Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fantasy Football Draft Day Strategies

By Scott Hogan
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Five Solid Strategies to Consider on Draft Day

1) Make your first two picks count.

It may sound simple, but how many teams out there won their league with 1st

Richardson, CJ Spiller or Doug Martin? Today’s game is becoming much more pass heavy, and 

wide receivers are actually starting to outscore their running back counter parts, especially in 

PPR leagues. The top scorers will still likely be running backs, so if you’re picking in the top 

5, you shouldn’t shy away from LeSean McCoy, Jamaal Charles, Eddie Lacy, Adrian Peterson 

or Matt Forte, but after that I wouldn’t use another pick in the top 12 on a RB: much higher 

bust and injury potential. Draft safe in the first two rounds and take some chances in the later 

rounds when players are more replaceable.

2) Wait on a quarterback.

I said it’s a pass heavy league, so shouldn’t quarterbacks also stand to benefit? The answer is 

a resounding yes, but after the 1st

in numbers 4 through 14. Could Matt Stafford repeat his 2011 41 TD performance? Sure, but 

realize those Lions only score 9 total TDs on the ground that season, so expecting 2013 Peyton 

Manning numbers is totally unreasonable. Give me Keenan Allen, Roddy White or Andre 

Johnson in the 4th

Kelvin Benjamin. Just make sure to grab one before your league mates start taking backups, 

which should be around round 10. No one wants to start a platoon of Alex Smith and Eli 


3) Wait on a tight

Unless you get Jimmy Graham, the ceiling for your TE isn’t all that high. The difference between 

#2 and #12 last year was about 60 points, or less than 4 per week. Add to that, the position is 

much deeper this year with the expected emergence of young TEs Travis Kelce, Zach Ertz and 

Ladarius Green and the return of injured players like Heath Miller and Jordan Reed. Those guys 

are all going round 10 or later, so you can fill your roster up with 8 RBs and WRs before you 

need to use a pick on a TE.

4) Know your scoring system

If you’re in a PPR league, give a huge bump to players like Antonio Brown, Brandon Marshall, 

and wide receivers as a whole, but you already know my opinion on that. 2 QB league? You’re 

probably ignoring rule 2 and taking a QB with at least one of your top 2 picks, since the QB1s so 

vastly outscore the next tier. Try to find an expert mock in a scoring system like your own to get 

an idea of how the scoring system might change who you draft.

5) Be willing to change your strategy during the draft

Just because you want to wait on a QB, if Drew Brees falls to your pick in the 4th

up that value. Same thing with any other stud, even if you’ve got that position filled. You can 

always trade them to a league mate who missed out later on. A lot of NFL GMs go by the ‘Best 

Available’ strategy in the NFL Draft, so why shouldn’t you? Come prepared with both your 

rankings and an ADP cheat sheet. That way you’ll know when you need to reach for a player 

you want.

Already drafted? Be on the lookout for a column on potential free agent pick-ups or trade 

targets based on this preseason.

 tier (Rodgers, Brees, Manning), I don’t see much difference 

 and Jay Cutler or Colin Kaepernick in the 9th

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