Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How to Win Playing Daily Fantasy Football, Part 3: The 2014 Season

Tomorrow. Fantasy Football starts tomorrow.
After weeks of research, you’re probably more than ready to fill out your Week 1 daily fantasy football lineups. (On, too, right?) And if you’ve read the first two parts of this “How to Win Playing Daily Fantasy Football” series, I’m certain you’ve probably had a lineup or two already completed. But let’s dig into things one last time before we go on our season-long daily fantasy football adventure.
If you’ve missed things so far, our partners over at sent over some data from last season’s set of daily fantasy football games. And by “set”, I mean “thousands.” Two weeks ago, I presented the first bit of data, showing how to allocate your pretend salary across your lineup. We found that it’s not always advantageous to spend on quarterbacks, and that teams who paid up at wide receiver generally won at a higher rate.  READ MORE HERE

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