Tuesday, October 8, 2013


By Michael H. Osinski
We keep stressing how important roster management is, especially during bye weeks. We scored big a couple weeks ago picking up Justin Blackmon. It paid off with close to 20 points Sunday. Andre Ellington is looking like a good pick up. The Cleveland defense worked out well too.
A new development hit me this weekend. Vick. Yup, despite my running back woes (weeks of Spiller, Ridley, Wilson) Vick has kept me in contention. There are conflicting reports about his status for Week 6. He is at practice today. It was reported yesterday he was out for at least Week 6 and maybe Week 7. Full scramble mode. As I mentioned in an earlier column, I rarely carry a second QB because I like the flexibility the roster spot allows me. Call me stupid, but I have Vick in all 3 leagues.
My #3 league is the league in which I experiment with ideas. I "experimented" a couple weeks ago and rostered Terrel Pryor. I'm good there. #2 league  I actually carried 2 QBs so Kaepernick is a good, if not great option.
My league of record is where the problem lies. After the Vick injury and David Wilson experiment, I knew I was going to lose (I would've won if Julio had a TD Monday night). So, knowing I am 3-2 with a lot of upside (McCoy and Spiller, JThomas. Julio, LFitz, Amendola, Blackmon and Nicks.) But now I have what is potentially a gaping hole at QB.
I just don't like Foles. Henne is a possibility. Brandon Weeden? I ended up trading Martellus Bennett for Alex Smith.  So while I really want Vick to play, if he doesn't I have a decent plug in QB with a pretty good matchup (Oak).
That's what a little depth can do. We will see if it works.
OK. More bye week management. Not as many teams out this week, so fewer moves necessary.
If you have to go to the WW for a QB, I feel for you. I looked and made a trade instead.
Pryor was probably picked a couple weeks ago. Foles isn't a bad option, though I have never liked him. Chad Henne is probably the best option at QB. I don't care what Gus Bradley says about who his starting QB is...Gabbert said he heard his hamstring pop. Cecil, Justin and I are all over having Henne throw the rock around. If you got to pick a QB off the WW, go with Chad. Avoid Thad.
On the horizon...keep an eye on Geno Smith. Ditto Josh Freeman.
We touted Andre Ellington last week. If he is available, get him. He will consistently get you 8-10 points, so he is a bye week RB2 or a flex. With Darren McFadden out and Rashad Jennings gimpy, Marcel Reece is not a bad option, though he has a bad matchup (KC).
Jeff Fisher says Zac Stacy gets another start Sunday. Not a great matchup (Hou) but 15-20 carries is 15-20 carries. The RB mess in NE is unresolved. Bolden looks to be a better option than Blount if Ridley is out again. Donald Brown is a desperation move.
I play with my WR5 roster spot a lot. I got Marlon Brown early in the season and actually played him and got 12.5 points. I had Robert Woods (who is still a good WW pick up). This week I put a claim in for Keenan Allen. The Chargers stole him in the 3rd round in the draft...and now with Malcolm Floyd on IR next to Danario Alexander, he is a good option.
So while I am writing this I see Julio Jones out for season. Yikes. I need some WR help. Harry Douglas just moved up the list.
If he is not owned, Percy Harvin is back in a couple weeks. Never too early to pick him up.
Terrance Williams is a good option given Austin's injury history. I think Jerome Simpson becomes attractive if/when Josh Freeman starts.
Garrett Graham is in for 4-6 weeks spelling Daniels. Pettigrew might be available. Nobody else is attractive.
Last week I switched from Buffalo to Cleveland at last minute and liked it. So far streaming a def each week has worked. I might keep the Browns if Calvin Johnson is still out, but I am leaning toward Minnesota and Carolina this week..
I kinda like Ryan Succop. KC moves the ball and stalls for FGs a lot.
Good luck to all. Player rankings Thursday am. Now, I gotta figure out what I am doing about Julio Jones.

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