Wednesday, November 20, 2013


By Michael H. Osinski
The good news is that Week 12 is the last bye week. The bad news is that this is a brutal week.
Seattle? Wilson, Lynch, Harvin, Tate, The Defense...even the place kicker is owned. Philly? Foles, McCoy, Jackson. Bengals? Dalton, Gio, AJ, The goes on and on.
And if your leagues are anything like mine, most of the time it is still a mad scramble. The worst team in one of my leagues is 4-7. I am on top at 8-3. That leaves 10 teams between 5-6 and 7-4! Only 1 of the 3 is spread out at all. Good competition.
Good decision making is paramount. It probably wouldn't hurt to be a bit lucky this week. I had a bit of that luck last week.
Bobby Rainey was not played in any of the 3 leagues in which I play. One owner (playing me) picked him up but didn't play him. I won by 16 so the 30 Rainey picked up might have helped. Remember Bryce Brown's 2 weeks last year?
I am not seeing too many opportunities like that, but we still have to fill rosters. Pray for luck.
I am one of the poor unfortunates to own Russell Wilson this week. (I have Foles in a league as well.) I didn't want to get aced out by the Dalton, Foles or Wilson owners in other leagues, so I picked up Keenum last week. I almost had a heart attack when I saw Kubiak pull Keenum and replace him with "Pick Six" Schaub. All is back to normal with the Houston QB situation, so I am looking forward to Keenum vs. JAX.
For those of you who need to replace any of these guys, I feel for you. McCown is owned in all 3 of my leagues. Tolzien isn't, but who knows?
Trade deadline is a memory in most Yahoo leagues (I think's deadline is Friday). So...if you didn't roster a replacement already, all you may have left is Chad Henne or Carson Palmer.
Henne gets Houston. Palmer has Indy. Neither is a great match up.
One last note on QBs. If you own Peyton Manning, you may be in trouble in the playoffs. Roll with me on this a minute. Let's say Denver beats NE this week, and KC next week. And imagine SD somehow beating KC this week. Denver would be up 2 games on KC with the head-to-head tiebreak, and 3 up on NE.
That means there is a slight chance Peyton and his injured ankles will rest a game or 2. If you have Manning, you are most likely headed for the playoffs and shouldn't risk your championship run with Henne or Glennon at QB.
This one really gets me. We have been so good scooping up RBs this season. Zac Stacy, Andre Ellington, the Andre Brown and Shane Vereen stashes. Mike James.
Bob Rainey has been cut by 2 teams (Ravens, Browns) this season. There was no reason to think he would throw up over 30 points last week. That being said, somebody in your league will claim him. Just hope history doesn't repeat itself unless the new Rainey owner is playing someone you need to beat.
The guy still out there in a lot of leagues that intrigues me is Montee Ball. He was drafted ahead of a lot of folks this past August. Then he started fumbling. But, for many of the same reason owners of Manning should consider insurance, owners of Moreno may consider Ball.
Chris Ogbonnaya may be the back the Browns go with from here on out. You could do worse. He is a big enough guy who does well in the passing game, but he looks slow.
I might consider a flyer on Toby Gerhardt if you get sketchy injury reports on AP this week.
I will assume Rishard Matthews and Michael Crabtree are owned. If not, Matthews is worth a look. Crabtree started practice, but you may need to burn a roster spot another week to get him. And, I would only consider burning a roster spot if I was reasonably sure I am a playoff team.
Nate Burleson is back from "Pizza Gate" this week. He should be ready to go. Ditto Miles Austin who was back at practice during the bye week. If I am down this far, I'd play Burleson.
If McGloin is playing QB and you needed a DJax bye replacement, Rod Streater or Andre Roberts might be a good place to look.
After that, it's pretty thin. Stills long TD gamble? Ditto Marquise Goodwin. Ted Ginn? One of the Colts? Because the quality and depth of the WRs on bye, it is really ugly.
Here is where you may have some options. These guys are available in most leagues: Housler, Delanie Walker, John Carlson. All 3 have had decent numbers the past couple weeks.
Garrett Graham was only available in 1 of my 3 leagues.
Back to my Denver rest theory. Julius Thomas has an ankle issue that could get rested if the Broncos get up a couple games. Joel Dreessen is probably available.
I might also check the injury status of the Jet's TEs
SEA, CIN defenses are good.
Not sure who you could plug and play with any success. You could gamble on Detroit's good D-Line stopping Rainey and forcing Glennon into mistakes.
Oakland gets Tenn and Fitzpatrick throws picks.
Bailey might be available if someone threw him back during last weeks bye.  Always feel good going back to David Akers.
After last week's ZERO, Kai Forbath might be available.
Good luck this week! I am available for questions at @mhosinskiLLP

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