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Fantasy Basketball Top 25 Shooting Guards for 2013-2014

By Hecman

With the rankings and projections for the Top 25 Point Guards for Fantasy Basketball 2013-2014 (top 32 actually!) in the books, let’s move onto the sharpshooters, you know, the mostly lazy bones of fantasy basketball, the Top 25 Shooting Guards! It sounds pretty fun to play no defense and hang out by the three point line all day. I want that job! Anyway, unlike the point guard position which is fairly deep with some interesting upside guys, the shooting guard position, while a bit deep in numbers, is kind of meh in talent with the time shares and what not toward the end of the list. After intense consultation with my My Magic 8 Ball, who moonlights as a crystal ball in Manhattan on weekends, here are the rankings and projections we have come up with. If you don’t like what you see email my Magic 8 Ball at He’ll get back to you … like never!
1. James Harden – OMG, OMG. Jimmy Beard is a monster! LOL, ROFL, :) and what not. I expect a dip in points from his 25 per last year but tick his dimes up slightly. Trade off! In turnover leagues, he’s a little bit of a downer but you’ll live.
Projections: 24 ppg/6 apg/4.8 rpg/.445/.840/1.7 spg/170 3s/35 blk/3.4 tov
2. Stephen Curry – I went over him in my Top 25 Point Guards for Fantasy Basketball. Sorry to make you chase links. I hate that too!
3. Paul George – Here’s what I said last year: “An off guard who averaged less than 30 minutes a game (ok, 29.7 but still I’m technically right!) while still posting 5.6 boards, 1.6 steals, 1.3 threes and over 12 ppg makes me pretty damn excited. The proverbial arrow is pointing up, brah! Or is it metaphorical?” The days of getting him cheap(er) are over!
Projections: 17.5 ppg/4 apg/7.2 rpg/.430/.800/1.7 spg/170 3s/50 blk/2.8 tov
4. Dwyane Wade – Hey, psst, I have a secret for you. Come closer. A little closer. Closer. Pee-u! Your breath stinks! hecman whispers. Opt out contract year.
Projections: 21 ppg/5 apg/5.1 rpg/.490/.760/1.8 spg/20 3s/60 blk/2.9 tov
5. Kobe Bryant – I just have so much mad love for Kobe. When he cheated on his wife a few years ago I was only upset it wasn’t with me. Anyhoo! Wouldn’t shock me at all if he was back opening night and he should definitely be back in November. Now the question is, do you feel lucky? He will slide a bit, that’s fo shizzle. Your call. By the way, Kobe is example number 1 of why I hate doing drafts mid-October. Hold your damn draft on the eve of the season! For what it’s worth, I’m passing on him for where he’s going to go but that’s just me. It’s all about me! But you already knew that. I mentioned it the other day.
Projections: 24.5 ppg/5 apg/5 rpg/.455/.830/1.2 spg/115 3s/20 blk/3.2 tov
6. Monta Ellis – Where’s the love for Monta? He’s now on his third team in less than two years. Nobody likes a ball hog! At least not if you’re losing or if you play fantasy hoops. While he was decent, he murdered his owners in FG (41.6% on over 17 FGA per) last year. I think that will come up but plan to compensate for FG accordingly if you grab him. Just in case it doesn’t!
Projections: 20 ppg/5.5 apg/3.5 rpg/.440/.785/2 spg/100 3s/30 blk/3 tov
7. O.J. Mayo – Yeah, man, gimme some Mayo baby. He’s such a ham! Ok, but seriously folks, much like Al Jefferson in Charlotte, O.J. should be pretty ridiculously good on a poor team. Expect some gawdy numbers. This time gawdy is good!
Projections: 18 ppg/3.5 apg/3.8 rpg/.440/.820/1.1 spg/150 3s/25 blk/2.7 tov
8. Klay ThompsonAndre Iguodala’s presence concerns me a bit since I felt he directly contributed to Ty Lawson sucking ass the first half of last year. Same concerns, different team! Keep an eye on it. I still have him ranked 8th so I’m not that concerned.
Projections: 17 ppg/2.3 apg/3.5 rpg/.425/.845/1 spg/200 3s/40 blk/2 tov
9. Andre Iguodala – I’m pretty excited about Iggy this year. DON’T expect points but do expect plenty of other goodies. He’s more well rounded than Nadia Comaneci! Anyone remember her? Guy still can’t shoot a free throw though.
Projections: 12.5 ppg/5.5 apg/6 rpg/.450/.640/1.7 spg/90 3s/55 blk/2.6 tov
10. Joe Johnson – I can’t see him launching 14.6 shots a game like he did last year so logical reasoning suggests his scoring average will dip below the 16.7 per of a year ago. That’s what I do, I think logically. Sometimes! Half the time anyway.
