Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fantasy Football PLAYER RANKINGS - Week 6

By Michael H. Osinski
Well, ranking players is an inexact science/art. So far this season QB play has been consistent. RB play has been all over the map. TE numbers have been a lot better than we thought they would be.
Last week we were good on QBs with Manning, Romo, Brees, Rodgers all in the top usual. We had Stafford too high, but we thought Megatron was going to play. Brady was a whiff, but come on, who thought he'd put up a 5.88 (I was thinking 15.88)
Vick and Gabbert are hurt. Ponder still looks like he is out. Tannehill and Ryan are on byes.
Some interesting matchups.
1. Peyton Manning(DEN): I will just leave him here until his bye week.
2. Tony Romo(DAL): Washington hasn't stopped anyone. Romo is on a bit of a roll.
3. Jay Cutler(CHI): Not a typo. Look at that matchup...NYG are reeling.
4. Drew Brees(NO): Another of those guys I will just leave up here for now.
5.Andrew Luck(IND): I gotta think QBs smile when they see SD coming up on the schedule.
6. Aaron Rodgers(GB): The top tier guys are hitting stride.
7. Tom Brady(NE): No way he goes bad 2 weeks in a row.
8. Phil Rivers(SD): Tough to move him down the way he is playing. Maybe 400 yds 3 weeks in a row.
9 Matt Stafford(DET): Again...won't put up another bad game (assuming CJ playing)
10. Chad Henne(JAX): Gonna be playing from way behind the whole game. Garbage time.
11. Russell Wilson(SEA): Back at home.
12. Robert Griffin III(WAS): Dallas hasn't stopped anybody recently either.
13. Colin Kaeprnick(SF): Lands here because I think he is gonna run again.
14. Alex Smith(KC): Oakland has had trouble stopping people.
15. Cam Newton(CAR): He can't possibly be as bad as last week...can he?
Just out: That other Manning, Big Ben, Joe Flacco
Geno can't do that again, can he? Pryor will be running away from KC line. Nick Foles gets TB.  Schaub not only has to dodge the defense, he has to avoid the fans.
Miller, Rodgers, Snelling the only guys on byes really(Anybody out there like Thomas?)
Ray Rice came back to relevance. Like most of us, I can't figure out what's up with the Patriots. Charles keeps rolling along. McCoy was ok. Even Spiller put up an acceptable game.
1. Jamaal Charles(KC): Right now, he is the best.
2. Arian Foster(HOU): SF can be run on and Foster is gonna have to pick up Schaub's slack.
3. Doug Martin(TB): He gets the Eagles.
4. Adrian Peterson(MN): He is AP by the way.
5. LeSean McCoy(PHI): Here mostly because of the passing game numbers he will have.
6. Matt Forte(CHI): Gets the NYG on a Thursday night!
7. Marshawn Lynch(SEA): He is on a pretty good roll.
8. Ray Rice(BTL): He's back. 27 touches last week. No reason to think they won't keep giving him the ball.
9. Alfred Morris(WAS): Back from the bye week to face a Dallas Def that Moreno shredded last week.
10. Demarco Murray(DAL): He should get more carries this week.
11. CJ Spiller(BUF): I still believe there is going to be an explosion.
12. Frank Gore(SF):  He is better than those guys from Carolina.
13. Reggie Bush(DET): Last week was a disaster. Not looking for another clunker.
14. Trent Richardson(IN): Will get plenty of 4th quarter carries when the team is way ahead.
15. Danny Woodhead(SD): Rivers likes him in the passing game.
16. Knowshon Moreno(DEN): Would be higher but I expect a big lead and more garbage time for Hilleman.
17. Stevan Ridley(NE): Blount fumbled. Healthy this week. He finally comes around.
18. Bilal Powell(NYJ): Goodson and Ivory will eat into his carries. But for now, he is the bell cow.
19. LaVeon Bell(PIT): He looked ok in England, gonna get the ball and they will need to run first.
20. Darren Sproles(NO): Not sure what happened last week.
21. Fred Jackson(BUF): Averaging 13 points per week.
22. Eddie Lacy(GB): Starks out; Franklin deep on the bench, about 100 yds last week.
23. WillisMcGahee(CLE): He is going to get the ball.
24. Chris Johnson(TEN): Man, he has fallen this far! Battle and Greene getting goal line carries
25. Giovani Bernard(CIN): Still splitting carries with Law Firm.
The next group: Pierre Thomas, Andre Ellington, Rashad Mendenhal, Zac Stacy, Ronnie Hilleman
I can't yet gauge the OAK group of Reece/Jennings or Jacobs/Scott.
