Friday, February 27, 2015

NBA Daily Advice Feb 27th

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Suggested Plays for NBA 2/27/15:


Damian Lillard- I love Lillard tonight against the Thunder. He’s averaging 35.7 minutes per game to go along with 36.9 FPPG. The Thunder have really given up a ton of points to Point Guards over the course of the season by allowing 46.7 FP. I could see Lillard go for 35+ minutes and well over 40 FP tonight.

Isaiah Canaan- He has taken over the starting PG duties and his usage has gone way up since MCW was shipped out. He makes a great value play tonight if that’s what you’re looking for. With so many games on tap, you might be able to find better options, but if you MUST play a 76er tonight, he helps afford big names tonight.

Other PG Plays: RUSSELL “MVP” WESTBROOK, Tony Parker, Chris Paul, Dante Exum, Kyrie Irving, Michael Carter-Williams

Teams To Target PGs Against:

Lakers allow 46.43 FP
Thunder allow 43.57 FP
Kings allow 43.30 FP
Timberwolves allow 43.28 FP
Knicks allow 42.72 FP


Danny Green- He makes a terrific GPP play but you always have to be cautious of getting POPped and him not playing much at all. Green is averaging 29.4 minutes per game and 23.7 FPPG but he has a great matchup tonight against Sacramento. The Kings give up 46.2 FP to Shooting Guards and his price is below mid-range on all sites tonight.

Jimmy Butler- He is the GOAT when D-Rose is out. He has a tremendous matchup against the Timberwolves who are just awful. He’s averaging 38.7 minutes a game and 35.4 FPPG. His price has come down and hasn’t been adjusted to reflect the absence of Rose yet so we need to take advantage of this ASAP. The Timberwolves are giving up an average of 42.4 FP to Shooting Guards and I wouldn’t be surprised if Butler goes for 50+ FP tonight.

Other SG Plays: Victor Oladipo, DeMar DeRozan, D-Wade, Klay Thompson

Teams To Target SGs Against:

Kings allow 40.52 FP
76ers allow 39.77 FP
Nuggets allow 38.72 FP
Pacers allow 38.36 FP
Nets allow 38.31 FP


Jeff Green- He’s a very intriguing play tonight at a heck of a low salary. He’s playing the Clippers and is averaging 31.3 minutes a game and 23.9 FPPG. He makes a great GPP play as the Clippers are giving up an average of 43.4 FP to Small Forwards. Make sure to check the lineups before tip-off but expect Green to make a GPP impact tonight.

Giannis Antetokounmpo- I’m at the point in the NBA season that I can spell this guys name without even looking it up. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad depending on which nights you have used him and his outcome. Well tonight he has a GREAT matchup against the lowly Lakers and the Greek Freak is averaging 29.3 minutes per game and 25.5 FPPG. The Lakers are giving up an average of 42 FP to Small Forwards and I wouldn’t be surprised if Antetokounmpo goes for 40+ FP tonight.

Other SF Plays: Harrison Barnes, Trevor Ariza, DeMarre Carroll, Andrew Wiggins, Gordon Hayward

Teams To Target SFs Against:

Magic allow 37.14 FP
Timberwolves allow 37.14 FP
Clippers allow 37.14 FP
Cavaliers allow 36.82 FP
Nuggets allow 36.72 FP


Derrick Favors- He gets a great matchup against the Nuggets who have given up on the season and also give up the most FP to Power Forwards. He’s averaging 30.6 FP and 31.3 FP to match up against the Nuggets who really have struggled against big Power Forwards. I look for him to absolutely dominate in the Mile High City and score a ton of FP tonight.

Brandon Bass- Bass seems to be either hit or miss since the trade deadline but I think he is a HIT tonight against Charlotte. The Hornets are giving up an average of 50.7 FP to PFs this season and could be in for a long night against Bass and Jae Crowder.

Other PF Plays: Pau Gasol, Kevin Love, NeNe Hilario, Terrance Jones, Greg Monroe

Teams To Target PFs Against:

Nuggets allow 45.33 FP
76ers allow 45.20 FP
Timberwolves allow 44.36 FP
Celtics allow 43.91 FP
Pistons allow 43.27 FP


Marcin Gortat- He’s facing the 76ers who have a hard time stopping people since the trade deadline. At least before when they had MCW they were keeping games close (losing) but keeping them close. This could turn ugly fast but Gortat has a tremendous matchup against the 76ers who are giving up 49.95 FP to bigs. He also won’t break the bank coming in at near $5,500 on most sites.

Marc Gasol- Some might look at this matchup and shy away because Gasol is matched up against DeAndre Jordan who is a monster. Truth is, Gasol has faired well against Jordan and the Clippers in his past and he is getting 33.4 minutes a game and 36.4 FPPG. I could see him getting 40+ FP tonight as the Clippers have given up 48.1 FP to Centers this season.

Other C Plays:  Al Horford, Al Jefferson, Hassan Whiteside, Nikola Pekovic, Rudy Gobert

Teams To Target Cs Against:

76ers allow 49.95 FP
Kings allow 48.17 FP
Pistons allow 48.14 FP
Timberwolves allow 48.07 FP
Magic allow 47.70 FP

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