Tuesday, July 29, 2014


There are certain teams every year that have a wide range of expectations. One of them this year is the Kansas City Chiefs, a team ranked 13th in our power rankings with a 7.8 win projection. They have a nERD score of 1.51, which means they'd be expected to beat an average opponent by just 1.51 points.
They'll hinge on 8-8, particularly given the difficulties lurking in the AFC West, unless they can get some unexpected production from unexpected players. And a potential breakout candidate in Kansas City exists on the depth chart as a tight end.
Now, if you just commenced your fantasy football research for the season, you may not have gotten into the depths of the tight end class yet. But once you do, there are a few names that will pop up as candidates primed to break out and post big numbers - names that can be had late in your fantasy drafts or even after the fact.  READ MORE AT NumberFire.com

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