Monday, October 14, 2013

Matchups You Might Want To Avoid

So this is something I'm going to begin doing every week for you guys that like to take risks in your league and go against the grain. These are 5 top tier players that will not have a good week based on their matchup, injuries, or just the scheme they'll be going against. Not only will I tell you who to sit, I'll give you a name of someone to pickup that's available in a lot of leagues.
1. Sam Bradford- Looking ahead to next week Sam plays the Carolina Panthers. This is a trap matchup, like most people you probably instantly think Carolina sucks worse than your dog leaving a dump on the carpet for you when you get home. Think again! Although these guys don't win a lot, they give up fewest points to QB's coming into week 7. Not to mention they are in the middle of the pack as far as points given up to running back's. You couple these two together it makes for a run heavy, low point day for Sam Bradford and the high riding Rams.
As for a replacement I'd have to say Nick Foles for sure if he wins the starting job, due to the matchup with the beat up Dallas Cowboy's. Outside of that Chad Henne would be a steal to start as well going against a terrible Chargers pass defense.
2. Dwayne Bowe- For all the owners that have stuck with this guy week in and week out hoping he would show glimpses of who he was last year... not only are you loyal... you're stupid. Bowe is playing against the Texans this week and in case you haven't done your research their offense and special teams seem to be the only parts of their game that gives up points. They allow only 14 points to WR's per game. Sit him down, better yet keep him down, you don't want anyone on the Chiefs besides their defense and Jamal Charles, PERIOD!
As for a pickup, Terrance Williams is a definite resolution if he's still available in your league. The guy is becoming a beast along side Dez Bryant.
3. Le'veon Bell- So against the Vikings his first week back from injury this guy blew up! But then this past week against the Jets he posted a mere 5 points? Well it doesn't get any easier, the pass heavy Steelers' offense will be heading to play the Baltimore Ravens. Did I mention they give up the least amount of points to RB's this year? You may say that he'll get some touches as a receiver and yeah that's possible but unless you're playing in a PPR league it won't help you out much. Sit him down.
Looking for a solid replacement because your team isn't deep enough? Go with Zac Stacy the 5th round pick out of Vanderbilt, he's had solid weeks back to back. And with coach Jeff Fisher behind him and Sam Bradford going against a tough pass defense, Stacy will be money! Not only will he be solid I think he puts up 20 points this week. If he's not in your lineup and he's on waivers what are you waiting for? It's like taking candy from a baby.
4. Jared Cook- Notice a theme here? Don't start anyone involved in a passing game against the Panthers. Cook has been a great surprise thus far and is becoming a solid option for Bradford in St. Louis. But, the Panthers only give up 4 points per game to tight ends and shut down the passing game altogether. Start someone else.
And to touch on who you should pick up look at this guy Scott Chandler for Buffalo. Thad Lewis stepped in and played very well this past week and Lewis racked up 10 points in non PPR leagues. He's slowly becoming a force and they play the Miami Dolphins who play decent defense but give up the 2nd most fantasy points to TE's. He's only owned in 12% of leagues, pick him up! I'm grabbing him off the wire as I'm typing this.
5. This is a double whammy and it's based on the two offenses being superior to any defense. This week Indianapolis and Denver play each other. If you have either one of these defenses sit them down and pick up somebody else. Don't ever underestimate having a great matchup on defense, it's the most overlooked position in fantasy football.
Although it doesn't seem right based on recent weeks you have to take Minnesota's D in a matchup against Eli Manning. Granted Jacobs created a running game last week, but he will wear down soon. Eli is on a record pace for interceptions this year and they give up the most points to Fantasy Defenses. Even more than the Jaguars and that's pretty amazing if you think about it. Play Minnesota this week against what they've done previously.
You can always email me if you want answers on your fantasy team. Thanks for reading!


  1. firstly, Zac Stacy, is playing Carolina..yes, the def that just held Peterson to 8.8pts, that's in ppr leagues, with 62 rushing yards and 21rec yards..zac stacy is a bust this week, however, last week Ryan Mathews ran for 102yds, against the Indi defense, who have not exactly been the best against the run, especially back when Gore ran for 70yds in the first half, then the coach stopped running. I have Stacy in a few leagues, because he is the only capable runner, and I love him at Vandi, but he is no Peterson, so that is not the best matchup this week, however, on the other side, STL def has let Murray gain over 200 total yards, Arian Foster, which is obvious, mjd for 70yds and his best game this year, and Gore for 153yds and a d Williams, should have a good game, but likely that Cam will be running well and probably getting in the endzone.

  2. I agree with MIN def this week vs the giants, something like 25pts opposing defenses avg against the Giants, however, Harrison Smith is out, their incredibly nasty FS, but the replacement has gotten time this year and is doing well, so I think we should be ok there. On the other side, Jacobs..who is that you ask..the same guy that was a top RB in 2007 fantasy and ruined my season by himself..a lot of people talk about picking him up, but with my bias to that season..I hope he loses a leg..I mean does really well....for the oldest back that has ever played football..well, maybe not but sure feels like it. With that said, Vikings are the worst against the run, so he did it last week, and knowing Jacobs like I do, I expect him to have absolutely no value, but I am bias, and if you are taking the MIN def, you are obviously going with the stats, which say Jacobs should be able to run the ball. However, I think the d-line of MIN and LBs should be able to handle him, 265lbs and somehow in '07 he couldn't get across the goal-line if there was a big mac, double chz burger and large fries waiting for him, but who knows, maybe the years have taught him something, or just the fact the giants literally have no one else, until Andre Brown is back, and if I were taking one of them, I would take my chances sitting on Brown. The Giants have added a new LB in the mix, and getting Randle involved, Mundy is doing well, mainly because the opposing team has the ball all day long. So I think it is safe to say MIN def will put up some points, a respectable 20pts or so, just for being on the field with the giants, however, I do expect the Giants to score, and wouldn't mind seeing Eli pass all day and beat MIN, but that's mainly because I still hold that grudge against Jacobs. Which is another good point, don't hold grudges, or favor players, look at their performances and team and schedule before you drop, pickup, or trade. I am in 9 leagues, 7 I'm in 1st, and 2 2nd place as of now, but the season is young..and my best RB Rice, and best WR Calvin have combined a total of maybe 70pts so far this year, but my week 1 pickup of Moreno, made up for that, also, week 3 when everyone still questioned KC def, I also picked them up, and got me 42pts last week to defeat the only undefeated player in my league 200-146..again with Peyton scoring 14pts, Rice 6pts, and Calvin 4pts...but Andre Ellington who I have had since week 3 scored 17 for me, but I am still wondering when the Cardinals head coach will take his head out of his ass and realize that not only does Mendy suck, but Alonso Smith, should not get the ball on the last drive of the game when he has 3 touches the entire game..but luckily for us, the Cardinals coach does not like to win, nor does he like to play the player doing the reminds me of Jacksonville, the only team that could draft a QB in the 2014 draft and probably still not play him, I think I could throw the ball better then Gabbert, which means he would probably start in JAX..this is when you fire the coach. Back to Ellington, the RB that has had as many touches as the starter, and basically doubled him in production and has gone up each week, then against the seahawks, the coach stuck with Mend..this coming from the coach that said, its a win or lose, there is no consultation, I summed that up, but coach is winning also putting in your worst player at the most crucial point of the game, not your most consistent..those decisions, just like the ones you make weekly on your fantasy roster, teaches you what NOT to do, unless you enjoying losing, or coming close, in which case Bocce Ball is perfect, then at least close get out of the nfl and throw balls at other balls, and we can all be happy!!