Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday Night NCAA Football and NFL Picks

By  @Jon17Morgan

Hey Fellas your sports betting advisor is back for another week. We have 1 College Football game tonight, we have (4-1) Rutgers vs #8 Louisville (5-0). At this time the game point spread is -18.5 pts in favor of Louisville. I recommend that the best play is to bet the point spread +18.5 pts. I believe Rutgers will cover the spread. Both teams have played weak opponents with the exception of Rutgers losing to Fresno St 52-51 in overtime in week 1. Morgan says to.. Take Rutgers +18.5pts!!! OR take the game "Over" 54.5 pts.

Thursday Night NFL Football. We have the NY Giants vs Chicago Bears. Chicago is a big favorite on the money line, Giants are close to being a 6-1 underdog. Is it time for a Giants win? Giants are to good of a team to continue this losing streak. Point spread is 7.5 pts. TNF can be a gift or a curse. I am gonna go out on a limb for the simple reason that the Giants have to pull off an upset. It  will not be easy to beat the Bears at home by any stretch of the imagination. See if it feels right to you. I will take the Giants tonight S/U or +7.5pts. I feel the 46.5 pts total will be (OVER).
I will not be making a large release on this game. Wager accordingly and responsibly. Parlay both games if possible. Follow me on Twitter @Jon17Morgan to stay within the family. As always my goal is for your money to stay with YOU! Not go to your bookie.
 "I lay it out for ya to play it out"
Back at cha tomorrow for Saturday's College Football games to wager.

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