Thursday, July 3, 2014

5 Things You Should Know about Our 2014 Fantasy Football Projections

The United States is out of the World Cup, it's too late to fix your fantasy baseball team, and CFL football isn't going to be able to fully tide you over until the NFL season kicks off. That's okay, though. Because it's never too early to think about fantasy football.
The math wizards behind the scenes at numberFire have put together the fantasy football rankings and projections for the upcoming season, and there are five things you should know about the rankings before you make poor decisions during your fantasy drafts.

1. Don't Give Up on Marshawn Lynch

If you've started preparing for your draft at all, you've probably figured out who you're going to take with the first pick, should you get it. Some people (myself included) preferLeSean McCoy, while others are partial to Jamaal CharlesMatt Forte, or the old standard, Adrian Peterson.   CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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