Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pickups week 5

Pickup Lines
by Tom O'Mara

"You can't kill the boogeyman!"

It's a classic line, from an all time classic scary movie, "Halloween." (The original- not the horrible remake! Seriously, why do they remake these!)

We're at THAT time of year again. Little girls will be dressed up as princesses, little boys, as pirates... Now, the OLDER girls... well, they'll be dressed up as... umm... let's just say Miley Cyruses...

We're also at that crucial time in your fantasy football season- week 5. By now, you should really have a good idea about where your team is heading. If you're 0-5, well... maybe you should start thinking about your Halloween costume. 5-0 and you can start positioning yourself for the playoffs. Anything in between, and you need to keep working to get one of those crucial playoff spots!

Since we're approaching Halloween, and the time of Trick or Treating, the next few columns will list some Tricks (players who may seem good, but are overrated) and some Treats (some undervalued players you should try to acquire!)

Maurice Jones Drew
With a SCARY bad offensive line (yes I did!) and a deadly schedule coming up, MJD has more name value than real value. If you have him, trade him! I'm sure there is someone in your league who will see the name and jump at the opportunity. Trade him BEFOREthat owner reads this column!

Tom Brady
This is NOT the Tom Brady of old. This is an OLD Tom Brady. Yes, he's missing some of his weapons, but Tom is missing passes that he has probably never missed before in his career. Gronk may be back this week, but for how long. Last year, he re-injured himself in the first game back. With rookie receivers, injured receivers, and non-factor receivers, Brady's days as an elite fantasy QB may be over. Trade him while you still can.

Steven Ridley
As Tom Brady's passing has declined, the running game will need to pick it up. Steven Ridley, currently injured, but should be back this week, will be the back to own. His owners are probably very concerned right now because LeGarrette Blount has looked to be the better back, however, Blount fumbled the ball away this week, and that will not keep him in Bellicheck's good graces.

Candy Corns
This candy has, and always will, taste like sugar flavored wax. The all-time worst candy. Ever. Don't go for it.

These are players that are available in leagues. As always, If Dez Bryant or Tony Romo are available, please pick them up... and quit covering your eyes during those scary movies!


Geno Smith
With his legs, or his arm, Geno will help you win. If you need a bye week replacement, you can do a lot worse than Geno. Sure, he's a rookie, and will probably have ups and downs, but has been showing improvement from game to game. He will be a hot pickup after his dismantling of the Falcons in Atlanta.

Nick Foles
Ok, how many of you thought Michael Vick would play all 16 games this season? Those of you with your hands raised.... please raise your right hand, and smack yourself in the head. With Vick leaving Sunday's game against the Giants with a balky hamstring, it was time for Foles to step in... and he played well. Granted it was the Giants, but he also didn't practice with the starters. With a full week of Reps as the starter, Foles will have a good game THIS week, and who knows when Michael Vick will be back.

Running Backs

Andre Ellington
Rashard Mendenhall is awful. He's worse than awful. He's worse than "Halloween 3: Season of the Witch." (No Michael Myers? Masks? WTF?!) Andre Ellington will be the starter within the next few weeks and this may be your LAST chance to get him before everyone wants him.

Zac Stacy
Stacy is now the starter for the St. Louis Rams. OK, they are the Rams, so temper your expectations, but Stacy will make a nice bye week replacement, or trade bait for someone that needs a "starter."
Danny Woodhead
Woodhead's ownership is growing by the day. Ryan Matthews is WORSE than Rashard Mendenhall (see above!) The Chargers are now giving Woodhead the goal line carries, as well as 7-9 receiving targets per game! I'll take any RB that gets thrown to that much, in addition to his running.

Wide Receiver

Alshon Jeffery
Brandon Marshall is good. He's original Nightmare on Elm Street good. Opponents of the Chicago Bears try to take out Marshall. That leaves half of the field open to Jeffery. And Jay Cutler knows it. That's why Jeffery has been receiving 8-10 targets per game. Someone getting that many looks, in a decent offense, is an invaluable pickup.
Terrance Williams
The Sun rose today. The Sun set today. Miles Austin is hurt. Enough said.

Austin Pettis
Pettis seems to have assumed the Danny Amendola role in the Rams offense. Bradford likes passing to him, and he's getting the looks. Nothing fancy but a definite bye week fill in.

Now, get out there and collect your goodies!

"One, Two, Freddy's Coming for you... Three, Four, better lock your door... Five, Six, grab your crucifix... Seven, Eight, gonna stay up late... Nine, Ten, never sleep again!"

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