Friday, May 29, 2015

A perfect game is the pinnacle of baseball. A no-hitter is close, but not quite the same feeling as being perfect.

After suggesting Shelby Miller on Sunday for DFS and watching him come oh so close to a no-hitter, I wanted to look at the history of the pitcher and have found that there has been 23 Perfect games in all of the history of baseball. Some of these players you've probably heard of, but the majority of these players are relatively unknown to the casual fan. Without further ado, here is the list of all 23 pitchers.
23.) Lee Richmond- June 12th, 1880
He was the first pitcher ever to record a perfect game. He was on the Worchester Ruby Legs (some of these names absoutely kill me) and was a man among men. In 1880, Richmond was a 23 year old starter who started 66 games out of 83! That's absolutely insane and players back then never seemed to get hurt. Tommy John surgery is running rampant right now and these players start maybe 30 games a season, he started 66 and ended the 1880 season pitching in 74 games. These players back then were truly workhorses and absolutely studs.
22. Monte Ward- June 17th, 1880
Just 5 days after Lee Richmond managed this perfect game feat, Monte Ward accomplished it while pitching for the Providence Grays. Back then, pitchers would hit and there was not wussy Designated Hitter spot. Ward would go on to play 17 years in Major League Baseball and would accrue a 1.93 ERA in 5 seasons of pitching with the Grays. He only hit .246 as a batter but he was known more for his pitching anyways.

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