Tuesday, November 12, 2013


By Michael H. Osinski
Zac Stacy's Mom has got it goin' on! And I am not just making a Fountains of Wayne reference. Evidently Mrs. Stacy owns her son in her fantasy league.
When I mentioned that to my wife, she replied, "of course she does!" She is probably right. I bet Mrs. Stacy drafted him. He wasn't drafted in our league. But after that game in which Darryl Richardson had about 20 yards on 20 carries, we saw opportunity.
Isaiah Pead? Rough reputation and was coming off a substance abuse suspension. (We did draw parallels to Mikel LeShoure though.) Bennie Cunningham? Isn't he the one with fumblitis? So, we went farther down the depth chart and found Stacy. Short. But, I liked him in College and my Daughter just took a job as a Reference Librarian at Vanderbilt. Sold! I picked him up in 1 of my 3 leagues and my Brother got him in 1 of the others. Since then, no back not named Eddie Lacey has been better.
As most of you who own fantasy teams know, sometimes that's how it happens. A smattering of research, the ability to take some risk....and yes, a lot of luck.
A couple seasons ago, an owner in our league needed a WR bye filler. He was a Charger fan, but the San Diego WRs were owned. He remembered a guy from camp who got cut and ended up in Dallas. Research, risk and luck. He clicked "send" on Laurent Robinson and rode the WRs huge TD total to the playoffs.
Just saying.
Week 11. We are not quite out of the bye weeks and most league's trading deadlines are this week. So, this is one of your last opportunities to set your lineup for the stretch run.
Zac is on bye this week, so we're not sure how Mrs. Stacy is going to replace him (for this week.)
OK. Where is our research, risk and luck taking us this week...
Romo on bye this week. In all my leagues the guy who has Romo has another QB on the roster. The Rodgers owners probably replaced last week. The Cutler owners may not have thrown back their replacements.
But, if you have Russell Wilson (as I do in 1 league) or Nick Foles on bye next week, maybe this week is a good time to stash your Week 12 QB.
I keep only 1 QB. I either trade for 1 or pluck someone from the WW. On the team I have Wilson, I'm on a 6-game streak and am in 1st. I don't want to risk that, so I'm going to add a QB this week. All I need is to have another QB out there get hurt and have to trade the depth that got me here or fight someone for waiver priority and still end up with Jason Campbell.
So what do we have? Jason Campbell. He played well, but I am not going to do that. McCown is owned in 2 of my 3 leagues still, and I don't need him in the one he isn't (I have Cam there). He looked good. Ryan Fitzpatrick? Too many picks for my taste. Case Keenum?
What about the situation in Green Bay? After watching Seneca Wallace finish that Monday night game I spent Tuesday on twitter (and in this column) saying Scott Tolzien would get promoted and Matt Flynn would clear waivers and get signed. Both happened. Still not liking any of these guys. Flynn has a bad elbow and Tolzien put up those numbers against Philly.
I just hit send on adding Keenum. (He draws Oakland Week 12. Fingers crossed.)
We have been really good touting and picking up RBs this year. Mrs. Stacy's son. Andre Ellington. Danny Woodhead. Even Mike James before he got carted off the field last night and put on IR today.
The past few weeks we touted Andre Brown, Shane Vereen, Andre Ellington and Donald Brown. (If they are available in your league, get them.)
Beyond that, however, the cupboard is bare. If you need a RB to replace Mrs. Stacy's son or DeMarco Murray this week, or LeSean McCoy or Marshawn Lynch next week, make a trade.
You don't believe me? Dennis Johnson? Ben Tate is going to get all those carries. Shonn Greene is too TD dependent to really trust. The newly minted timeshare in Tampa? Come on! Bobby Rainey, the best looking back in the MNF game, was cut earlier this year by a team that thought the carcass of Willis McGahee gave them a better chance to win.
That brings me to the debate of the week. Mark Ingram. The other night he looked like the guy who won that Heisman Trophy. It was against Dallas. I have watched him a couple years. 1-I don't trust him. 2-Pierre Thomas looked better. 3-Sproles still gets carries. Stay away.
If you have to trade for someone, target Ben Tate, Chris Ivory or maybe Joique Bell. They have good matchups.
A lot of guys have had a week or 2 of glory, only to do nothing after you pick them up. There are some interesting options. Percy Harvin is owned in all 3 of my leagues, but is available in a bunch of leagues. While this week, he may be on a snap count and next week is his bye, getting him for weeks 13-16 would help any team's playoff run.
Riley Cooper is available a lot of places as well. I picked him up in 2 leagues 3 weeks ago and played him the past 2 weeks while waiting for Harvin. If he is available, he'll help this week (is on bye next week).
Beyond that, who knows. Rishard Matthews looks to have stepped into the Brandon Gibson role in Miami. And with the poor pass blocking Ryan Tannehill generally gets, a slot receiver is a great comfort.
Nate Burleson is back this week from "Pizza-Gate", but with how well Kris Durham has played in his absence, you gotta wonder. Andre Roberts got some playing time and a TD last week after Michael Floyd got hurt.
Mario Manningham was available last week and claimed by no team in any of my 3 leagues. Not sure why. Maybe people needed to see SF struggle vs Carolina because Colin Kaepernik had nobody to throw to?
Jericho Cotchery got claimed in 1 of my leagues after the 3-TD game (That guy is playing him this week to cover Dez Bryant's bye). Buyer beware. He is not reliable and is losing snaps (and soon targets) to Markus Wheaton.
As a 9-0 team staring at being a 7.5 point underdog, KC may not want to deal with Dwayne Bowe and his arrest Sunday. He has had a bad year with Alex Smith not throwing a deep ball. An alternative might be Dexter McCluster who is a sickening fast slot man.
OK...I didn't like John Carlson in last week's column. So far I look wrong. Over time, I will not be.
Your other alternatives are Garrett Graham, Delanie Walker, Rob Housler and Tim Wright. I like these guys in the reverse order of how I have them listed.
If you have a roster spot to play with, give some thought to Dennis Pitta. He can be brought back and reports on him so far have been good. And if the Ravens start to make a run down the stretch, Pitta will be targeted a lot.
I pick a new one each week. Had Carolina-Titans-Carolina, so I am happy. I am a bit skittish of Carolina this week because Bellichick has had 2 weeks to prep.
I actually made a trade offer involving Carolina with the objective of getting Arizona. Short of that I like Washington (vs. Minn) and Buffalo (vs. NYJ).
I pick a kicker each week as well. I was very bad at it last week. I had Vinateri-Vinateri-Dawson. Somehow I won in all 3 leagues. Vinateri had zero!
I am not changing kickers this week.
Good luck everyone. I can be reached for roster/trade/sit-start questions at @mhosinskiLLP

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