Wednesday, October 16, 2013


How would I describe a what a major disappointment is in two words or less ? C.J. SPILLER . The Buffalo Bills running back has continued to let his league owners down after the first five games of the season he has proven to be a bust as has other running backs in the league .I don't think he will need his sunglasses because the future doesn't look bright.

Although a consensus first round pick in in most if not all pre- draft predictions has continued to underwhelm and under perform through the early stages of the 2013 campaign.The early season struggles of the "number 1 Rb " have led to a pleasant surprise and that surprises name is Fred Jackson . Jackson the former number 1 has had a resurgence this year which has led to a many a Spiller owner scratching their heads. The lack of the big play by Spiller has allowed Jackson to garner more and more snaps as the Bills have preferred to stay with steady if not unspectacular play of Jackson over the just wait his due mentality for Spiller. Jackson has seized the opportunity and ( no pun intended )ran with it.

Through the first five games the numbers are leaning towards what has become a 50/50 split and if anything a slight lean towards Jackson. Jackson has become the primary back in all third down plays as well as red zone and goal line situations and due to his production has started to see more first and second down play as well. No doubt Spiller will produce but the question is when and how often to earn that first round pick that so many used.The numbers ,though not staggering are leaning towards split time for both Spiller and Jackson.

RUSHING.       GP.      Attempts     Yds.      TDs

Spiller.               5.             74.          304.       1

Jackson.           5.             65.          296.       4

RECEIVING.      GP.        Rec.         Yds.        Tds

Spiller.                5.           9.              29.          0

Jackson.            5.           17.           153.         0

Is it to soon to give up on Spiller probably so but he must produce to earn the trust all you fantasy footballers out there .Jackson came into this season as an afterthought for most but has proven to be a " steady Freddy " thus far and worthy of playing as RB 2 or a flex and to be perfectly honest I have yet to trust him but as the Monkees would say " I'm A Believer " and hope you are too

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