Holy Julio! With the bye this week, I wasn't going to play him anyway this week, but, come on...he kills me in 2 leagues. I'm not sold on Douglas (I picked up Keenan Allen). ATL is in trouble. White has a hamstring problem to add to the ankle issue. They said they are not in talks for Gordon. It just seems to me that Hakeem Nicks would be a solid pick up.
We all whiffed on Megatron last week, but we had no notice. Who knew Jeffery would be even better this week?
1. Dez Bryant(DAL): Gets Washington. Romo is hot. A lot to love here.
2. Demaryious Thomas(DEN): Yikes...a guy in my league of record has him AND Dez!
3. Justin Blackmon(JAX): I am thinking a couple of garbage time TDs.
4. Calvin Johnson(DET): Barring another last-second surprise...
5. AJ Green(CIN): A little concerned about Dalton, but he is AJ Green.
6. Pierre Garcon(WAS): Against Dallas, he puts up a big game.
7. Victor Cruz(NYG): He IS still having a good year.
8. Brandon Marshall(CHI): With NYG, he is only this low because of the "Jeffery affect."
9. Randall Cobb(GB): Like the idea of getting him in the running game.
10. Wes Welker(DEN): Tough to have him any lower with this matchup
11. Josh Gordon(CLE): He is their go to guy, even with Weeden.
12. Andre Johnson(HOU): Schaub has got to get it together.
13. (A)TY Hilton; (B)Reggie Wayne...both will excel against SD's lack of defense.
15. Larry Fitzgerald(AZ): I am starting to get used to moving him down the list.
16. Torrey Smith(BTL): He keeps getting the ball.
17. DeSean Jackson(PHI): Says Revis can't run with him.
18. Jordy Nelson(GB): Completely healthy this year.
19. Cecil Shorts(JAX): 2 Jags WR in the top 20? Garbage time.
20. Hakeem Nicks(NYG): Went for 142 last week. Thinking he is back.
21. Danny Amendola(NE): Only 5.5 last week, but was 1 yard from a TD. Should only get better.
22. Marques Colston(NO): This is gonna be a good game.
23. Eric Decker(DEN): Have him out of the top 20 because of that reality show...
24. Keenan Allen(SD): I am a believer.
25. Alshon Jeffery(CHI): Can't argue with the past 2 weeks, and the Giants are a plus matchup.
26. Steve Smith(CAR): Last week was brutal.
27. James Jones(GB): Aaron Rodgers is like that kid with way too many toys.
28. Vincent Jackson(TB): Rookie QB scares me.
29. Antonio Brown(PIT): Puts up big games once in a while.
30. Denarious Moore(OAK): Like him when Pryor is in the game.
Next group: Boldin, Pettis, Williams, Bowe, Woods
I can't get to like the Jets WR core. Sanders is getting fewer looks. I don't believe in Randle or Ginn and the Rams haven't figured out what to do with Givens or Austin.
There are a couple guys putting up sick numbers. Graham is on pace for 1800 yds and 20 tds. Julius Thomas is fantastic. Witten had 120 yds last week.
Gonzalez and Clay on bye and most of these guys have been matchup proof.
1. Jimmy Graham(NO): Makes all those guys who drafted him in the first round look smart.
2. Julius Thomas(DEN): Maybe not as big a day as last week, but Jags a plus matchup.
3. Rob Gronkowski(NE): Maybe a little high first game back, but come's Gronk!
4. Jason Witten(DAL): Another good matchup and a hot QB.
5. Greg Olsen(CAR): Cameron had a big game vs. Minn.
6. Jordan Cameron(CLE):  Tough to rate him any lower.
7. Antonio Gates(SD): Nice to be able to have him this high.
8. Vernon Davis(SF): Look how deep the position is now.
9. Martellus Bennett(CHI): Maybe injured, so proceed with caution.
10. Garrett Graham(HOU): He is next in line.
11. Coby Fleener(IND): SD has trouble with TE defense.
12. Kyle Rudolph(MIN): Like him with Cassel playing.
13. Jordan Reed(WAS): Dallas can't stop TEs either.
14. Brandon Myers(NYG): Eli has got to check down.
15. Brent Celek(PHI): Foles to check down too.
Next group: Pettigrew, Miller, McGrath, Gresham, Miller(The other one)
By now you know I stream a defense each week. It's been working. I was going with Buffalo until about 30 minutes before when I swapped for Clevelaqnd. Liked how that one worked out.
I have Carolina in 2 leagues. Not sure of that yet. NY Jets in the other league.
1. Seattle
2. Cincinnati
3. Kansas City
4. Carolina
5. SF
6. NY Jets
7. Cleveland
8. St Louis
9. Denver
10. Baltimore
I stream here as well. Really worked last week: Henery, Zuerlein, Bryant
As usual, stick as much as possible to dome kickers and guys on teams scoring a lot.
Good luck to all!

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