Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Does Overcoming The Seahawks Mean That The Cowboys Can Go All The Way?

Despite early errors in last weekend’s matchup with the Seattle Seahawks, the Dallas Cowboys recovered and showed enough mettle to provide one of the season’s shock results, beating their hosts 30-23 and underlining their Superbowl credentials in the process.

Facing the reigning champions in their own backyard is one of football’s most difficult tasks. Seattle’s home record is formidable as is their vociferous support.  Tickets for sports events can be sold on the back of such famous home supports as  the  fabled “12th man” and  games can be won and lost  by such intimidating atmospheres.

Every player must know their duty and perform it as planned. Even then, the twin stars of a good day at the office for the visitors and a bad one for the home side need to align for victory to seem possible.

An early special teams error—allowing a blocked punt to be returned for a touchdown—would usually result in the Seahawks tearing their prey apart. As it was, Dallas rallied.

The Cowboys combined their impressive physicality, determination and running with a huge helping of discipline. The defense tackled well and they contained opposing QB Russell Wilson. Offense-wise, Tony Romo was there when he was required to stand up and be counted. The Quarter-Back improvising superbly in a fourth-quarter completion to Terrance Williams that set his side on the way to settling the game.

Beating last year’s Superbowl champions will be an incredible boost for the Cowboys’ confidence and self-belief. The season still has a long way to go but there can be no doubt that there are unlikely to be any challenges that will be as big as this one in the regular season.

There is every chance, then, that this victory could be seen as season-defining.
After all, not many people were predicting that Dallas could better the 8-8 record that they have registered in the last few years. They are already standing at 5-1 and have shown great resilience ever since their second half performance in the opening day defeat to the 49ers, where they scored 14 without reply.

The way they have played since then suggests that there is every reason to believe that they are genuine contenders this year. At the very least they ought to be in the mix for a division title or a playoff—and after that, who knows?

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