fear.


                Carolina vs GB – This should be a very good game, but no way the Packers are held to what they did last week. It’s a tough defense to break out against, but Rodgers is due. After a rough start last week, you saw Luck put together a few good drives. Rodgers also takes care of the ball better than anyone else, so don’t expect the turnovers to pile up in this one. 

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