Tuesday, January 6, 2015

NBA Daily Fantasy Advice Jan 6th

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Let’s take a look at yesterday’s charts:

Fanduel Lineup 1/5/15:     Lineup #1: Cash Games
4x Value
5x Value
6x Value
Actual FP
Steph Curry
42 FP
52.5 FP
63 FP
44.8 FP
Jeremy Lin
20.4 FP
25.5 FP
30.6 FP
20.6 FP
Jimmy Butler
38.4 FP
48 FP
57.6 FP
36.5 FP
Wayne Ellington
14.8 FP
18.5 FP
22.2 FP
19 FP
Andrew Wiggins
24.8 FP
31 FP
37.2 FP
35.4 FP
CJ Miles
22 FP
27.5 FP
33 FP
23.7 FP
Tristan Thompson
24.4 FP
30.5 FP
36.6 FP
32.8 FP
Kevin Love
42.5 FP
51 FP
54.8 FP
Jusuf Nurkic
18.8 FP
23.5 FP
28.2 FP
32.7 FP

240 FP
300 FP
360 FP
300.3 FP
Chart Legend: 4x Value is generally what the Floor is for cash games. Most cash games will take the 5x value to cash on most nights. The 6x value is what it will take to cash in GPPs or (Tournaments). The Yellow highlight means they scored at least 4x their value. The Green highlight means they scored 5x their value. The Blue highlight means they scored 6x or better which generally is great for GPP value. The Red highlight means they scored less than 4x their value.

Tonight is another night with only 2 games so the variance will be small. It will probably take 5-10 lineups with different combinations to cash, but let’s look at the plays anyways!

Suggested Plays for NBA 1/6/15:


G. Dragic
B. Knight
B. Jennings
C. Joseph


Eric Bledsoe

K. Caldwell-Pope

Danny Green


P. Tucker
G. Antetokounmpo
K. Singler
M. Belinelli


M. Morris
E. Ilyasova
G. Monroe
T. Duncan


A. Len
Z. Pachulia
A. Drummond
T. Splitter

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