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Fantasy Basketball Top 25 Point Guards for 2013-2014

By Hecman

And so it begins, the 2013-2014 fantasy basketball season! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee. Sorry for the late start kids but, hey, better late than never! Can I get an Amen? Amen. We’ll kick off the 2013 Fantasy Basketball Draft Guide with the Top 25 Point Guards with full projections. After that we’ll move to the Top 25 Shooting Guards, then the Top 25 Small Forwards, then the Top 25 Power Forwards and, finally, the Top 25 Centers. All rankings with projections! Then I’ll give you my Top 200ish Overall for Fantasy Basketball. Along the way we’ll throw in a sleepers post and maybe a few other goodies for you. Oh, and next week also watch out for my podcast with the @Fantasy Nomad himself Michael Pichan. We’ll be doing quickie 20ish minute podcasts on each position. Should all be a blast. I gots a lot to pump out in the next few days so let’s get to it, shall we? Oh, you can also follow me on Twitter @hecmanhoops. As if you didn’t know!
1. Chris Paul – Now 28 years young CP3 isn’t really as sexy as Steph Curry or James Harden but his all around game is just too good. Too damn good! You see those percents, son? Look at em! You see those assists?? You see those steals?? How about the points? Don’t look at the blocks though. The man doesn’t block. He’s short!
Projections: 18 ppg/10 apg/3.9 rpg/.475/.870/85 3s/2.4 spg/10 blk/2.4 tov
2. Stephen Curry – Despite ranking him only the 9th best point guard last year, I projected top 3 fantasy stats for him because that what he do when he healthy. He was healthy! If you grabbed him in the third round or later last year, you had balls and you also probably got yourself some cashish. I still can’t rank him number 1 though based on injury history but you can if you want. Hey, it’s your team!
Projections: 22 ppg/6.7 apg/4.2 rpg/.460/.900/250 3s/1.6 spg/10 blk/3 tov
3. Kyrie Irving – Kyrie Irving is a pussy! If you like pussy then grab him. Sorry girls.
Projections: 22 ppg/7 apg/3.8 rpg/.455/.860/145 3s/1.5 spg/25 blk/3.2 tov
4. Deron Williams – Here’s what I said last year about Deron: “I’ll be honest, I’m really not a fan of the close cropped beard look. It’s just too manicured for my taste, looks kind of ridiculous if you ask me. I mean if I had to choose between a Deron Williams beard and a James Harden beard, I’m all in on Jimmy’s beard but that’s just me. I can barely grow a whisker though so what do I know?” I still feel the same way. Anyhoo! His dimes dipped last year (hell, everything dipped!) but that was probably an aberration. It better be!
Projections: 18 ppg/9.5 apg/3.1 rpg/.455/.845/150 3s/1 spg/25 blk/3.1 tov
5. Damian Lillard – If you didn’t own him last year you probably hated him. Dude never came off the floor. Like ever! Can’t see him coming off the floor this year either. Or next year. Or the year after. Or the year after that. (Unless he gets hurt but you already knew that!)
Projections: 19 ppg/6.2 apg/3.1 rpg/.430/.845/175 3s/1 spg/15 blk/3 tov
6. John Wall – Is it me or did John Wall get fat? Fat stats that is! He’s still lacking the threes to get to the next level so plan accordingly if he’s your number 1 PG. Note the blocks!
Projections: 19 ppg/8 apg/4.2 rpg/.435/.795/5 3s/1.4 spg/50 blk/3.5 tov
7. Brandon Jennings – I dig Brandon Jennings. He’s skinny and cool looking. He’s the guy that all the girls want in the club. Must be his gold tooth. It’s definitely not because of his FG!
Projections: 17.5 ppg/6.2 apg/3.3 rpg/.405/.815/160 3s/1.5 spg/10 blk/2.5 tov
8. Derrick Rose – I really, really want to rank him higher, I really do but I can’t. Why? Because I’m like Kyrie Irving. I’m a pussy!
Projections: 22.5 ppg/7.8 apg/3.5 rpg/.450/.810/115 3s/1 spg/10 blk/3.2 tov
9. Ty Lawson – Ty basically hit all my projections for him last year yet somehow still disappointed. It was just one of those weird season for the guy. I mean the first half he basically blew. I think he bounces back though and he may slide a bit. Value!
