Sunday, December 21, 2014

Trades That Will Shake Up Fantasy NBA Value


There are numerous trade scenarios that have been whispered throughout the NBA some of which can totally shake up fantasy value for better or for worse. Most of the time when a player is traded they will either improve on their statistics or quite the opposite. For some instances, they can also hinder another player’s statistics, which could pose a lot of problems for NBA fantasy owners.
If Jeff Green is traded to a contending team, his statistics will likely go down. He is in a fantastic season with the Celtics, but will definitely take a hit if he is traded to Memphis or the Clippers. He won’t be their go to player and will likely play a role. He might become more efficient however, but most likely will see a reduction in almost all of the categories. Consider selling high on Jeff Green now so you don’t regret keeping him before he sees a dip in usage.
jeff green
Corey Brewer is rumored to be an option for the Cavs and Rockets and will also likely see a reduction in his production, while players such as Wiggins and Muhammad will see an uptick in usage. If Brewer is traded, you should definitely consider picking up Wiggins or Muhammad in your free agent pool with a bigger green light in Wiggins. Wiggins has shown flashes of his superstar potential and will likely continue to see all the minutes he can eat. Minnesota will likely also shop veteran Martin to help their young players to develop.
Corey Brewer
Isaiah Thomas is a player you should trade for while he is a buy-low candidate. He is currently sharing minutes with Dragic and Bledsoe and is coming off the bench. If the Suns trade either Dragic or Bledsoe, Thomas will see a huge spike in his usage thereby becoming a potential steal. The Suns are looking to unload one of these players and add some much needed inside presence. Consider trading for Thomas before the Suns try to unload one of these players. If worse comes to worst, you’ll have a legitimate backup point guard on your roster.
Isaiah Thomas
Andre Drummond is definitely a player you should try and trade for especially while he is somewhat a buy-low option. He has had a rough start to the season and has started to pick up big time. NBA owners know of his potential, but also see that he is not quite there yet. The Pistons are most likely going to trade Monroe or Smith and this will free Drummond from sharing the middle. If you can afford to take a slight hit in free throw percentage then Drummond will help your team out in big ways. He can score with a high percentage, rebound extremely well, steal and the block the ball plus he keeps his turnovers fairly low for a big man.
Andre Drummond
Lance Stephenson desperately needs a new environment, but more specifically he needs to be back with the Pacers. Stephenson has not been playing at the level we have seen him in Indiana. It seems as if the experiment with bring Stephenson to Charlotte has backfired. Stephenson is more than capable of producing stats all across the board, but he hasn’t been given the freedom to play the way he needs to play in order for him to produce. He is definitely a buy-low candidate and if he gets traded, his value will definitely increase. Surely there are impatient NBA fantasy owners who are willing to let Stephenson go at lower than market value. Now is your chance to truly take advantage of this situation. Look for Stephenson to bounce back some time during the season even if he is still with the Hornets. However, if he does get traded then he should see a boost in production in all formats.
Lance Stephenson

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