Tuesday, October 15, 2013


By Michael H. Osinski
One of the most frustrating things to deal with during the season is injured players. You always know there is the risk of injury. Some guys (Vick for example) more than others.
Winning in a competitive league is a matter of how you juggle roster. That's what we try to deal with each week in this column.
As you know, I lost Vick. My favorite player was going to get hurt sometime. It's an inherent risk in drafting him. And it's never a good time. I originally handled it...or so I thought. I was forced to part with my TE depth to pick up Alex Smith. That didn't work out so well. I also traded for a bit of WR depth (Hakeem Nicks). Good thing I did that.
Next I lost Julio Jones. Then I lost David Wilson. Then there were questions about Larry Fitzgerald's availability.  Needless to say I lost Week6 (But by a much smaller margin than I thought.) For good measure, I also lost Amendola.
OK, it's Week7. I'm still in the race. Now what to do. When the Julio Jones news hit, I moved quickly and picked up Keenan Allen. I also scooped up Garrett Graham, whom I will need Week9 to cover a TE bye.
OK...who is available? I was offered Colston, but I don't want to part with some of my depth because I have serious bye issues Week9 and Week12. Let's hit the wire.
I am convinced Vick is going to be out again this week. I don't like Smith's matchup and frankly am second-guessing my gut on how safe a bet I thought he was. I don't like Foles. I am a Vick guy. But, I still have a shot to get in the playoffs, so I put a waiver claim in for him today. It doesn't hurt that he played week last week and has a good matchup this week. No time for loyalty.
I mentioned last week I thought Henne was a good pick up. I stand by that. Blackmon (whom I picked up a couple weeks before his suspension was over). Palmer, Tannehill, Pryor and all the other guys being touted as smart waiver moves are all owned in my league. But if you need a bye week cover, I really like Pryor and Tannehill. I don't like Weeden. No on any of the suspects in Buffalo. One of the NFL.com guys picked Glennon for a week and got lucky with a favorable matchup. Don't bet on it.
We've had pretty good luck finding RBs. I've been on the Andre Ellington bandwagon for weeks. Get him if he is available. He is already a decent flex option and Mendenhall seems to be getting slower and slower.
The DeMarco Murray injury opens up time for Joseph Randle. I liked what I saw from him Sunday, and he is going to get the ball.
Shonn Greene figures to be back this week to steal touches from CJzeroK. I can't get my head around the idea of Brandon Jacobs. This is not 2008. But, he will get the ball.
Zac Stacy is already owned in my league, but if he is available in your league, get him.
This also may be about time to start thinking about stashing Shane Vereen for Week11.
I scooped up Keenan Allen next week. I was reminded why Monday night.  I picked up Percy Harvin in 2 of my 3 leagues (The league I usually reference in this column has a guy who has rostered him all season).
Harry Douglas is an interesting pick. No Julio. Maybe little White. And maybe still no SJax, so Ryan is going to throw a bunch to someone. We mentioned Terrance Williams a couple weeks ago. He looks to have an edge over Miles Austin right now.
Robert Woods is good. Another interesting pick is Jarrett Boykin. Cobb is out at least 4 weeks and maybe as many as 8. Rodgers throws the ball a lot. And lastly, Kembrell Thompkins made the big catch, but Aaron Dobson played nearly all the snaps. Might be time to go back and get him (I assume someone had him earlier this season).
I hadn't watched Jordan Reed much since college. He is good. TE has become deep, but he can certainly cover your Thomas, Cameron, Bennett or Graham byes and he might be better to have than a lot of the rest.
Jeff Cumberland gets a bump after the news of Winslow's suspension.
I stream a new DEF each week. It's always a good practice to see who draws rookie QBs (Glennon, Buffalo QB, Smith, i.e.) or the teams that don't take good care of the ball (JAX, NYG).
I am trying to decide between San Diego and the Falcons. Carolina, Miami and Cleveland are all good choices.
I was surprised when Alex Henery was available. Ditto Caleb Sturgis. I went with Henery.
Good luck! I can be reached for questions on lineup setting, trade offers or other roster management issues at @mhosinskiLLP

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  1. I have a few words of warning for those CJ use to be 2K owners, firstly, this year, like last and the year before, the schedule favors Johnson, after this week against SF, although, oddly SF has been better against the pass vs run, but safe bet is to wait with CJ. In each of the last ten games, correct me if I am wrong, but Johnson has hit the 100yd mark and got in the endzone, so if this is anything like the pervious seasons, there is a better then good chance, Chris Johnson will start producing, and people who do not have him should try to get him cheap, and those that do, shouldn't sell him low, as he will be worth it in the end when it matters, although people like to think how he has played is an indication of how he will do, but just look at the teams he has played thus far and you might understand why he is where he is now. Then take a look at the rest of his schedule, which favors a running back, and how he has done the last 10 games of each of the previous seasons, and you will understand my point. Yes Greene will come back soon, and replace Battle, mainly because he is terrible, but Shonn Greene does well, and could be exactly what the doctor ordered to help CJ in the final weeks of the season. Remember, you need to make playoffs then anything can happen, and just look at who he has coming up and maybe one bad matchup during the rest of the season, which could give your team the boost it needs for a playoff birth, or to help you roll on in the playoffs..plus who are your other options, Zac Stacy, I like, but not exactly the most favorable schedule coming up. Ellington, might be picked up, but if he isn't I like him, however until the Cards coach decides playing the better player is the smart move, we are all subject to his stupidity. I tried to trade for CJ in my league, and offered low but was willing to go a little higher and explained that, and he rejected my trade the fastest I have ever been rejected..including that one time I wrote Kim K, and asked her to marry me..I know she will eventually be regretting that one after she is 40 and single and saggy.. Ok well I never wrote her, but I thought about it, and it played out as me being rejected the fastest I have ever been, in my head (usually a bad sign if you already think you are gonna be rejected before you ask), until I proposed that trade for CJ. So keep in mind what I said, and another word of advice, if you think you are gonna be rejected, be smart, like myself, and don't set yourself up for rejection, rather go with the odds..or in fantasy terms, start low and go high. Never ever insult your fantasy mate by offering one of the worst trades I have ever seen, someone offered J Randle, Ryan Mathews, and Mike Williams for dez Bryant. Fortunately for that person the trade was something they asked me advice on and didn't propose to me, because I would have immediately banned that person from all fantasy leagues I am ever in..instead I told them, just because 3 players may add up to the value of one player, does not mean the trade is worth it. All you are offering is 3 bench guys he has no room for and no one else would either, for the best WR at this point..don't be stupid people, almost any 3 players will score more then one at the top of their position, and if you are at that point where you think that's a good trade for the both of you, ask yourself, would I take this..if the answer is yes, please contact me and we have a free spot in my league, if the answer is no, smack yourself for thinking that, hopefully that wakes you up..otherwise just retire from Fantasy sports and go back to watching figure skating in the Olympics or whatever you people do that don't watch sports and play Fantasy.