Saturday, October 5, 2013

NCAA Football Games to bet

Hey Fellas, @Jon17Morgan here all the way from East Coast Canada. You are for the most part thinking "WTF does a Canadian Fella know about NCAA Football?" Let me prove to you that I am a Fella you want to follow. I will pick out some great games to bet today. I want to help you make money!!! I'll lay it out for you to play it out. With that said lets get down to business. Sometimes there are great games that we miss, as there are so many on Saturday.
Ohio vs Akron - Ohio / -4.5
Minnesota vs #19 Michigan - Michigan -19.5
Western Michigan vs Toledo- Toledo s/u
NC St vs Wake Forest- Nc St
Georgia vs Tennesee - Georgia - 10.5
Kansas St vs Oklahoma St - Oklahoma St -13.5
LSU vs Mississippi St-  LSU -9.5
Ole Miss vs  Auburn- Ole Miss s/u
TCU vs Oklahoma- Oklahoma  - 9.5
Mizzou vs Vanderbilt- Vandy s/u
Ohio St vs Northwestern- Ohio St- -6.5
Washington vs Stanford- Stanford / Washington +8.5
Sort through these games there are some goodies! My 2 game parlay that I really like and I will be laying myself is Michigan -19.5 (I know, it's a lot of points) and The Ohio St Buckeyes -6.5. Also Oklahoma -9.5and Georgia -10.5
Bookies have some many games to set odds and spreads for that you will see a game like Ohio St @  -6.5pts. Take that game spread and abuse it! bet it hard, they are the road team however Ohio St can very well be a # 1, 2, 3 seed, Rankings are a popularity contest anyway. Happy Betting Fellas. Tune in later for Sit ' Em Start 'em and NFL picks for tomorrow!!!!!  Follow me @Jon17Morgan and  @SportsWiseGuy1 to stay within the family at all times. My goal is that after the games your money stays with you!!!!! I want you to win your Fantasy League Championships. Good Luck Eh!

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