Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fantasy Football Pick ups Week 8

Pickup Lines
by Tom O'Mara

"Just a good ol' boy, never meaning no harm..."
- Waylon Jennings

Wow. That's what I was thinking this past weekend... No, not because my beloved Jets got crushed by The Bengals (C'mon, I'm a Jets fan- i'm USED to that.... no I expect that!) My Wow was because the sight of one person transported me back to my early childhood. A time when finding a fourth person to play touch football in the street was a kid's biggest concern.

Catherine Bach, aka Daisy Duke, was standing in front of me. Find me any guy, who as a kid, didn't have the biggest crush on Daisy, and i'll show you someone who didn't own a television. The short denim shorts. The cutoff, tied in a knot, t-shirts. Everything about Daisy was flawless. Countless hours were spent by me, pretending, or should I say hoping, to be a Duke boy, running that illegal moonshine up and down Hazzard County. Blasting the most well known Dodge Charger's Horn as i jumped the cliffs trying to avoid being captured by Boss Hog's bumbling Police Officer, Rosco P. Coltrane... Seriously, how DID he get that job?!?!? Anyway... there she was, smiling at me, talking to me, being as sweet as I imagined. I was 12 again, and in love. Well, whatever love IS to a 12 year old. Then, she was gone. I was back to being a middle aged guy. The closest thing to running moonshine that I get to do is when i knock back a few on a friday night. No General Lee. (Just a Chrysler.) No jumping cliffs. (Maybe a few NYC potholes.) No Daisy.

Now, back in the early eighties, Daisy was flawless and she'll ALWAYS be, in my mind but Catherine Bach, as all of us do, has changed. She's grown older. She's had the plastic surgery (I think.) She's not perfect. But, again, in my mind, she'll always be. You can't let this happen to you with your Fantasy Teams. Whether it be baseball, football, hockey, basketball... it doesn't matter. Do NOT let someone stay perfect in your mind. I've made that mistake far too often. On all THREE of my fantasy teams this season, I have Marques Colston. Why not? He's Marques Freakin' Colston! He's got Drew Brees throwing him TD after TD. He's a cinch for 1000 yards... Well... turns out- he's no Daisy Duke. He's got 1 TD through 7 games, and about 350 yards... Seems like much more of a Rosco to me. Don't let name recognition, or memories of the past, clog your judgement. You need to look at future production and forget all about jumping those cliffs.

These are players that are available in leagues. As always, If Calvin Johnson or Tony Romo are available, please pick them up... and tell your friends to quit drinking all of Hazzard County's Moonshine!


Jake Locker
Locker is still available in a large number of leagues. He's coming off of the bye, which has given him more time to heal. And he has been a very productive QB over his last 3 tilts. With his weak schedule for the remainder of the season, he is a definite must add, especially for any Michael Vick owners who may be looking for a QB replacement, or bye week fill in.

Jason Campbell
Campbell is a serviceable QB who has never really gotten the credit that he deserves. He's not flashy, and his upside is pretty limited... He does play on the Browns, and who knows if their wide receivers will even BE on their roster after the trading deadline, but he does have experience, and actually looked very good this past week. 200-250 yards passing each week, with 2 TDs is what i would expect... especially since the Browns will be behind most games, and their running game is non-existant.

Running Backs

Andre Brown
Brown will be coming off the IR for the New York Giants in time for their next contest. They have a bye this week, and oh yeah... they still have no running game. Peyton Hillis is a bruising back that will be good around the goal line, or as a change of pace. Same thing can be said for Brandon Jacobs, when his hamstring is ready. But neither of them are a big play threat. Andre Brown, if he can stay on the field, gives the Giants that threat. He might be worth taking a chance on.

Donald Brown
Trent Richardson looks awful. I wonder if The Colts are regretting that trade yet. Richardson looks slow. He doesn't appear to be the same runner that he was last year... and remember, quit trying to jump those cliffs! Brown can get 15 touches in both the running game, and the passing game, and that can be very useful.

James Starks
Eddie Lacey is the starting RB in Green Bay, but he is a rookie and does need some relief. Now that The Packers have found a running game, they will continue to pound the ball. I see the offense becoming more of a 60/40 split between passing and running. Starks is another back that can catch or run the rock, and he'll get 10 touches a game, and in this offense, that may be all he needs.

Wide Receiver

Marvin Jones
4 TDs. He'll obviously be the hottest pickup of the week. He's available in most leagues but much like Cletus never getting Daisy, unless you're number 1 or 2 in priority, you probably won't get Jones. I do love a WR playing opposite AJ Green though. If you were a defensive coordinator, which one of those guys would YOU double cover, and gameplan for?

Kenny Stills
A big play receiver on the Saints, who may be a risky pickup. He has the potential for 100 yard games and a couple of scores... especially with Drew Brees slinging it down the field. However, Stills also carries the risk of a 2 catch 20 yard game. It's a hard offense to predict (other than Jimmy Graham) but if you're desperate and are swinging for the fences, Stills could be your Uncle Jesse.

David Nelson
Nelson, since being signed by the Jets, has been getting better every week. Geno Smith seems to trust him, and with both Jeremy Kerley & Jeff Cumberland hobbled, Nelson will continue to see most of the work in the passing game. Again, its not a great offense, but Nelson could be useful during bye weeks.
I'm off to practice sliding across the hood of my Chrysler (and then probably to the emergency room for X-rays on whatever bones I break!) I'll leave you with this last word from Bo and Luke Duke "YEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAWWWWWW"

... as always, if you have any questions regarding your lineup/team or you just want to bash me for any bad advice, i can be found on twitter @celtictso

Good Luck this week.

"Someday the mountain might get 'em but the law never will."
-Waylon Jennings

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