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Start em’ if you got ‘em – Week 16

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So this is it? All the studying and preparation for the draft back in August has led you to this point. The season truly goes by too quick, and now we are here at the final week (for most of you). In the spirit of (Insert Winter Gift Giving Holiday Here) we are presented with, count em, FOUR days of football this week with the addition of Saturday games. Be aware that San Diego @ SF and Philly @ Washington are on Saturday afternoon and night, so get those lineups set. As for myself, I lost in heartbreaking fashion to Jordy Nelson a few Monday nights ago, but each week I keep doing my homework to help all of you make the right starts. Last week I came in first and second with the same lineup in two FanDuel leagues thanks to Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr, so that helped ease my pain. I am going to try and help you avoid any pain at all by giving you some good plays this week and helping you take home that trophy (if your league doesn’t have a trophy I suggest getting one). 

Before we go ahead with Start/Sit something cool I wanted to share with everyone is the top five players found in championship games are 1. Murray 2. Bell 3. Beckham Jr. 4. Gronkowski 5. A. Brown. In my main league the regular season winner is in the championship with Murray and Beckham Jr. It’s been quite the year for those 5 guys, hopefully they can give you one more week for you to bring home the hardware. 

Special thanks to all the readers and twitter followers. I love the questions, please keep reaching out. Thanks to, make sure you continue checking the site as we get going into basketball season, they do some great stuff on here. Good luck to everyone on championship weekend. I’ll have one more write up next week for everyone still going in leagues that run late. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you enjoyed the column. 


Start ‘em if you got ‘em


Matt Ryan @ NO – He’s been hot. Three 300 yard games in a row and 4 games in a row with at least 2 touchdowns. In week one he threw for 448 yards and 3 touchdowns vs them, he probably won’t match that, but should still have a good game. He’s good to trust in championship weekend, with or without Julio.

Ryan Tannehill vs MIN – It’s been a few weeks since he’s had a multi-touchdown game, but he’s at home in a matchup that is not too scary. He threw for a ton of yards last week, but they were trailing all game vs the Pats. I know he’s been a guy in and out of most lineups this year, this is a week you should use him. 


Running Back

Tre Mason vs NYG – This is a great matchup for him at home. He’s got to be in your lineup this week in a plus matchup. Even though it was not a good game, he dominated the carries last week. Don’t shy away here Giants are one of the worst teams in the league vs the run, giving up 135 yards per game.

Joique Bell @ CHI – He’s back. Last time he was on here he went for 83 yards and a touchdown, and added 50 yards receiving and a touchdown. I don’t think I need to explain just how bad and in disarray the Bears are. Joique is a guy you want in your lineup this week. He will get carries late and he will score a touchdown. The Bears are awful.


Wide Receiver

                Golden Tate @ CHI – See Joique Bell above. The. Bears. Are. Awful. Golden Tate has been solid all year long and had another 7 catches yesterday. The Lions should be able to move the ball anyway they want, and Tate will be involved. On Thanksgiving vs Chicago he had 10 targets and gathered in 8 catches for 89 yards.

                Mike Evans vs GB – Very quiet last week, but he still scored. Tampa will be trailing, they will have to throw, and the Packers are less than stellar vs the pass. Evans should come through this week once again. He’s had at least 8 targets in 7 straight games, this week the production will be there. 

Tight End

Travis Kelce @ PIT – It’s great to finally see him involved more the last two weeks. Keep him in your lineups as he has been one of the best fantasy tight ends the last few weeks. At least 5 catches in back-to-back weeks now, you have to love him as a poor man’s Gronk. 


Jacksonville vs TEN – Umm yea, Charlie Whitehurst is starting this week for Tennessee on the road in a Thursday night game. If you end up picking up the Jags, I just want to warn you that you will probably be the only person watching this game tonight. The Titans are really bad, and with Whitehurst at the helm, they are really really really bad. Jacksonville isn’t your typical fantasy defense, but they are 7th in the league in sacks, and I just love the matchup at home. This game may end in a 0-0 tie, but hey that’s good for your team D. 

Seattle @ ARI – Seattle is just playing awesome right now, Godspeed to Ryan Lindley, yikes. If you’re the guy who drafted Seattle in the 10th round or something crazy like that, you may get the last laugh after all, as this defense can very well win you the championship this week.


Sit ‘em and quit ‘em


Robert Griffin III vs PHI – For the last 16 weeks if you take a look at all of the context clues you will see I cannot stand RG3 as a football player. He’s just not good. If you’re a guy who lost Cutler, and you’re desperate don’t resort to him. The Eagles are not that good vs the pass, but there has to be some other options out there. I know I really messed up the Johnny Football call last week, but he can’t play like that again… I don’t think. 

Eli Manning @ STL – Eli came through huge for me last week, but not someone I want to lean on this week vs the hottest defense in the league. Find someone else if you’ve been using Eli, which I really hope you have not. He’s playing very well as of late, but faced Washington, Tennessee, and Jacksonville in the last 3 weeks. 


Running Back

Jeremy Hill vs DEN – Before you ask, yes, I did see the game last week, but this is the Broncos run D. They are very good. They’ve only given up 1 rushing touchdown in the last 5 weeks and haven’t given up a 50 yard rusher since week 12 vs Lamar Miller. He had a ton of touches last week, but Gio still got 15 carries. It’s a tough spot to be in with a championship hanging in the balance, but if you have a guy with a better matchup, I’d risk it. 

Bishop Sankey @ JAX – Not sure what went on with the whole Greene thing last week, but either way, not a guy I want to roll with in championship week. The Jags are not as laughable as you think on defense. 


Wide Receiver

Doug Baldwin @ ARI – This is a very tough matchup for him. I don’t expect the Seahawks to try and fling the ball all over in this one. They will run the ball and play defense, as they try and force Linley into mistakes. Baldwin is not worth the risk this week vs the good Cardinal defense. 

Marquess Wilson vs DET – With JC under center I’m not going with the Bears number two WR, even though I used him last week. Oh and JC, is not Jay Cutler, it’s Jimmy Clausen, the “new” Bears starter. This team is a mess, if you’ve been using Forte, Bennett, or Jeffery all year, you really got a bad break with the Cutler benching, not that he was doing anything before the fourth quarter, but still.


Tight End

Jordan Cameron @ CAR – Only one target last week, so not a guy I’m trusting to bring me home the hardware. He hasn’t helped you all year, why would you lean on him now just because he’s “healthy?”


San Francisco vs SD – The 49ers have quit. With the Harbaugh talks really heating up this week, I think this team just wants to end the season. San Diego on the other hand needs a win to stay in the playoff hunt. Rivers is a bit banged up, but I can’t trust the SF effort right now.

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