Projections: 15.5 ppg/3.5 apg/3 rpg/.445/.825/.8 spg/150 3s/15 blk/1.8 tov
11. J.R. Smith – He definitely had a much better year than I expected last year so now that I have him ranked 11h he’ll probably fart on my pillow. A healthy Iman Shumpert doesn’t really scare me but don’t forget the 5 game suspension to start the season once he’s back healthy. You can pretty much throw out the first half of November here.
Projections: 16.5 ppg/2.5 apg/4.5 rpg/.420/.750/1.2 spg/145 3s/20 blk/1.5 tov
12. Tyreke Evans – It’s pretty much been all down hill since his stellar rookie year and I really just don’t see him ever getting back to that level again. Like Bon Jovi, Tyreke is living on a name (prayer!). If you think Eric Gordon is going to get hurt then kick him up a notch. You think?!
Projections: 15.5 ppg/3.5 apg/4.5 rpg/.465/.775/45 3s/1.3 spg/25 blk/2.1 tov
13. Bradley Beal – I very much like Mr. Beal. I also like Jessica Biel. There is not a bieal I don’t love! The arrow is pointing up so go ahead and get on board before he becomes too expensive next year. Stay healthy Bradley. I’ll pray for you!
Projections: 15.5 ppg/3 apg/4 rpg/.420/.790/1 spg/140 3s/40 blk/1.8 tov
14. Wesley Matthews – As predicted last pre-season, Wes bounced back nicely last year and I see no reason why he won’t continue to produce. CJ McCollum schlolum. He’s out probably until January anyway so there!
Projections: 14.5 ppg/2.5 apg/3 rpg/.435/.815/1.3 spg/180 3s/20 blk/1.5 tov
15. Eric Bledsoe – See Eric’s blurb and projections in Top 25 Point Guards for Fantasy Basketball. Go!
16. Jimmy Butler - Outside of Kirk Hineyrich I don’t see much threat to Jimmy’s playing time. He was a darling pick up last year and should only continue to rise to fantasy stardom. I see him as a minutes monger who should see a lot of open looks now that he’s playing with the guy who had someone take his SAT’s for him. People really get away with that!?
Projections: 13 ppg/2.5 apg/4.5 rpg/.450/.810/1.3 spg/80 3s/40 blk/1.5 tov
17. Kevin Martin – I know he seems kind of high but I’m willing to give him a second (third!) chance playing alongside Ricky Rubio who I would like to dry hump. He may have to fight Kevin Love for some three point, um, love though.
Projections: 17 ppg/2.8 apg/3 rpg/.435/.890/1 spg/175 3s/10 blk/1.9 tov
18. Danny Green - Did you know that Danny Green hit 177 threes last year? You do now! Not a sexy name but be sure to remember it when you draft. I’m serious! You better not forget!
Projections: 12.5 ppg/2 apg/3.5 rpg/.450/.830/1.3 spg/185 3s/60 blk/1.5 tov
19. Gerald Henderson – Last year he exploded in the second half and I tried my bestest to get you on the bandwagon before said explosion because you otherwise probably missed the boat. Did that make any sense!? Anyway, in 30 post-all star break games, homey averaged 18.9/4/3.4 with sick percents ! I see continued nice things out of Gerald, just don’t draft him and DeMar DeRozan on the same team. You’ll have no threes!
Projections: 16.5 ppg/3.5 apg/4 rpg/.455/.810/1 spg/40 3s/40 blk/2 tov
20. Arron Afflalo – I was pretty high on Arron heading into last season and my projections were all pretty much spot on (lots other players too! You can see for yourself). Anyhoo! I see a slight downtick from last year but I’m not letting the Victor Oladipo hype scare me from grabbing him as a value pick. It’s just hype! Or maybe it’s more. Hmm. That’s why they play the games!
Projections: 16 ppg/3 apg/3.5 rpg/.450/.840/.6 spg/80 3s/15 blk/2 tov
21. DeMar DeRozan - Drafting a shooting guard who shoots no threes is kind of like buying an ice cream cake with no ice cream. It’s missing a key ingredient! Despite that I still give a small endorsement due to his nice scoring average, steal per game and sweet FT percentage at over 5 FTA per. Did I mention he doesn’t shoot threes? No ice cream for you!
Projections: 18 ppg/2.5 apg/3 rpg/.435/.835/1 spg/30 3s/20 blk/1.9 tov
22. Dion Waiters - Even with Jarrett Jack in the fold to play some combo minutes, I’m still high on Dion as a nice value pick. He’s underrated! Don’t underrate Dion. Don’t go crazy either but don’t forget about him. Don’t you forget! My money is on him being ranked higher next year.
