Tuesday, October 21, 2014

World Series Preview: Will the Giants or Royals Win the Wild-Card Team Showdown?

The World Series is upon us. When the two best teams in baseball prove who is the best of the best. Only this year is a little different.
The Royals were the first-seeded Wild Card team and have ripped off 8 wins without a loss in their first playoff trip since 1985. The Giants are the first number-two Wild Card seed to make it to the World Series, coming in the infancy of the new playoff format.
At season's end, the Royals ranked 16 in nERD, meaning they were below-average according to our metrics. Their actual nERD score of -0.09 indicates that our algorithms would have expected them to lose to an average opponent by that margin.  READ MORE HERE https://www.numberfire.com

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