Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fantasy Basketball Notes

Don’t Call it a Recap

Greetings from Toronto, my hometown and a city under siege by Rob

Ford and his new friend Nicolas Batum. After another gutsy overtime win by

Batum’s Portland Trailblazers, he was seen out for brunch with the Mayor

Ford. A friend of mine was sitting a table over and happened to hear a bit of

Ford: Solid win last night Batsy, even if it was against my Raptahs!

Batum: No one calls me Batsy, but uh, thanks.

Ford: Yeah, yeah, sweet dribble hoop dunk, shit was CRAZY, I was

actually sitting front row.

Batum: I know, you kept yelling “Batsy’s the BOMB” and then dropping

Ford: Haha! You saw that?! Awesome, my brother taught me that. So listen

I’m starting a league at work, but I can’t find a good shooter, you interested?

Batum: I play professionally Rob. In Portland.

Ford: Right, right, just thought I’d ask, you never know, crazier things have

happened AMIRIGHT?! **winks**

Batum: You’re right Rob. You’re right. I’ll think about it.

After that my friend was kicked out for taking cell-phone pictures,

unfortunately he had been drinking the night before and forgot to move his

hand away from the camera. So all we have is his story, and this picture.

You’ll have to take my word for it. On to the good stuff:

Linsanity is back!

Jeremy Lin continued to bounce the yo-yo that his career by turning

in a renaissance week special with averages of 25.5 pts, 4.8 rbs, 5.5 asts and

3.3 3’s with a few blocks and steals on a bed of excellent shooting. I think

these numbers will take a hit as Beverly gets his feet wet, but it’s a

promising sign from a player many were quick to bury. Speaking of buried,

by the time this hits the net you can find the King’s starting five 6 feet under

after coach Mad Mike Malone benched the entire unit. Continue to give

Boogie Cousins the run he deserves, but keep a close eye on who’s getting

minutes in that ridiculously crowded system. Perhaps most importantly,

Kobe “Bean” Bryant may be making his return from a career-ending injury

this Friday, as of course, only Kobe can. If you were smart/lucky/drunk

enough to draft him, I applaud you because I cannot applaud myself.

The top dogs are all at it again, with Paul, Love, James, and Davis

all finishing in the top ten for the week, and guys like Curry, Harden and

Durant not far behind. If Jordan Hill is still available in your league run,

do not walk, to grab him. The hype is real! With averages of 18 pts and 12

rebs to go along with steals, blocks and delicious shooting percentages, the

man is officially a must-own. That is until Kobe returns, gets jealous, fills

Hill’s car with popcorn and runs away screaming “POP POP JORDAN!

THIS IS MY CITY!” causing Jordan Hill (Not Micahel Jordan) to become

extremely confused and late for practice.

Disappointing news of the week includes Josh Smith doing his worst

Reggie Miller impression by jacking up 3’s at a rate higher than Kevin

Durant. Re-read that. Read it again. Offer him to people in your league.

Repeat. Derrick Rose continues to freefall, and if you weren’t able to trade

him last week, have faith in the fact that it can only get better…right? The

entire Spurs team, while being incredible in reality, is leaving a sour taste

in owners’ mouths. Hopefully Duncan, Parker, and Leonard can wake up

and realize Boris Diaw is challenging them for minutes. I’m not getting too

concerned and neither should you, but it’s a frustrating situation.

And now for the good stuff, its **drumroll**…Buy Low/Sell High!

Ryan Anderson – Yes he’s only played one game. That being said he

had six three pointers and 26 points on a ridiculous 10 of 16 shooting. While

he only had one rebound, that number will rise. The emergence of Anthony

Davis will give Anderson all day to shoot, and the other stats will come. I’m

putting out offers for a guy that is only going to improve as the season wears

Kyrie Irving – Uncle Drew has been frustrating owners who drafted

him in the first round this season. His shooting is abysmal and with only 4.5

assists a game he’s not doing enough of the other things to justify his lofty

ADP. After a recent explosion against Washington, it may be hard to buy

him low, but it’s worth a shots with owners who are currently tearing out

their own hair every time he clunks one off the backboard.

Pau Gasol – Currently ranked 112th

fared well as the centerpiece of the offense. He is a passing big man with a

deft touch – kind words to describe someone whose toughness has always

been in question. That being said, the abominable snowman distraction that

is Andrew Bynum is gone, and Kobe is returning to draw defenders off the

mighty Spaniard. Look for Pau’s percentages and points to rise, as well as a

slight uptick in all other stats. Buy! Buy! Buy!

 in 9-cat leagues, Pau has never

Kevin Martin – His stats are excellent, he’s a starter, and he’s

playing for a coach he loves. All ingredients for a delicious fantasy stew I

know, but beware of that which is unproven. Martin will simply not sustain

his scoring, especially as Rubio continues to improve and Pekovic finds his

touch around the basket. I still think he’ll shatter his ADP of 86, but will he

 overall fantasy player? Hold on to him at your own risk.

Carlos Boozer – Having never been a fan of Carlos Boozer in my

life, this may be a little biased. Then again, he is terrifying, so perhaps it’s

justified. Boozer has been consistent, but a lot of that production is simply

filling holes left by Derrick Rose. Not to mention he’s about due for an

injury, and the signs all point to a firesale. Let someone else deal with his

inevitable collapse ¾ of the way through the season.

Dwyane Wade - Savvy owners will see right through your ploy if

you try to offer them Wade, but there’s always someone in every league

who’s eyes turn to dinner plates when a star name is involved. While

Wade’s steals are nice, the rest of his starts are significantly down, and his

dinosaur knee joints aren’t allowing him to play in back to back games. He’s

going to be a hero come actual NBA playoff time, but for those of us mired

in the statistical realm of fantasy sports…he’s just not worth it this year.

As always, you can scream and yell at me on twitter @CamDorrett, or

email me directly at cam.dorrett@gmail.com. Good luck this week, and may

this video cheer you up when the injury gods strike.

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