Monday, March 2, 2015


By Michael Mackay 

WIn Money with DFS
Daily Draft Download will be launching on Tuesday. After you subscribe, brush up on how to get the most out of your optimized lineups. Although these lineups will ideally score you the most amount of points day-in and day-out, there is a specific strategy to use in order increase your profits. 
It is clear that building a lineup every night is the toughest part of daily fantasy sports. We have that part covered for you. However, choosing which games to play and how much money to throw in can be just as daunting.  There's tournaments, leagues, 50/50s, Head to Heads, multipliers and qualifiers, each with their own perks and difficulties. Should I play in this tournament and bet $20? Or should I spend $30 tonight on a 50/50? Stop worrying so much about these questions and read this quick guide on some beginner strategies. 
The lineups in your inbox are best suited for 50/50s and Head-to-Head games on daily fantasy sports. Although these games offer the lowest return on your investment, they provide the highest likelihood that you will actually win money. Think about it, everyone entered in the field has a 50% chance of winning. A subscriber to Daily Draft Download has an even higher chance of winning. With about a 65% win percentage, if you play your cards right, we guarantee that you will be profitable in the long-run. We strongly encourage you to play in 50/50s and Head to Heads every night.
What about multipliers and tournaments? These types of games are very tricky to win, considering they usually only offer payouts to the top 10% of entrants. These games call for higher-risk lineups, banking on a certain few players to have very lucky games. In order to win a GPP or tournament,  you would have to pray really hard for a couple hours that night, or watch every single game and memorize every movement every player makes to learn their style of play. There's no need for that. Although we've had some success on these games, I would not recommend entering these games unless you're feeling  extra-confident about your DDD lineup. 
The first thing to do when you sign up for Fanduel and DraftKings is to decide how much money you're willing to set aside to scratch your fantasy itch. You could start with $1,000 or $10. Personally I started with $10 on each site and was determined to stretch this into a 3-figure number at first. The best way to determine how much money you should gamble is to bet the same amount of money every night, or bet the same percentage number of your account holdings. With a 65% win percentage, it means you will win 65% of the time you play. If you bet the same amount every night, you will surely gain money instead of losing it. If you get excited one night and bet more than usual, there's a 35% chance that you will lose more than you're comfortable with. 
This amount of money you bet every night can increase gradually as you amass more profit. What I like to do is set a percentage of my account holdings that I bet every night. Typically, I'm wiling to bet 15-20% of my account holdings. So if I had $100 in my account I would be okay with gambling $20. If I had $200, I'd be more willing to bet higher amount, so I would bet $40. 
There's countless ways to determine a betting strategy that can be extremely complex, such as the Kelly Criterion. But in order to keep things simple, just bet whatever you are comfortable with. If you can't watch a basketball game one night because you're too stressed about losing money, you're probably betting too much. Also, don't ever bet all of your account holdings or a large majority of it because you feel lucky one night. This is how newbies lose, and how veterans win even more. Don't be a noob.
If you're willing to spend $20 one night, should you spend this all on one game or a few? The chances are in a 50/50 that if you win in one game, you'll win another and vice-versa. With so many people in the field, the 50% midpoints are usually the same. You could get by betting on just one 50/50 game. I like to bet on a few games just in case it gets close; 50/50s could potentially differ by a point or two. 

When playing Head-to-Heads, its better to enter as many games as possible with a single lineup when playing against strangers. In a 50/50s there will be studs playing, and plenty of noobs playing. You don't need to be in first pace, just somewhere above the midpoint of these players. In Head-to-Head contests, you need to make sure you beat whoever you're playing. This person could be a stud or a noob, but its impossible to really know. If you bet on several games at once, you are mimicking the winning chances of a 50/50 game, and will likely have a similar payout.
Now that you know some basic strategies of daily fantasy sports, you have the ability to win some money! Now go check your inbox for your Daily Draft Download lineup and get to work!
 Daily Draft Download is working to bring you the best lineups possible through algorithms and optimization. Subscribe now to get optimized lineups sent directly to your inbox everyday, just for $20 a month:

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