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How To Win At Fantasy Football in 2015 Without Listening To Anyone

Dash Davis
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 Let’s get the typical BS out of the way. I’ve been playing competitive fantasy football for close to twenty years. I play in mostly big money entry leagues and a few hometown leagues with my buddies. I plan on playing close to ten leagues every year. Here’s the thing, I’ve always done well in all the leagues I play in. I look at playing fantasy football as an investment that I’m making in myself. I put a lot of time into the process and we all know that time is valuable. It’s really become a way for me to make income on the side and I play to make money and win. A really strange thing happened to me last season. I did absolutely awful! Out of ten leagues, I only made the playoffs in two. I was close to making the playoffs in a few other leagues, but close is for losers and that’s what I was. I knew why I was losing, because the teams that I had sucked, but I was more interested in the how? How did I get to where I was? I went over my preseason notes that I make on each team and each draft worthy player to try to gain some insight on what went wrong. Hell, I even stayed up at night going over my drafting strategy over and over again. I then talked to my other big money league competitors who did well and searched for what I was missing. My conclusion is that I listened to too many damn people! Everyone now has a blog, podcast, twitter account, and a forum where they give their “expert opinion” on fantasy football. In the dog days of July and August when there isn’t anything going on in sports, I start my planning for the upcoming season. This year I read, listened to, and saw everything that was put out there. From the “Wait on Quarterback Approach,” to “Streaming Defenses,” and “Don’t worry about tight ends, you can always grab one,” I realized it’s all bullshit. If anyone can predict the future, they would be rich, and probably not be writing about fantasy football. Some of my serious players subscribe to the idea of only “listening to one ‘guy’ “ for their information. The problem with that is if they are wrong, then you are going to be wrong too. And let’s not forget, no one knows the future so don’t pretend anyone does. So what’s the solution? I’m glad you are reading this, because I’m here to help. I’m going to show you a foolproof way to succeed at playing fantasy football without listening to anyone. It’s not a hard plan to put into place and I’ll show you the steps and rules needed to win.


 This should be common sense by now. Learn the point system in which your league is setup as and go from there. Learn how many players you have to start at each position and plan accordingly. If you play in a ppr (points per reception) league, the players you want to target may change from a standard league. You may want to value certain positions over others. Starting thinking about the differences. How many points are getting per passing touchdown? This is a huge one in my book. If you are in a league that is rewarding six points for every touchdown pass, I want an elite quarterback who is consistently going to throw for a lot of scores. Forget, the “streaming quarterback advice,” or “I want to play the matchups.” Good luck with those ideas, a quarterback who throws a lot of touchdowns is valuable. If you play in a league where touchdown passes are worth four points, you may alter your thinking a bit. You still want touchdowns obviously, but you don’t have to rely only on big time passers. *** We’ll get way more into strategy in our next section. I’m just throwing these ideas out there to have you start re-thinking all the bullshit you’ve been fed over the recent years. So many of these new “drafting strategies” have become common-place in today’s coverage and there really isn’t much evidence to back it up. Remember, this is supposed to be a fun and easy process, let’s not overthink things before we even dive into the real talk!


 There are two strategies when it comes to drafting your quarterbacks. Draft an elite guy (Rodgers, Luck, Manning) Wait and draft two or three guys you really like later (Stafford, Brady, Brees, etc) The position is an easy one to not listen to anyone about. You probably know most teams quarterbacks and what they’re capable of. Either you want to play it safe and get one of the big-time elite guys, or slow play and grab two or three guys that you like this season. It’s that simple. Don’t listen to the “stream your quarterback” guys and certainly don’t listen to the ”sleeper guy to target,” (Jay Cutler, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick) it’s not going to end well for you. Pick a QB that is capable of throwing multiple touchdowns every single game they play in. Sound difficult? It’s really not. Find a pass heavy team that has wide receivers that can score and make big plays. Your QB also shouldn’t feature a great running back on their team either. Not every team will have both these combinations and the inconsistency is what we want other owners to deal with, not us. Big Offense without a great defense. Playmaking Wide Receivers. Doesn’t have a great running game. Proven history of throwing for a lot of touchdowns. 16 games - 2 TD’s per game = 32 Touchdowns. We want that average, at least.

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