Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 5 Reasons to Play Fair Market Fantasy for the 2013 NFL Playoffs

Have you heard?

Our friends at Fair Market Fantasy have cash contests for the NFL playoffs allowing you to pick a lineup of players with a $100,000 salary cap, and prices for the players determined by market demand.

They will also have a free contest with $1,000 prize where you will pick up to 6 NFL teams in the playoffs with fantasy points based on games won.

We checked it out, and here are our Top 5 Reasons the Playoffs are most fun over at Fair Market Fantasy

  • You can choose a lineup for the whole playoffs

  • Player prices are set by market demand

  • You can trade players back to market at any time

  • You get $20k in reinforcements (additional salary cap) after first rounds

  • Winning team player prices will rise, players on losing teams prices will drop, and owners will need to manage their lineup under the available salary cap to win

  • If you missed the initial All Playoffs Lineup in early Jan, you can still play contests for individual post-season games

So go set your lineup and have fun!

*This post has been sponsored by Fair Market Fantasy. All opinions expressed are my own.

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