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Start 'em if you got 'em - Week 8

Start em’ if you got ‘em – Week 8

Adam Stoczynski
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We are here in week 8, and after a hot week 7, let’s look to continue this to another win. We have some tough calls this week and are heading into the nitty gritty of the season. Let’s not lose confidence in our studs. You drafted them high for a reason, so don’t go sitting guys with a touch matchup. You will feel really bad when they still have a good game, but are sitting on your bench. So that means Rodgers and Lacy are a go, even though that Denver D is really good. TY vs Norman, I understand, but if Hilton gets loose for one and he’s not in your lineup, don’t say I didn’t tell you so. I know you aren’t second guessing Hopkins right? He had a bad week last week and is facing a great secondary this week, but who cares. He’s a beast, don’t even think about it. We are going to follow the same rule for McFadden and Dez. If Dez goes, he’s a must start. I don’t care if he hops around on one leg vs Sherman and Co. If he’s playing, he needs to be in your lineup. You can live with the 0, but if he catches 15 balls because they have no one else, you are going to be ticked if he’s on your bench. McFadden looks like he’s the lead back now in Dallas, that makes him a must start no matter who he’s playing. Start him as a high end RB 2. My take on LeGarrette Blount: If you have him, you need to keep him in your lineup. You are going to have to live with the 0 carry games, and just feast on those weeks where he wins it for you by himself. Looking at the rest of the schedule, I’m not going to play the guessing game with him. You sit him vs Buf, Den, and the Jets. All of the other weeks, just roll with him; you have to. He will have some clunkers, we all know that, but we can’t risk him being on our bench because we thought it was a “Lewis Week.” Hope that helps a bit, those are some questions I’ve been seeing and wanted to give some answers. Good luck in week 8, let’s go!

Start ‘em if you got ‘em


Matt Ryan vs TB – Matt Ryan and the Falcons head back home, where he is due for a huge one. He’s not had the best year thus far, only surpassing 300 yards once, and yet to throw more than 2 touchdowns in a game, but this one could shape up to be a good one. I think Julio gets it going again for a big 150 yard game. I’m all about the Falcons this week, so start them.

Philip Rivers @ BAL – To be honest with you, I think Baltimore wins this game, but Rivers is just playing so well right now, you cannot sit him. Like I said before, don’t sit your studs, and he has been a flat out stud lately. He’s averaging over two touchdowns and 390 yards in his last 4 games. Keep rolling him out there until he cools off. Baltimore is one of the worst in the league at defending the pass, and the Chargers can’t really run, so Rivers should feast once again.  

Running Back

Danny Woodhead @ BAL – See Rivers, Philip. Danny Woodhead has been top 10 RB material this year, and will look to get it going through the pass game once again. With the Gordon and Oliver debacle, how is Woodhead not on the field more and more every week? The Ravens are not the Ravens of old, and they can be beat by a scat back like Woodhead. You are starting him across the board at this point as a RB 1.

Ronnie Hillman vs GB – This may be because I drafted him in all of my leagues and I’m just pumped to finally fire him up as the Broncos lead back, but he also does have a great matchup this week at home vs Green Bay. After the bye, I’m thinking Hillman will be involved in the game plan a ton vs a Green Bay defense that is giving up over 4.5 yards per carry. I think he busts a big one this week and you will reap the benefits. Start him with confidence.

Wide Receiver

Nate Washington vs TEN – Is this a weird call? Sure. Usually after a big game last week, I wouldn’t be chasing these points, but as we’ve seen time and time again, wide receivers facing their old team for the first time are usually productive and good for a score. Other than the “facing his old team hunch,” Cecil Shorts has been ruled out and Washington will be a starting receiver on a team that leads the league in pass attempts with 327. It’s a tough secondary, but watch Nasty Nate get in the end zone this week. Start him as a plug and play this week.

