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Danilo Gallinari: Is he a fantasy sleeper for the 2013-2014 season?

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There is little doubt that when healthy, Danilo Gallinari is a quality forward, one of the best in the league. Point is he currently is not healthy. So what about his fantasy potential? Should he be considered as a legitimate fantasy sleeper? Or should he just be avoided by fantasy owners?
The first thing we have to consider when talking about Gallinari for the 2013-2014 season is that he will be returning from a torn ACL injury. Remember this type of injury? It’s a nightmare for any professional athlete, because it has an extended rehabilitation time and it can also hide lots of setbacks. That’s the same injury Rajon Rondo is recovering from and the same one that forced Derrick Rose miss 1.5 years in the league. So, first things first, even if Gallinari returns this season, somewhere around late November or December or even January, he might not be 100 percent.  He will be slower, weaker and far from 'fit'.  It will take time to pick up the points he did when he suffered this unfortunate injury and became the main man for the Nuggets.
It’s true that Gallinari came off a career-high16.2 PPG last season in the 71 games he was able to participate with the Denver Nuggets. He also recorded 5.2 RPG, 41.8 FG% and 88.2 FT%. These are solid stats and tempting for a fantasy team. However, his injury concerns should alert fantasy owners. During the 2011-2012 season the Italian forward appeared in just 43 games.
As a matter of fact, the 25-year old forward could be considered as a solid fantasy pick for the 2013-2014 season but he also contains a big dose of risk. Certainly, the slight loss of quality in the Nuggets team and the departure of Andre Iguodala could work on his favor. Gallinari will certainly be the biggest contributor on the offensive end for the Nuggets, once he reaches his 100 percent. But will this happen this season or during the first weeks after his return? That’s a mystery and there’s exactly where the risk is hidden for fantasy owners.
So, for fantasy owners who want to stay focused and don’t bargain with their fantasy teams, Gallinari might as well remain undrafted this season. For those who are willing to take the risk, they can keep him in mind of course, especially as his comeback gets more imminent. Personally, we are big fans of "Gallo" and his character, determination and work ethic is only to be admired. 
Thankfully, Danilo Gallinari is still young and he will have many years ahead in his career to prove his value and that he can stay healthy and at the top of his game. But for now, it would be wiser for fantasy owners to sit back and see that happen.

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