Monday, June 9, 2014

Yankees Continue Their Struggles At Home

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The New York Yankees to me look like a lost cause. Sitting in Yankee stadium Friday night watching them play the twins last Friday was probably one of the most painful Yankees games I've ever attended. 1 run on 9 hits. They couldn't get anything going against Ricky Nolasco. YES RICKY NOLASCO, who entered the game with an ERA over 6.00. Base running blunders, and that doesn't name it all. 3 home runs let up by no name Nuno. Sure the bats can go quiet once in a while but this team with Texiera in and out of the lineup, Beltran missing time, and McCann struggling early on it's been a brutal offensive output.

I walked out of Yankee Stadium with dissapointment in my Yankees. Watching them lose again last night in extras( too a pretty damn good A's team I should add) I'm starting to question when this team will turn it around. In my lifetime I've never seen a Yankees team perform this poorly at home. Usually their weakness is on the road. That hasn't be the case this year. The Yankees after last night's loss fell to 12-15 at home, and they're surprisingly 17-13 on the road. 12-15 AT HOME? Are you kidding me?

While this season has been filled with injuries from the start, you'd still have to expect some of these injuries. Tex has never been the same since being hurt from last year's WBC, Sabathia as he ages is spending more time on the DL than on the mound, Nova gone for most likely the season, and Pineda, well Pineda has been a mess since we traded for him 3 years ago.

So what's the answer for the Yankees to play better at home? Well you really can't fix that issue, any team is supposed to play at the top of their game in any stadium. But the one thing I did notice while I was at the game last Friday was the atmosphere was different. I saw a ton of people on their smart phones and getting up in the middle of the inning while play was still going on. It's nothing like the old stadium where you heard the loud roar when a big play happened, and especially feel it shake once somebody went yard. I've noticed it the past few years as the smartphone industry has skyrocketed.

So for the Yankees what's next? Well hopefully their big bat Carlos Beltran makes a return, and Brian McCann starts to hit a little better. I don't understand why they don't go after another arm for their rotation as other than Kuroda and Tanaka they've been hurting BIG TIME. Nuno, Whitely, and Phelps aren't the answer. Robertson is a free agent at the end of the year and plenty of teams could use a closer. We could always move Betances to the closer role.

Toronto now has a 5 game lead on the Yankees and if they don't act fast, that 5 game lead can turn into 10 very very quickly. These Yankees don't look like the team that just spent roughly 500$ million in the off season, and if they don't act quickly and turn themselves around a lot of changes are going to be made.

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