Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Top 3 Most Interesting Daily Fantasy Sports Concepts You May Have Never Heard Of


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As the popularity of daily fantasy sports grows so to does the number of DFS playing options and concepts.  A newer industry in and of itself, daily fantasy sports is seeing exponential growth with no end in site as to what it will eventually become.  Like anything else trending DFS is experiencing not only rapid growth but also incrementally expanding amounts of innovation and exploration.  While there have been plenty of failures and a few stragglers there has also been a plethora of fresh ideas, platforms and product launches to keep the daily fantasy sports communities invested and interested for years to come.  After being inundated with daily fantasy sports commercials, promotions and playing outlets most of us are by now at least familiar with the traditional forms of the entertainment based sports gaming phenomenon from such industry heavy weights as DraftKingsand FanDuel.  Many of us have even started playing the multitude of new daily fantasy sports formats like theDraftHero, FanEx and DailyMVP Pick Em’s, or the FantasyAces, PickChamps and DraftPot No Salary Cap Contests, or the FantasyHub charity based events or the Vulcun and AlphaDraft (FanDuel) eSports but what about the even more obscure DFS offerings out there?  Lets review some of the more current creative daily fantasy sports concepts to try and get a better assessment on some of the more unique DFS niches available in the market.

1: Daily Fantasy Sports Innovation #1 To Watch – Coaching Based DFS
This idea comes from a daily fantasy sports website called CoachFace which has developed a DFS concept that uses real professional coaches instead of players to create and score lineups.  On the surface it seems a bit ridiculous to make an entire daily fantasy sports team out of different coaching staffs but the there may actually be some merit using a coaches score in format or another.  While we are still not convinced this daily fantasy sports concept will catch on who knows we may see a coaching position slot pop up on the radar of a more fundamental DFS which would be a pretty interesting twist on the regular lineup building formats we are all used to.

2: Daily Fantasy Sports Innovation #2 To Watch – Cricket DFS
Not the most well known game globally Cricket has still found its way to daily fantasy sports.  While many of us are familiar with the newer daily fantasy sports additions like DraftKings MMA and NASCAR, or FantasyFeud’s Lacrosse it is still rare to see DFS games with such little U.S. Domestic appeal finding there way to the market.  As more sites like DailyFantasyCricket come into the mix and bring in daily fantasy sports with more of an international appeal we may even further growth within the DFS industry.  What’s next? Rugby fantasy sports?  Poker Tournament Fantasy Sports? ESPN X Games Fantasy Sports? Olympics Fantasy Sports?  If Cricket DFS can attract a following as a daily fantasy sports concept then its a good indication of just how far the DFS market as a whole can go.

3: Daily Fantasy Sports Innovation #3 To Watch – Social Horse Racing DFS
DerbyJackpot horseracing
One of the biggest betting channels in the entire world horse racing is no stranger to the wagering on the outcome of the sport.  Geared towards gambling with a lengthy history in the betting markets horse racing is one of the most popular sports to lay action on.  Not entirely new internet legal online horse race betting has been going on for quit some time but not in the form it is slowly branching off into today.  As the influence of daily fantasy sports reaches far and wide we see it now even impacting mainstream and mature gambling markets like horse racing.  New DFS website concepts like DerbyJackpot and DerbyWars are now starting to bring a more social fantasy based feel to their product offerings.  The fact that many of these sites are now accepting paypal only further shows that these newer sports entertainment game based offerings are gaining worldwide acceptance.
DerbyWars horse racing fantasy tournaments
Sure the above daily fantasy sports concepts may seem a bit far fetched but they are grounded in an industry that is seeing massive growth with no signs of slowing down.  While some daily fantasy sports ideas and concepts may be more realistic or popular then others the above innovations highlight that the  DFS industry is only in its infancy of what it truly may evolve into.  Do you think any of the above concepts could ever catch on and compete with any of the bigger sites like DraftKings and FanDuel?  Would you want to see daily fantasy sports website reviews on some of the newer DFS industry concepts?  If you could create one daily fantasy sports platform or implement one DFS idea that you have never seen what would it be?

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