Monday, February 17, 2014

Bestern vs Leastern

By Briyant Hines, The SportSnitch
Twitter: CST_SportSnitch

Is it me or does anybody else believe that the Eastern Conference is getting better? Nah. Can’t be true.
The Eastern Conference Standings currently look like this:
1. Indiana Pacers (38-10)
2. Miami Heat (35-13)
3. Toronto Raptors (26-23)
4. Atlanta Hawks (25-23)
5. Washington Wizards (24-24)
6. Chicago Bulls (24-24)
7. Brooklyn Nets (21-25)
8. Charlotte Bobcats (22-28)
If you ask me, teams 5-8 should not even have a playoff spot. Why? Well, simply because they have losing records. Let’s face it. No one in the Eastern Conference besides the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers offer any real competition. As long as there is no competition in the East, Miami and Indiana will meet in the conference finals. It will never fail.
Look at the teams that are in playoff position in the Eastern Conference. Take a good look. Now, lets compare them to the 1-8 seeds in the grueling and competitive Western Conference.
1. Oklahoma City Thunder (40-11)
2. San Antonio Spurs (36-13)
3. Portland Trail Blazers (35-13)
4. Los Angeles Clippers (34-18)
5. Houston Rockets (33-17)
6. Golden State Warriors (29-20)
7. Phoenix Suns (29-20)
8. Dallas Mavericks (29-21)
Do you see how immaculate the 1-8 seeds look compared to the 1-8 seeds in the east? The east poses no kind of threat to the West. If we match up the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Indiana Pacers, due to the Pacers lukewarm defense, they will unsurprisingly fall to the Slim Reaper and company. Coach Pop can out-coach Eric Spoelstra any day this season. Although these two have met in the NBA Finals where the Heat won, that wont be the case this year. King James is overwhelmed and the Miami Heat are not as dominant as they used to be.
I dont even have to tell you that Western Conference teams 3-8 will annihilate Eastern Conference teams 3-8. There is certainly no competition coming from the East. Right now, any seed in the Eastern Conference is up for grabs. Even if you are at the bottom of the barrell like the 16-33 Cleveland Cavaliers…you have to be hungry and aggressive enough to grasp one of the 8 seeds.
Just as I said before, the NBA Championship belongs to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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