Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pickups Week 8

Pickup Lines
by Tom O'Mara

"I want to play a game."
- Saw

I went shopping the other day. Being a single guy living in the big city, I just needed to pick up a few random things, so i headed to the local Target. Having trouble finding something, I asked one of the random clerks for help.

"Just head down this aisle, and when you get to the Christmas decorations, make a right... it should be there."

"Thanks." Then, i did a double take.... What did she just say? Did she REALLY just tell me to make a right at the CHRISTMAS decorations?!?!?! What! Are you humbugging kidding me?!?! Christmas decorations? Really? Does this store realize that it's the beginning of OCTOBER? Halloween hasn't come. Thanksgiving hasn't come. The riotous Black Friday hasn't even come yet! Christmas??? What is this world coming to? I love Christmas but let's get rational here... It is waaaaaaaaaaay too early to be thinking about mistletoe and holly jolly times. The only fat guys I'm thinking about are the offensive and defensive lines for my fantasy players! Which brings me to my point...

Do NOT think too far in advance for your Fantasy Team. I know a lot of players that look at their teams, and look for trades valuing key matchups for the fantasy playoffs. Granted, if your team is 6-1 or 7-0, you might want to consider those matchups but it is waaaaaaaaaay too early in a season to do so for most teams. First, you need to make the playoffs for any of that to be relavant, and by looking that far in advance, you may hurt your chances this week, and for the next few weeks. Second, in this NFL, key injuries seem to be happening at an abnormally high pace. A team that looks strong now, may turn out to be a great matchup in 7-8 weeks... and you just traded a player away from that fantasy goodness.... So... Do NOT put the cart before the horse... or in this case, do NOT put the Sleigh before the Reindeer! Now I have to go hang my lights (1 goes out- they all go out! How annoying is that!) and start setting up my tree....

Roy Helu
A fantasy God this week with three TDs... but how many of you had him in your lineup? Good, keep him out of it. They were flukey touchdowns. Alfred Morris is STILL the man in Washington. Morris had done the heavy lifting in those drives, and was taken out towards the end to "get fresh legs" in there, according to RGIII and Mike Shanahan.

Jeremy Kerley
Kerley has a great relationship with Geno Smith. (I wonder who wears the pants in it?!? I'm guessing Geno.) They always seem to be on the same page, and Kerley seems to catch everything thrown his way. With Santonio Holmes still out, Kerley will be the beneficiary.

The Christmas Tree Shop
OK... Stop... Don't even get me started ranting about a store that's open YEAR ROUND, that sells Christmas goods... Come on... As the great comedian Lewis Black once said "Who goes into a bank and says I need a loan... I'm going to open a store and sell Christmas (stuff- not his word but close) year round... and the bank officer says WOW! What a great idea!" ... No... just stop.

These are players that are available in leagues. As always, If AJ Green or Drew Brees are available, please pick them up... and tell the rest of your league that you're Santa Claus,because they'll probably believe you!


Jake Locker
Warning... Locker is on a bye this week. But, if you have the space, STASH him. He's coming back from an injury so he is widely available and has been great. No one even thought he'd be able to play this weekend, and he still threw for over 300 yards and two TDs... and his remaining schedule is great... yeah... i know I told you above to not look too closely at that BUT EVERY game he has left is against a team with a bad defense!
Ho! Ho! Ho!

Mike Glennon
The rookie continues to impress in Tampa Bay. Pick him up if you need a Bye Week replacement. Don't expect too much but you could do a lot worse (Yes, i'm talking to YOU Brandon Weedon or YOU Carson Palmer!) Bah Humbug.

Tim Tebow
This is a super deep, super CRAZY pickup here. (Is it ANY crazier than selling Christmas supplies in October!) If you are in DIRE, i repeat DIRE need of a QB, in maybe a two QB league, Tim Tebow MAY be an option. With all of the QB issues that the NFL has right now, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if a team gave his holiness a chance... and I'm betting its the St. Louis Rams... call it a hunch, or call it something i heard through the grapevine... but remember, this is a SUPER DEEP pickup. Oh Holy Night....

Running Backs

Chris Ivory
Ivory looked great on Sunday against the Patriots. Yes, the Patriots have been playing awful against the run, but the more important fact is that Ivory received 90% of the worlkload. He has fresh legs, appears to be fully healthy, and seems to have broken through the stranglehold that Bilal Powell had on the starting gig. I'd look for a more even workload between the two backs, and with Geno Smith as the QB, the Jets will continue to rely heavily on their run game. Jingle Bells... Jingle Bells....

Mike James
Doug Martin is hurt. Original reports were that he was going to be out for the season. Now, word is... no one is sure. Tamba Bay's season is pretty much over... Why bring him back and risk further injury. James is the clear choice in Tampa Bay. What you will get is a complete mystery, but in a season where RBs are scarce, at least you know he'll be playing.... Chestnuts roasting on an open fire....

Wide Receiver

Jeremy Kerley
He is a treat... see above, then, pick him up. Jack Frost nipping at your nose...

Jarrett Boykin
Aaron Rodgers is great. Enough said. Silent Night, Holy Night....

Darius Heyward Bay
With the season ending injury to Reggie Wayne, the WR duties will be left up to DHB and TY Hilton. TY Hilton is owned in most leagues, but DHB is readily available. DHB has tremendous talent & speed, and if he can finally put it all together, he could be Mike Wallace (back when Mike Wallace was GOOD with Pittsburgh...) We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas....

Ok... i'm off to go shopping for my St. Patrick's Day supplies... as always, if you have any questions regarding your lineup/team or you just want to bash me for any bad advice, i can be found on twitter @celtictso

Good Luck this week.

"I'm you're biggest fan."

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