Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday Game Day College Football Winners

Hey Fellas
Morgan's at it again, I always have the games for you to consider betting. Get professional betting advice on any sport. My game picks are trending around 87-90% in NCAA Football. Enough of that, let's get down to business.
Missouri vs Georgia = Georgia s/u or -7.5pts
Indiana   vs Michigan St = Indiana s/u  or +9.5pts
Iowa St  vs Texas Tech = Texas Tech s/u or - 13.5pts
Oklahoma vs Texas = Oklahoma s/u or Texas +13.5pts
Kansas St vs Baylor = Baylor s/u or -16.5pts
Florida vs LSU = LSU s/u or -6.5pts
Northwestern vs Wisconsin = Wisconsin s/u or +9.5pts
Oregon vs Washington = Oregon s/u or -13.5
Michigan vs Penn St = Michigan s/u or -2.5pts
Stanford vs Utah = Stanford s/u or -7.5 pts
Texas A&M vs Ole Miss = Texas A&M s/u or -5.5pts
Oregon St vs Washington St = s/u PICK. I like Wash St,  spread is 1.5. It's a Pick it game.

 I have laid it out for ya to play it out. I want your $$$ to stay with YOU! not go to your bookie. These are just a few College games for Saturday. If you would like counsel on any other games get at me @Jon17Morgan . Best of luck & Stay within the family.

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