Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lineup Optimizers: Are They the Real Deal?


Michael Mackay 
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Remember that time you won the Mega Millions Jackpot? Or how about that time you won $10,000 from a scratch off lottery ticket? No, you don't remember because it never happened, right? That's what we thought.  

Chances are you'll never win a significant amount of money from the lottery, or even ever meet someone who will win. But this is common knowledge. Most people understand the unlikelihood of ever becoming filthy-freaking-rich from the lottery.

If this is true, then why are so many people entering into so many leagues and tournaments and grand multipliers on Fanduel and DraftKings? With up to 75,000 people entering a single given contest, the ability to be the top dog, or even place within the top 100 is extremely hard. Most wins are won by extremely lucky people, or by people who spend hours at night reading the daily fantasy horoscope stars in the night-sky (totally kidding).  To really be able to consistently win in these types of games, it would take hours and hours of studying projections and film, and would require a natural sense of sports trends. 

The easiest way to win money on daily fantasy sites resides in 50/50s and Head to Heads. There is an equal, fair playing field, and 50% of applicants can walk away with almost double your money.. We already established that we don't have time to study up on sports projections, so how can we make sure we come out on the top half of the night’s games?

 Lineup Optimizers

This is where lineup optimizers come in to save the day! Computer coders and engineers have created systems that can complete the hours and hours of number crunching within a matter of seconds. It can spit out a decent lineup worthy of a top-half finish every night. They're not perfect, but many of them can boast win percentages up to 75%, meaning you'll be a profitable player. 

How do you find or build an optimizer? Without any advanced computer skills, it can be very tough to create your own optimizer, but thankfully there are plenty of resources on the Internet that will enable you to utilize these programs for DFS. However, just like everything you run into on the Internet, you have to be extremely careful when it comes to throwing your money around. There are many free Optimizers available, but beware as they can be extremely buggy and may not be profitable.

For example, I first began to use RotoWire's lineup when I was starting out in DFS. I found it strange that you had to pay for their projections, but the optimizer that analyzes their projections is free to use. Then I began to realize that the projections for this optimizer were wildly high, giving me lineups that were maximized at over +300 points. Sadly, I don't think I ever hit 300 points with a lineup generated from that optimizer. It seems I was fooled into another marketing scheme. 

When you think of lineup optimizers, think of the Brad Pitt movie, Michael Lewis novel, Moneyball.  It's the story about how a GM of a baseball team successfully utilized mathematics and computer code to build a winning team of not superstars, but a strong base of decent players. This is what lineup optimizers are doing. They're not producing lineups that will win you $10,000 and a trip to the Playboy Mansion every night, but they can help you build profitable income over a period of time. I encourage everyone to find a good one for their DFS needs. 


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