Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Fantasy analysts don't always get along. They don't always agree. And while our algorithms spit out some amazing projections each and every year, we're bound to disagree with the computers at times.
Insert the fantasy football roundtable, where the football guys here at numberFire are able to disagree and argue for a particular player or ranking in fantasy football. The topic for today: Who should be the number one running back in fantasy football?

The Argument for Jamaal Charles

If you have the first overall pick in fantasy football this year, Jamaal Charles should be your choice.
Charles tops our FireFactor rankings, which uses a player’s projected point total against the value of a replacement at the position. In a standard scoring setting, Charles’ FireFactor number tops 235, over 15 points higher than second-place LeSean McCoyand over 40 points higher than Adrian Peterson. Just know that our computers love him.  READ MORE AT NumberFire.com

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