Friday, July 18, 2014


[This is a continuation of my exploration of FireFactor, which is our way of ranking players compared to replacement players at the same position. I already discussed it in detail here while applying the ranking to the quarterback position. I've also discussed the running backs using FireFactor as well.]
No position is as deep, in terms of volume, in fantasy football as the receiver position. After all, there are 32 teams and most of them roll out at least two competent receivers on a given play, and some offer three or four capable options. Factor in the now pass-heavy nature of the NFL, and worthwhile fantasy receivers can come from all levels of the depth chart on a given team.
But just because a team's third receiver might offer some level of production doesn't mean he's a player you're eager to have on your squad, especially if you have to take him off the bench and place him into your starting roster.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE >>>

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