Projections: 15.5 ppg/3.2 apg/3 rpg/.445/.750/1.2 spg/100 3s/25 blk/2.2 tov
23. Kyle Korver - Kyle was a revelation last year and mostly screwed up Lou Williams owners until Lou himself screwed up Lou Williams owners. I like Kyle to keep screwing up Lou Williams owners again this year. Moral of the story? Don’t be a Lou Williams owner! Ewwww. Do draft Kyle! Yay!
Projections: 13 ppg/2 apg/4 rpg/.445/.850/1 spg/190 3s/40 blk/1.2 tov
24. Eric Gordon – You’re a glutton for punishment, eh? Go ahead then, go on, take a stab at EG. Don’t blame me when he breaks your achy breaky heart. His numbers scream top 20 but his body screams suck it!
Projections: 17.5 ppg/3.3 apg/2 rpg/.440/.800/1.1 spg/110 3s/20 blk/2.8 tov
25. Jamal Crawford - I look at the Clippers backcourt depth and I raise an eyebrow. Then I look court side and I raise another eyebrow when I see Jessica Alba in a Clippers hat. I friggin’ loooooove Jessica Alba! I don’t love the Clips backcourt depth with Chris Paul, Darren Collison, J.J. Reddick and Jared Dudley all hanging out besides Jamal. My fantasy basketball software with advanced algorithms says common sense dictates a reasonable slight dip in numbers. Sorry!
Projections: 15 ppg/2.5 apg/2 rpg/.425/.870/.9 spg/140 3s/10 blk/1.8 tov
Bonus! Some more for you because I care!
26. Evan Turner – ET is one of the streakiest players in the NBA often times going off for consecutive monster games at a time then, without any notice, disappearing for weeks at a time. Give us some damn notice when you do that! His upside still remains high simply because he’s on a bad team so don’t ignore him on draft day. We’re looking at possible solid value here, kids!
Projections: 13.5 ppg/4.5 apg/6.3 rpg/.425/.750/1 spg/60 3s/20 blk/2.3 tov
27. Manu Ginobili – I could always deal with Manu averaging 27ish MPG but last year that number dipped to 23ish MPG in just 60 games. It’s just not good enough! Exclamation point because I’m mad, damn it. There is a new wave of young players, namely Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard who the Spurs are relying on so I wouldn’t expect some great fantasy resurgance out of Manu. He’s still useful but don’t reach. He’ll still flash some of his old form at times but don’t you reach, son!
Projections: 12 ppg/4 apg/3.4 rpg/.440/.835/1.3 spg/100 3s/15 blk/2.1 tov
28. J.J. Redick – I’m a J.J. fan, maybe it’s because he’s white and I like to root for the underdog. Hoops stereotype! We know he’s not going to do what he did in Orlando so I would expect numbers closer to what he did in Milwaukee last year. Sigh.
Projections: 12.5 ppg/2.5 apg/2 rpg/.430/.900/.5 spg/145 3s/10 blk/1.5 tov
29. Marcus Thornton – It’s kind of crowded in Sacramento even with Tyreke Evans launched. You’ve got a couple of combo guards in Grievis Vasquez and Isaiah Thomas and rookie SG Ben McLemore so this could get messy. I think MT may be the fantasy casualty since his defense basically, um, what’s the word I’m thinking of? Oh, I know … sucks! Threes aren’t bad though.
Projections: 13.5 ppg/1.5 apg/2.8 rpg/.430/.805/.9 spg/150 3s/10 blk/1.2 tov
30. Alec Burks – I like him as a sleeper this year so keep your eye on him. Just one eye is sufficient. Use the other eye to check out that picture of Jessica Alba in a Clippers hat! (I refer you to the Jamal Crawford blurb above)
Projections: 13 ppg/2.5 apg/3.5 rpg/.430/.720/1 spg/451 3s/25 blk/2 tov (maybe optimistic but dare to dream)
Here’s the best of the rest to consider who’ll probably crack my Top 200ish when I get around to it
31. Jarrett Jack – Feel free to bump him up and definitely grab him if you draft Kyrie Irving!
32. Lance Stephenson – Danny Granger won’t stay healthy. As if!
33. Jared Dudley - Crowded backcourt and also has to compete with Matt Barnes at SF
34. Avery Bradley - He’s aigght. Nothing special even with burn.
35. Jordan Crawford - Never met a shot he didn’t like. Though some shots don’t like him! I could see him scoring in bunches, especially to start the season.
36. Courtney Lee - Could be a sleeper but most likely meh.
37. Ben McLemore - Not to be confused with Macklemore the white rapper and social message arteest. Thanks for the education, we are all a little bit more tolerant now.
38. Tony Allen - Steal Tony, steal!
39. Lou Williams - Injured, ewww, eww.

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