Thursday, October 31, 2013


By Michael H. Osinski
This whole week has been about me being teed off that Mike Vick re-injured that hamstring. As I mentioned in the Roster Management Column earlier this week, I have him in 2 of my 3 leagues this year and have always had him. (Even when he was in ATL)
I picked up my wife and our new dog at the airport once wearing a Vick jersey (Got a bunch of puzzled looks for that one).
So excuse me this week as I am still in mourning. I actually pulled the trigger on waiving Vick in one league(got Pryor). Still have to deal with him in my league of record. Weighing trade offers to get Pryor or Dalton against just going to the un-trusty waiver wire. Yup, the wheels are coming off The Acquitted's season. (Lost Vick, Julio, Amendola, Dwilson, LFitz for a bit...and I drafted Spiller...go figure)
Since I generally only carry 1 QB, I have had to spend a lot time this week looking at matchups and some this week are pretty tasty.
Ok, I had Stafford #2 last week. (Manning #1) We whiffed on RGIII and underestimated Cam last week. Pretty much the rest of the list played chalk. We did say to stay away from Campbell who had a nice little game. (And, ironically, if I don't make a trade to cover the Vick spot, Campbell is my choice...yuck!)
This time of year, it becomes about match ups.
1. Cam Newton (CAR): ATL is getting shredded. Cam is hot. Carolina might squeeze into playoffs.
2. Tony Romo (DAL): MIN is just not stopping anyone.
3. Aaron Rodgers (GB): CHI secondary is banged up.
4. Phil Rivers (SD): Skins getting tanned by everyone.
5. Drew Brees (NO): NYJ a tough matchup, but Brees has momentum.
6. Jake Locker (TEN): O-line is better than SEA's right now...
7. Andrew Luck (HOU): Lots of guys on bye...otherwise, he is no better than 10.
8. Matt Ryan (ATL): Really needs a running game.
9. Terrelle Pryor (OAK): It's Philly.
10. Russell Wilson (SEA): 7-1 will help you forget about Monday.
11. Alex Smith (KC): Only because 6 teams and 4 good QBs on bye.
12. Nick Foles (PHI): The rest of the matchups kinda suck.
Just out: RGIII (WSH);  Tom Brady (NE)...only cuz he is Brady; Jason Campbell (CLE)
Stay away: Ryan Tannehill (MIA); Geno Smith (NYJ)
We whiffed on McCoy and Lynch, and underestimated Stacy and Ellington.
Gore, Moreno and Bush on bye. OK, all those Giants backs and MJD on bye as well.  That being said...
1. Jamaal Charles (KC): He is good. Reid using him better than he ever used McCoy.
2. Matt Forte (CHI): Journeyman QBs tend to lean on versatile RBs.
3. Ray Rice (BAL): Not a typo...they are gonna give him the ball until he pukes.
4. Ryan Mathews (SD): Chargers are gonna score 40.
5. Adrian Peterson (MIN): Monte Kiffin should be looking for his next job.
6. Marshawn Lynch (SEA): I am guessing he is mad/embarrassed about Monday.
7. Eddie Lacy (GB): Let's see...20 carries/5 yds per carry/1 td...
8. Darren McFadden (OAK): They are not stopping anything.
9. Stevan Ridley (NE): A mini-roll and a team spiraling down.
10. Arian Foster (HOU): Unfavorable matchup and a bit ouchy.
11. LeSean McCoy (PHI): OAK aint so bad on defense this year.
12. DeMarco Murray (DAL): Good matchup. He gonna play?
13. Alfred Morris (WSH): Give him the ball (not Helu).
14. Zac Stacy (STL): I am beginning to believe.
15. Giovani Bernard (CIN): NE ran on the Phins.
16. Le'Veon Bell (PIT): Rebounds nicely.
17. Danny Woodhead (SD): All in the passing game.
18. Mike James (TB): Come on...Zac Stacy went for 120!
19. Lamar Miller (MIA): CIN is pretty good.
20. Chris Johnson (TEN): Has a better O-line right now than SEA.
21. Trent Richardson (IND): Starting to lose faith.
22. Steven Jackson (ATL): Did have 14 touches last week.
23. DeAngelo Williams (CAR): Assuming he is healthy.
24. Chris Ivory (NYJ): Not a great matchup, but watch out if NO get way ahead early.
25. Darren Sproles (NO): They get him involved this week.
Just out: FJax/Spiller...not sure who is playing...and they play KC. Pierre Thomas...Mike Tolbert gets TDs.
We had Megatron 1 and Dez 2. Nelson 5. Ok Ok...We did not have Marvin Jones. Let's not get out of control here. He is gonna be the waiver wire favorite this week. Good for him. Let someone else in your league waste the waiver claim on him. Kinda like Eddie Royal earlier this year.
