Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fantasy Football ROSTER MANAGEMENT - Week 5

By Michael H. Osinski
 Last week we concluded that roster management during bye weeks is what separates the men from boys in fantasy play. It worked for me. I still have lousy rb play (Spiller, Ridley, David Wilson), but in my league of record I moved to 3-1 with a 4-point victory I couldn't enjoy until Colston and Lamar Miller only got 22 of the 26 my opponent needed to beat me.
The reason? The Indy defense. Yup, I stream a new defense each week and this time it won for me. Actually in my 3 leagues I had Indy-KC-Indy. Just another example of roster management working.
It's a new week. New byes. New issues with which to deal. (I hopefully took care of my rb issues by trading Welker and Ridley for LeSean McCoy and Givens.)
OK. So what's available on the wire to cover byes. RB-heavy bye week. Morris, Peterson, Bell, etc. So let's start there.
Woodhead, Helu, Jacquizz Rodgers are all owned in my league. If they are not owned in yours, they should be. Rodgers value lessens after this week since Steven Jackson figures to be back after the week 6 bye. Helu is a useful handcuff, but Morris figures to be active after a week 5 bye. Woodhead is a poor man's Sproles and has River's trust and can actually be played as a low-end rb2 from here on out.
So who else? McFadden AND Reece are hurt (again). That means Rashad Jennings is potentially useful. I'd stay away. The body of Willis McGahee is available. Someone has got to carry the rock for the Browns. Bolden and Blount? I punted on Ridley in a league partially because I'm not starting a guy in a 3-man timeshare, even if I drafted him in the 3rd round.
OK. What about the guys I do kinda like. I like Eddie Lacy. I think the bye was good for him. I think he's the starter. BUT, if you saw any of the tape of Johnathan Franklin's 100-yard effort week 4, you know why I like him. If you have a roster spot you used for Marlon Brown, Jason Snelling or the like, I'd dump any of those guys for Franklin.
The guy I really like is Andre Ellington. I put a claim in for him, dropping Snelling. Mendenhal was awful and has only had 1 decent performance this year.
Tannehill, Pryor are both owned in my league. They are good enough to be owned in your league.
Because of how deep the position is, I only carry 1 qb (Vick-Vick-RWilson). I figure there are enough guys sitting available on the wire to cover a bye. If Vick gets hurt, I'm in more trouble than Carson Palmer or some other backup can help me out of anyway.
That being said, there are bye weeks. RGIII sits this week among others. So, if you can stomach the interceptions, Brian Hoyer or Ryan Fitzpatrick is an option. Hopefully, someone like Eli Manning, Phil Rivers or Jay Cutler (all owned in my league) is available. Manuel, Cassel and Geno Smith are "stomachable" for one game is you have a decent matchup.
The option that may become intriguing is Chad Henne. Gabbert was my highest scoring player last week (I had Indy defense) and despite a vote of confidence from the coach yesterday, is on his way out.
If you are like me, that 5th wr spot is a revolving door on your roster. Matchups. Hunches. I actually played and got 12.5 points from Marlon Brown because I didn't like the matchup my first-teamer had. (Lay off Brown this week. He has a hammie issue.)
I picked up Justin Blackmon last week. Yes, he's that good. He's even better once Henne starts playing. Pick him up. I like Alshon Jeffery. He is owned in my league but not in 50% of Yahoo leagues. I also like Robert Woods. He should've had 2 tds last week.
Most of the rest I'd lay off. Nate Washington might be useful (look at his stats). Broyles got fewer snaps than that Durham or Dunham guy that got speared on the onside kick late in the game. Kerley, Hankerson. Pass. Terrance Williams is fun if Austin is out again.
It's deep and a lot of guys (me included) are carrying 2. (I have Julius Thomas and Bennett. I'm trying to trade the latter.)
Heath Miller got picked up off waivers in week 2. Ditto Fleener. Charles Clay is even owned in my league of record.
OK. I know that's no help. If you really need a te, look at Rob Housler, Joseph Fauria or Jordan Reed.
I always look at who is playing Jacksonville. Rams! They are not as bad as they looked against the 49ers. Who is playing the Jets? Falcons. Not a bad play. I put claims in for Buffalo because I expect the 5 picks they got from Flacco are not an accident and Hoyer should oblige.
Also, Cleveland is available in over 80% of Yahoo leagues. They are a nice little defense (ask Andy Dalton).
I pick one each week. Look for a guy who is going to play indoors. I'm taking Zuerlein, but you can get the same or more mileage out of Haushka.
Good luck. Player rankings Wednesday afternoon!

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