Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pickups Week 7

Pickup Lines
by Tom O'Mara

"What an excellent day for an exorcism."
- The Exorcist

"Don't Be Sheep!"

That is a quote that has stayed with me since my senior year of high school. It was the lesson on the first day of my religious studies class. Now, this wasn't your average religious studies. You see, the teacher of this class was an older Jesuit priest named William J. O'Malley, S.J. He also wasn't JUST a priest. He was an author, an entertainer, and an actor. What had he acted in, you ask? Only one of the scariest movies of all time... The Exorcist. Yes. THAT movie. Since it's Halloween time, and I have recently re-watched the film, I pass his words onto you. Don't. Be. Sheep. Look at things differently. Use this with your fantasy teams as well. Just because everyone in your league is looking for the next running back, or next wide receiver, doesn't mean that YOU have to. DON'T. BE. SHEEP. While the rest of your league uses their waiver claims for possible RBs or WRs, why not pick up a great DEFENSE or KICKER for the week. I change my kicker & defense on a weekly basis. Those can be just as valuable and are often overlooked on waiver day. Points can be gained in every position on your team, and every point counts the same. DON'T. BE. SHEEP. And if you know someone's team that needs an excorcism, I know a great guy that can help.

CJ Spiller
Between the lack of production, the split time with Fred Jackson, and the risk of injury, CJ Spiller has yet to be the back that everyone envisioned when he was drafted in the top 8 of your league. If you have him, sell him. Don't give him away, but his name should be able to get you something good in return, and you won't have to deal with the headache.

Justin Blackmon
I have been talking about Blackmon since the VERY FIRST of these columns, when he was beginning a 4 game suspension. I told you back then that he had top 15-20 talent and that you needed to grab him while you can... Well, that time may be over now (check your leagues because he is available in some leagues!) After this past sunday, when he caught 14 passes for 190 yards, the ship has sailed. With Cecil Shorts injury, Blackmon is poised to have an amazing finish to the season. Get him if you can!

You know what's great? Scary Horror Movies are great! You know what's horrible? Sequels! Think about it. The Excorcist, Saw, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween... These movies are awesome... Their sequels are worse than Tim Tebow's passing ability.

These are players that are available in leagues. As always, If Jamaal Charles or Brandon Marshall are available, please pick them up... and stop your leaguemates from drinking colorful drinks with little umbrellas!


Terrelle Pryor
Pryor continues to impress with both his arm and his legs. I can't believe that he is readily available in most leagues. He's had better fantasy numbers than Tom Brady! Now i'm not suggesting you drop Tom Brady for Pryor but you'd be a Psycho not to use him as a bye week replacement at least.

Mike Glennon
Tampa Bay's Quarterback job is his. The Bucs aren't going anywhere this year so they need to see what they have in Glennon. So far, he's been impressive, and he definitely has the weapons to have good fantasy days.. The Shining young QB can be very useful... especially in two quarterback leagues.

Running Backs

Andre Ellington
He is still available in a ton of leagues. Let me remind you that he is the backup RB to Rashard Mendenhall. Let me ALSO remind you- Mendenhall is horrible. The Cardinals are beginning to see that, and Ellington has become a bigger part of the offense. He will be the starting running back there within 2 weeks... not 28 Days Later.
Zac Stacy

Joseph Randle/Lance Dunbar
I hope you're sitting down. Take a deep breath... Demarco Murray is hurt. Ok, so it's not surprising at all. We all knew it was going to happen. Since Lance Dunbar would've been the clear backup, and he is currently nursing a sore hamstring, the RB situation in Dallas is unclear. It would be easier seeing through The Mist than to know what Dallas' plans are. If Dunbar is unable to play this week, the running back they may be forced to use is Joseph Randle. Either of these two are risky pickups this week but if you're stuck and need a bye week fill in, take a chance on a RB in a good offense.

Wide Receiver

Keenan Allen
Allen has been phenomenal this season. The resurgence of Phillip Rivers has made his wide receivers very relevant. Allen seems to be getting most of the love. He might just be able to Carrie your team to a victory! Ok,  ok... I know that's not how you spell carry but this isn't easy! (Don't be sheep!)

Jarrett Boykin
Aaron Rodgers, when he's not making commercials (Hey Rodgers! Discount Double Check!), is a really good quarterback. Randall Cobb is hurt (out 6-8 weeks). James Jones is hurt (out 1-2 weeks). Jordy Nelson is good but he won't be able to be the only WR. Boykin will make a good fill in for the next couple of weeks. He definitely won't be for The Birds.

Kris Durham
Calvin Johnson can not do it all in Detroit. And CJ is hurting. With all of the double teams that defenses throw at Calvin, another receiver needs to step up. Kris Durham seems to have grabbed that role. Matthew Stafford likes throwing his way. He had 13 targets last week, and anyone getting that much attention deserves to be owned and started in fantasy leagues. I get Tremors just thinking about the Misery that I can inflict upon my next opponent with Durham in my lineup.

"We all go a little mad sometimes... haven't you?"

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