Projections: 16.2 ppg/6.8 apg/3.2 rpg/.470/.775/95 3s/1.4 spg/10 blk/2.5 tov
10. Jrue Holiday – I’m not gonna lie, I’m kind of expecting a slight dip in overall numbers from Jrue. He was the man last year in Philly. Who did they have, Spencer Hawes? Hmmph. He still good ‘tho!
Projections: 15.5 ppg/7.3 apg/4 rpg/.440/.780/85 3s/1.5 spg/30 blk/3.2 tov
11. Tony Parker – Here’s what I said last year about Toney: “Why do I get the impression that Tony Parker thinks his shit doesn’t stink? F’n French.” Guess what? His shit doesn’t stink!
Projections: 18.5 ppg/7.5 apg/3 rpg/.490/.820/25 3s/.9 spg/8 blk/2.5 tov
12. Mike Conley – His threes jumped to 1.33 per last year while maintaining his careerish .440 FG. Or is it career .440ish FG. I think it’s the latter. That’s the second one!
Projections: 14.5 ppg/6.5 apg/3 rpg/.440/.835/110 3s/2.2 spg/25 blk/2.4 tov
13. Kemba Walker – I hope you jumped on him last year before he exploded. I warned you! Don’t say I didn’. Mmm mm, don’t even say it. I dig him. Like the Warriors! (The movie)
Projections: 17 ppg/6.3 apg/3.5 rpg/.420/.795/110 3s/1 spg/20 blk/2.3 tov
14. Jeff Teague – He’s 25 but for some reason I think of him as younger. Not sure why. He’s not a sexy name but has a sexy game! I see him leaping a bit. Like a frog! Or something like that.
Projections: 15 ppg/7.2 apg/2.5 rpg/.455/.860/90 3s/1.6 spg/30 blk/2.8 tov
15. Ricky Rubio – If you read me regularly last year you know I want to dry hump Ricky Rubio. I think he’s a bit overrated in general but for dimes and steals, he’s your guy. He’s not your guy for FG. Unless he’s on the other guy’s team. Then he’s your guy!
Projections: 12.5 ppg/8.3 apg/4.3 rpg/.360/.800/45 3s/2.5 spg/10 blk/3.2 tov
16. Goran Dragic – Here’s what I said last year about Goran: “I don’t know why but whenever I say his name out loud I find myself talking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Try it, it’s fun!” Anyway, it looks like he’ll play some PG and some SG with new backcourt matey 6’1 Eric Bledsoe. Um, matchup problems anyone? Just sayin’. He be aaiight though. Could be looking at a nice value pick here. I like value.
Projections: 15 ppg/6.5 apg/3.2 rpg/.445/.755/85 3s/1.6 spg/25 blk/2.4 tov
17. Russell Westbrook – The once indesctructable Russell has been destructed! Is that a word? It is now! He’s a tough call but I’m leaning toward passing on him unless he really slides or comes cheap and I’m definitely not reaching for him. That’s just me though. I don’t like injuries. Who likes injuries? If you do draft him then go get number 44. Reggie Jackson!
Projections: 22.5 ppg/7 apg/4.8 rpg/.440/.820/80 3s/1.6 spg/15 blk/3.5 tov
18. Jose Calderon – Is it me or did it seem like Calderon averaged like 12 dimes per last year as a starter? Actually, it was only 7.8 dimes per but whatevs. Expect that in Dallas. The 7.8 dimes, not the 12! His percents are also pretty sweet though he’s not really a scorer so don’t go crazy. You so loco.
Projections: 11.5 ppg/8.6 apg/2.5 rpg/.465/.880/120 3s/.8 spg/8 blk/2 tov
19. Steve Nash – Even if he plays low 30ish minutes per game he’ll still do what he do. What he do you ask? Dimes! Some threes. Sure he shoots at a .90ish FT clip but it’s at 2.3ish FTA per. Big whoop.
Projections: 12.5 ppg/8.5 apg/3 rpg/.490/.900/110 3s/.6 spg/10 blk/2.7 tov
20. Kyle Lowry – Kyle broke many a heart last year and like a cheated on girlfriend, I’m willing to give him one more chance because “I love him, Maury”. Value pick!
Projections: 14 ppg/6.7 apg/4.5 rpg/.415/.805/125 3s/1.5 spg/30 blk/2.7 tov
21. Jeremy Lin – Post hype after no hype which went to hysteria then to just hype then to mild disappointment now we are back full circle to post hype. You follow that? Nevermind, draft him with confidence.