Michael Floyd @ CLE – It looks like John Brown is going to be out this week. The reports have not been promising on him, so fire up Michael Floyd. He’s come on the last two games, posting at least 50 yards and a touchdown in each. If John Brown indeed does not go, Floyd will get an opportunity vs a secondary that is middle of the road, but extremely beatable.

Tight End

Kyle Rudolph @ CHI – Rudolph scored the last two weeks, so it makes me a little nervous here, but he’s athletic enough to beat the Bears linebackers and could be involved. I like him this week even though in his last 4 weeks he hasn’t caught more than 4 balls for 14 yards in a single game. I think he scores again though, and could get in the 50 yards receiving range.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins @ ATL – ASJ is on here because if he can suit up, he will be a great play vs the falcons. Besides Evans, Tampa has a skeleton crew at wide out this week. Keep an eye on Seferian-Jenkins the next few days. If he is going to play on Sunday, he’s a great plug and play option this week, just by default.


Atlanta vs TB – This is more on Winston, than it is on the Atlanta defense. I’m a big Jameis fan, but after two weeks in a row with no interceptions and actually playing quite well, he’s just due for a “rookie game,” in a divisional road game. Atlanta doesn’t get to the quarterback, but you can do worse, and this a D I’d target if I’m just streaming from week to week.

Sit ‘em and quit ‘em

Matthew Stafford @ KC – When everyone zigs, I like to zag. With all of this talk about the new coaches on the offensive side of the ball, the Lions arrow is all of a sudden pointing up. Well I don’t agree, well, for this week at least. Stafford might get it rolling coming out of the bye in 2 weeks, but in KC, I don’t see him doing much. KC has actually been a pretty good matchup for QB’s this year, but in the last few weeks they’ve tightened up, giving up almost 16 points per game in their last 3.

Russell Wilson @ DAL – Wilson can always get it done with his legs, but this Dallas team is going to be fired up to play this week. They are top 10 vs the pass this year and Russell has been less than great. He’s only thrown more than 1 touchdown in 1 game, and thrown for more than 250 yards in 2, though 1 game was for 251 yards. Dallas has a good defense that can get to the quarterback, it might be hard to do, but I’m sitting Wilson this week, who doesn’t qualify as a fantasy stud for me.

Running Back

                Latavius Murray vs NYJ – Going forward I’m fading any running back vs the Jets. Did you see what the Patriots did last week? This D is for real. They are giving up just over 70 yards per game on the ground and have only given up 2 touchdowns on the year. Stay away from Murray this week. If the Jets don’t scare you enough, how about the Raiders? Murray rushed for 139 yards and a td in week 3, since then he’s rushed for 173 yards and 1 td.

                Frank Gore @ CAR – The Panthers defense has been beatable on the ground, but a bigger slower guy like Gore is not the way to do it. Just ask Ingram, Lynch, and D. Murray, who all rushed for around 50 yards vs the Panthers. I don’t care that everyone else is saying the Colts need to run vs the Panthers to win. They may try to do it, but I don’t think they will succeed. Gore is not a good start this week.

Wide Receiver

                Golden Tate @ KC – See Stafford, Matthew. He’s not getting it done. Just two catches last week for 14 yards was disappointing, but it might happen again in this spot. He’s only gotten to 80 yards once this year and has only 1 touchdown. You can’t be starting him anymore.

                Amari Cooper @ NYJ – Revis Island. Sure you may not have a different option, but this is more of caution, especially because you are feeling good after last week’s big week. Just be aware Revis is going to shadow him. Cooper gets enough short passes, screens, and targets to still be used, but if there is a better option, I’d do that.


                Minnesota @ CHI – Chicago is coming out of their bye with a healthy roster. Their wide receivers will finally be ready to go, and I think they win this game. Minnesota has been miserable on the road over the last few years, especially on the road in divisional games, and double especially at Soldier Field. Sure Cutler can throw some away, but the offense should be pretty put together with the week off. I’m not streaming Minnesota this week. 

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