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Start 'em if you got 'em - Week 10

Start em’ if you got ‘em – Week 10

Adam Stoczynski
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Start ‘em if you got ‘em


Andy Dalton @ HOU – His schedule is about to get tougher, but use him this week with a lot of confidence. It seems like the old Dalton who couldn’t play in the bright lights is gone. Start him Monday night vs one of the worst teams in the league. This should be another route.

Blake Bortles @ BAL – That old Baltimore defense is gone. They are giving up over 280 yards through the air and only have 3 interceptions this season. On the Bortles side of things, he has only thrown less than 2 touchdowns in a game twice this year, and the last time was week 4. He’s a stud right now, and has a great matchup.

Running Back

Mark Ingram @ WAS – I understand Brees is on fire right now, but Washington is actually top 10 vs the pass and horrendous vs the run. They are giving up over 130 yards per game on the ground and Ingram is the only back in New Orleans right now. Spiller is nonexistent, so roll Ingram out there for 20 plus touches, 100 yards, and a td.

LeGarrette Blount @ NYG – Could it be two weeks in a row? I’m going to say yes. With the loss of Lewis last week and the bad New York Giant run D, Blount and the New England ground game might get it going this week. I know we pick our spots with him, but if you have him, this is one of the weeks you start him.

Wide Receiver

Davante Adams vs DET – Love the matchup here for Adams. Last week he quietly played a ton, and looks like he is 100%. If you can still buy him low, I would do it, this is your last chance. He is about to break out this week vs a Lions team who doesn’t want to stop anyone. I know it was a late game surge, but Rodgers and The Pack figured it out late last week. I like them with a big number here.

Reuben Randle vs NE – This is more of a hunch here, but if you’ve been following, my hunches have been right on. So jump on this one, or forever hold your peace. Here’s why. Like I said last week about Jordan Reed, Belichick takes away what you do best. What do the Giants do best? Throw to Odell. They will do their best to stop him or at least contain him. Look for Randle to get a lot of single coverage and space. He will have a solid week and some good opportunity. He’s a great plug and this week with names like TY and Julio on vacation.

Tight End

Travis Kelce @ DEN – They have to move the ball somehow. The Denver D is going to be hungry as they return home after the loss last week. Kelce is their best threat, and the only way I see the Chiefs moving the ball at all. He had 4 catches on 5 targets the first time they played, he will do at least that this week.


Pittsburgh vs CLE – No Bell, and the prospect of a very hobbled Big Ben, the defense is going to have to play well and win them this game. That, plus the browns offense is really bad. It doesn’t matter who their QB, the Steelers are a great play in yearlong and daily leagues.

Sit ‘em and quit ‘em


Jay Cutler @ STL – There’s a ton of buzz for a quarterback who threw a pick 6 and lost a fumble vs a two win team that can’t stop anybody. Do not buy into this hype, bench him this week on the road at STL. To make matters worse Jeffery did not practice on Thursday and he’s already down Forte and Royal. Cutler does not string good games together and going on the road against a top 5 defense vs the pass who have given up only 5 touchdowns on the year, ha, good luck.

Drew Brees @ WAS – He’s on fire, but he will have a little tougher go this week. He leaves his friendly dome, where he absolutely tore it up the last two weeks, and heads to Washington to face a defense that has not given up a 300 yard passer this year. They are bad vs the run, so opportunity will be slim as well, expect a ton of Ingram and not so much Brees.  

Running Back

                Jeremy Langford @ STL – He had a great game last week, but it’s going to be tough to get anything going vs this D line. In STL, I’m not expecting much from the Bears this week. Langford will do enough because of volume, but if you have a different option, I’d go with him and leave the rookie on the bench.

                Charcandrick West @ DEN – I’m going to continue to fade running backs as they take on the immovable object that is the Denver Broncos. The Colts got to them a bit last week, but with a loss under their belt and returning home, Denver may not let them get much going at all.

Wide Receiver

                Mike Evans vs DAL – The only thing Evans does consistently is play inconsistently. It seems like every other week he has a big game, and this is one of those every others. If you can afford to do it, I’d leave him on the bench in 2 receiver leagues. For example, I’m going with Allen Robinson over Evans in week 10.

                Travis Benjamin @ PIT – He hasn’t done a thing since week 6, in fact, he had more yards in week 6 than he has since. He’s not a starting option anymore. If you caught lightening in a bottle for those few weeks he was usable, good job. To me, as a wide receiver on the Browns, he’s droppable.

Tight End

Ben Watson @ WAS – Had another 5 catches last week, but I’m assuming if you have him he’s not your only tight end. Opt for “the other guy” this week as the Redskins have been stingy vs tight ends and vs the pass in general. I don’t like Brees this week, and Watson is under his umbrella as well.


                Baltimore vs JAX – That old Baltimore defense is gone, I feel like I’ve said that before. Anyways, the Ravens are not a streaming option this year, they are just bad. The Jaguars are no lush on offense either and are a tougher matchup than you think. I like the Jags offensive weapons this week and don’t see the Ravens stopping them. 

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