Thursday, June 12, 2014

Daily Fantasy advice June 12th

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Last night our lineup was a success! We won a ton of money as a subscription group! Love hearing those success stories! Let’s take a look at last night’s money winning lineup!
Yesterday’s 6-11-14 Recap:
As you can see, Darvish dominated the Marlins, Crush Davis lived up to his name, Atlanta’s bats were somewhat silenced by a rookie in Coors, Shin-Soo Choo is coming around, and Jayson Werth came to life at a $2,900 price tag. Overall this lineup dominated and came in 23rd out of 10,005 for $80. It’s not much, but we missed first place by less than 10 FP. Today we have less games and the weather is looking sketchy, so let’s try to build a great lineup!
WEATHER CONCERNS: Blue Jays @ Orioles, Padres @ Phillies, Cubs @ Pirates
P-Max Scherzer $10,400- Scherzer has been as dominant a pitcher as ever this season. He's lived up to his expectations so far and I think he continues that tonight. He's sporting a 3.38 ERA with 7 wins in 13 starts and the Tigers are swinging a hot bat right now. Scherzer has faced the White Sox twice this season and has gotten wins in both while getting 18 FP his first outing, and 17 FP his second. He went 6 innings in both while striking out 17 batters. I like Scherzer tonight because his K rate is great and going against a White Sox team that loves to strike out. He's the most expensive option on the board, but he will be essential in cashing just like Darvish was last night.P-
P- Chris Sale $10,000- Sale has been dominate just as before. He's sporting a 2.06 ERA with 5 wins in 8 starts and has only given up 26 hits to 58 Ks. I was torn who to go between Sale and Scherzer but I am leaning towards Scherzer because the White Sox do love to swing and miss.
Other Guru Likes: Zack Greinke- $9,900 (Early), Tim Hudson- $7,600
C- Jonathan Lucroy $4,200- Lucroy is on a great streak right now and he's an expensive option today. He's got 9 of his last 10 games with FP, and coming off a great game last night where he went 3 for 5 with 5.5 FP. Lucroy has also seen success against Jonathan Niese with 5 for 11 and an RBI. If he has ducks on the pond, I can see Lucroy hitting at least one BOMBpop tonight.
Other Guru Likes: Evan Gattis- $3,900, Miguel Montero- $3,600
1B- Joey Votto $3,400- He's seen his fair share of Greinke and has dominated him in the past. Lifetime he is 8 for 21 with 2 doubles and 3 HRs.He's back from injury and has had a couple of good games and I think it's the same today. Greinke may dominate the rest of the team, but I don't think he dominates Votto today.
Other Guru Likes: Paul Goldschmidt- $5,300, Miguel Cabrera- $4,800, Freddie Freeman- $3,700
2B- Dee Gordon $3,800- Gordon gets to face off against the right Simon who has struggled as of late. Gordon has the speed to reach any bag on the simplest hits and Simon is bound to get lit up again tonight. I'm looking for Gordon to go 3 for 5 with a double, triple, and possibly a couple stolen bases. I think he's a lock today.
OF- Jayson Werth $2,900- I'm not sure why his price is still this low with his previous games, but take advantage while you can. He's had success against Hudson in the past and lifetime Werth is 15 for 39 with 3 HRs. He's cheap and anything over 3 FP hits his value.
Other Guru Likes: Corey Dickerson- $3,900, Dexter Fowler- $3,500, Nick Markakis- $3,400

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