Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pickups Week 10

Pickup Lines
by Tom O'Mara

"Sweet Caroline, bah bah bah..."
- Neil Diamond

Having graduated from Boston University (a long time ago), I am a big fan of Boston. Go Red Sox! Go Celtics! Go whatever soccer team they have (who really watches soccer anyway?!?!) Go Patr.... ummm, not a chance. Die hard Jets fan here and my fingers burn just typing the nasty P word.

I spent this past weekend in Boston. I had to drive up there for the Sox parade. After all, 6 months ago, the city was devastated... by a couple of cowardly kids, but that's a story for another time. But the city, which i called home for four years, was crippled... for a couple of days. It was sad. It was heart wrenching. But as happened in New York (my other hometown) after the 9.11 events, the terrible tragedy in Boston brought people together. It was meant to bring terror and divide the city, and it only made Boston stronger.

At the parade, I made a point to watch from a solemn spot. I watched the entire Victory parade standing on the EXACT spot that one of the two bombs took the lives and dreams from so many. It felt surreal... but it felt right. And as the first of the Duck boats arrived, Jonny Gomes & David Ortiz got off of their respective boats and ran the World Series trophy to the Marathon finish line (which is still painted) and set it down. Then, they draped the Red Sox jersey over it- the same jersey that hung in the Sox dugout EVERY game after the bombings. The jersey that simply states: Boston Strong 617. And then, a beautiful version of God Bless America was played, and EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE, in the crowd stood tall and sang along. It was insane. It was beautiful. It was a showing of solidarity by the entire community. Even a Yankee fan could've felt welcome. It was a beautiful day... and an even more beautiful moment, that I was so proud to have been a part of.

Now, in no way, would I ever compare a fantasy game/team to such a tragedy, so I will only say.... Perseverance, Integrity, respect and honor should be a part of your game. Boston rose from such a horrible moment to such a beautiful one (not to mention the Sox went from Last to First). Your teams can do the same... But even if they don't, have fun and just remember... it's only a game.

As a side note... I must mention how much Sox fans take pride in their team, and how much they truly hate the Yankees. There were several Jerseys worn with a Sox player's name that I had never heard of... the back of the jerseys stated a really long last name: YankeesSuck... i wonder what position HE plays. And a huge bunch of T-Shirts that stated something extremely funny, which I had never seen: Jeter drinks wine coolers.

Boston Strong.

These are players that are available in leagues. As always, If Tony Gonzalez or Eddie Lacey are available, please pick them up... and immediately tell your league mates that they drink wine coolers.


Jake Locker
Still available in a ton of leagues. In his last 3 games (prior to this past weekend when he faced a solid D), Locker put up 17+ points (in a standard ESPN scoring league). With Bye weeks looming, and injuries to top QBs, Locker, and his easy schedule, will put up solid numbers. This may be the last week you can get him!

Seneca Wallace/Matt Flynn
Aaron Rogers is good. No, he's amazing... but even Rogers can not play with a broken collarbone. They are saying it should only be a 2-3 week injury, but as someone who works in the medical field, in orthopedics, i'd be willing to bet it takes at least 4 weeks before Rogers is back on the field. Wallace had a respectable showing last night, without any previous experience with the team, and he could be ok, BUT, i would not be surprised to see Green Bay sign Matt Flynn (who was just released by the Bills). Flynn has experience in the Packers system and could be a very solid QB. One of these two will be useful for the next 4 weeks... its 50/50 on which, but something to keep an eye on.

Running Backs

Andre Brown
Brown will be returning to the Giants within the next week. He is an explosive back, and I have always preferred Brown to David Wilson. Wilson had an MRI on Monday, and was STILL not cleared to return from his neck injury. I used to work at the Giants' hospital, and I would be SHOCKED if we see Wilson in a game for the rest of this season. Hillis and Jacobs are old, slow and are an injury away from retirement. Pickup Brown.

Donald Brown
Donald Brown looks better than Trent Richardson. Apparently, the Colts agree because D Brown is getting just as many snaps, if not more. In an offense that is searching for WRs, the running game will be much more important. Donald Brown, if he can stay healthy, which is a big if, will be very useful.

Rashad Jennings
The Sun rose today. The Sun will set today. Darren McFadden got hurt yesterday. They say there are only 2 certainties in life: Death & Taxes... Add McFadden getting hurt to that list. McFadden left Sundays game with a hamstring injury. Jennings came in and had over 170 total yards. No one knows the severity of McFadden's injury but I'm sure Jennings will be the man for the next few weeks.
Wide Receiver

Riley Cooper
Nick Foles likes Cooper. Nick Foles will probably be the starter in Philly for the remainder of the  year. Pick up Cooper.

Mike Brown
With Stupid Justin Blackmon failing yet another drug test (I'm sorry. Ive been promoting Blackmon all season and he does have the talent as he showed, but he's just a moron. I'm sorry if you listened to me and picked him up), Mike Brown will be the recipient of Blackmon's targets. If you're desperate and need a fill in, Brown will be suitable. This must be a Brown column.... he's the third Brown I'm recommending!

Mario Manningham
Manningham will be active for the 49ers this week, and that will give Kaepernick a legitimate 2nd receiver to throw to. If Manningham can get back to his old form, he'll be a quality WR to start. I wouldn't expect too much for the first couple weeks, but definitiely a bye week fill in... and come playoff time, he may be a top 20 WR.

Alright, I'm off to the internet to order my "Jeter Drinks Wine Coolers" T-shirt!

... as always, if you have any questions regarding your lineup/team or you just want to bash me for any bad advice, i can be found on twitter @celtictso

Good Luck this week.

"Good Times never seemed so good (so good so good!)"
-Neil Diamond

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