Anyway...Megatron, LFitz, Welker/DThomas/Decker, Boldin, VCruz, Blackmon/Shorts all on bye. Good luck finding a WR3 this week.
1. Dez Bryant (DAL): He'll get more than 6 targets this week.
2. Jordy Nelson (GB): Nobody else is left and CHI secondary is banged up.
3. Keenan Allen (SD): Out on a limb a little here, but come on, it's the Skins.
4. Josh Gordon (CLE): Campbell is no dummy...this guy is good.
5. DeSean Jackson (PHI): Foles at QB.
6. Pierre Garcon (WSH): Still waiting for a huge game, but consistency is good too.
7. AJ Green (CIN): Low this week cuz MIA good vs pass.
8. Steve Smith (CAR): ATL not stopping much these days. Cam going off this week.
9. Denarius Moore (OAK): Only about the matchup.
10. Vincent Jackson (TB): If Glennon goes 15 for 50, VJax still catches 8 of those.
11. Brandon Marshall (CHI): Back up QBs are generally looking at the guys they practiced with.
12. Andre Johnson (HOU): New QB.
13. Antonio Brown (PIT): NE good, he probably gets a TD.
14. Harry Douglas (ATL): CAR a bit tougher, but he still sees 12 targets.
15. Marques Colston (NO): Led Saints in targets last week. Comeback comes this week.
16. TY Hilton (IND): #1 option now.
17. Alshon Jeffery (CHI): Ditto what I wrote in #11.
18. Torrey Smith (BAL): Draws Haden again.
19. Terrance Williams (DAL): No Austin. No problem.
20. Kendall Wright (TEN): Consistent.
21. Mike Wallace (MIA): Because it is a bye week for many good WRs.
22. James Jones (GB): Assuming he is healthy.
23. Jarret Boykin (GB): Higher if Jones is out.
24. Lance Moore (NO): Healthy again.
25. Golden Tate (SEA): Not sure about Harvin...but if Percy is healthy, Percy is 10 and Tate is not 25.
Just out: Nate Washington, Stevie Johnson, Vincent Brown
Stay away from Marvin Jones, Kenny Stills...let someone else take that gamble.
No Thomas. No Davis. We don't even get a chance to see Joseph Fauria do that "silly-whiteboy dance."
We were pretty OK in a week light on TE scoring (save Graham and Reed).
1. Rob Gronkowski (NE): Unless Amendola is 100%, Gronk will get 15 targets.
2. Jimmy Graham (NO): Seems sacrilegious to put him #2, but he does have a foot problem and only saw a handful of targets last week.
3. Jordan Reed (WSH): SD hasn't been great vs. TEs and Reed has become RGIII's #2 option.
4. Antonio Gates (SD): WSH not stopping anyone and Gates has had a nice comeback this year.
5. Kyle Rudolph (MIN): Doesn't matter who QB is, DAL won't stop him.
6. Greg Olsen (CAR): ATL unraveling on defense.
7. Jason Witten (DAL): MIN not playing great defense.
8. Tony Gonzalez (ATL): Too many defenses keying on him.
9. Martellus Bennett (CHI): Maybe some checkdowns from backup QB.
10. Charles Clay (MIA): Just a hunch he sees another TD.
11. Heath Miller (PIT): Ben's security blanket.
12. Anthony Fasano (KC): The eye test tells me he is good.
Just out; ZMiller, Tim Wright, Tyler Eifert
We didn't have DEN in the top 10 last week, but we did have the rest...just not in the correct order.
1. KC...When your QB is named Thad...
2. SEA...another rookie QB
3. IND...Keenum? Yikes. They have already beat Manning, Wilson and Kaepernick.
4. TEN...Clemens at QB
5. NO...Rookie QB
6. DAL...Not sure who plays QB. Not sure it matters.
7. CIN...Tannehill gets picked twice, sacked 5 times.
8. NE...Ben gonna throw 3 picks.
9. OAK...Philly turns it over...especially if Foles cant play.
10. CAR...Ryan keeps getting picked off.
Teams that score....
1. Nick Novak (SD)
2. Adam Vinateri (IND)
3. Mason Crosby (GB)
4. Sebastian Janikowski (OAK)
5. Stephen Gostkowski (NE)
6. Garrett Hartley (NO)
7. Dan Bailey (DAL)
8. Ryan Succop (KC)
9. Caleb Sturgis (MIA)
10. Matt Bryant (ATL)
Good luck this week. I can answer any roster, trade or line up questions at @mhosinskiLLP..

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