Projections: 13 ppg/6.5 apg/3 rpg/.440/.795/90 3s/1.6 spg/28 blk/3 tov
22. George Hill – I look at his numbers and nothing makes me go pew. He’s so boring he doesn’t even turn it over. Solid! (Yet, very unspectacular). Focus on the solid part.
Projections: 13.5 ppg/4.5 apg/3.7 rpg/.442/.810/1 spg/130 3s/28 blk/1.6 tov
23. Greivis Vasquez – My Greivis is not with Vasquez! Last year I told you to jump on the bandwagon and I hope you did. I know many of you did! Homey beasted last year. I don’t see any reason why he won’t do well in Sacramento especially now that Keith Stupid is no longer the coach. In fact, the new coach, I don’t name coaches, coached GV in New Orleans in 2011. That good!
Projections: 12.5 ppg/7 apg/4 rpg/.430/.810/.8 spg/75 3s/5 blk/3 tov
24. Eric Bledsoe – I see him being over drafted, I really do. I don’t know, maybe it’s me but I see position and size issues. If he was so good as a two then why didn’t he play regularly alongside CP3 last year? Hmmm. I’m not reaching but that’s just me. It’s all about me! He’ll be ok though, don’t get me wrong!
Projections: 13.5 ppg/5 apg/4.2 rpg/.435/.790/70 3s/2 spg/50 blk/2.5 tov
25. Raymond Felton – He aigght, what’s you going to do, he aaiight. You wanna take Rajon Rondo here, be my guest. Hell bump up Rondo even higher if you want. Your team!
Projections: 12.5 ppg/5.5 apg/3 rpg/.430/.800/95 3s/1.2 spg/15 blk/2.4 tov
Bonus! 7 more! Yep.
26. Brandon Knight – Let’s not forget that BK burger is still just 22 and outside of Luke Ridnour has little competition at point guard for the Buckaroos. That damn Luke Ridnour is annoying! Be ready.
Projections: 13.5 ppg/4.2 apg/3.5 rpg/.410/.750/130 3s/.9 spg/10 blk/2.8 tov
27. Isaiah Thomas – The presence of Greivis Vasquez dampens my enthusiasm for IT2. I’m pretty sure the new coach likes to play defense. You hear that Marcus Thornton!? I’d take Isaiah though for the right price. His stats are a bit tough to predict since he’s kind of in limbo at the moment but if he gets burn north of 28 mpg, he should easily exceed what I project.
Projections: 14 ppg/4 apg/2.5 rpg/.440/.850/120 3s/.8 spg/5 blk/2 tov
28. Jameer Nelson – Definitely not spectacular but I can see him on the floor more than people would like. Veteran respek! He’ll get hurt though. As usual.
Projections: 12.5 ppg/6 apg/3.1 rpb/.420/.820/125 3s/.9 spg/5 blk/2.5 tov
29. Rajon Rondo – Hey, I have an idea, why don’t you draft Russell Westbrook and Rondo late and draft all stud forwards and centers early? Then grab some sleeper guards late (we’ll help you with that!) and pray for a second half team resurgence. Try it with like your 5th fantasy team. What the hell, right? Rumor has it he’ll be back in December. Shoot him up if you don’t mind waiting. I kind of mind.
Projections: 14 ppg/9.5 apg/4.7 rpg/.460/.630/10 3s/1.8 spg/5 blk/3.5 tov
30. Michael Carter-Williams – Remember what Jrue Holiday did last year in Philly? Now MCW fills those shoes. Or at least he’ll have every opportunity to do so. His numbers are a bit hard to project because the kid turns the ball over more than 4 year olds playing a soccer game. Boom or bust, I’d love to have him late for the large upside.
Projections: Let me think it over
31. Victor Oladipo – So far he’s having a nice pre-season but Jameer Nelson still looms as does Arron Afflalo so temper expectations. Until Jameer gets hurt that is. Yowzaaa!
Projections: Let me think this one over too
32. Trey Burke –  Not to be confused with Alec Burks. Don’t confuse them! Trey currently has cuatro good fingers so he’ll be sidelined likely until after Thanksgiving. Grab and stash, y’all! In the meantime, those of you who employ the Westbrook/Rondo strategy go grab yourself some John Lucas!
Projections: See MCW and Oladipo

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