Wednesday, September 4, 2013

NFL Week 1 Game and Fantasy Picks

Article by
Peter Clarke
SportsWiseGuy Contributor

Every week I’ll be giving weekly picks for the NFL games by straight up winner, the winner by spread, and fantasy studs, players to start, and borderline starts. These are the picks for week 1.

Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos – The devastating loss in the playoffs is enough motivation for Denver, much less the giant picture of Joe Flacco on the side of their stadium.

Straight up: Denver Broncos

Spread: Denver Broncos -7.5

Fantasy Studs: QB P.Manning, RB R.Rice, WR D.Thomas, and WR Welker

Fantasy Starts: WR Decker and Denver Defense

Borderline Starts: RB Ball, WR T.Smith, and TE J.Thomas

Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers have a lot of offensive line issues and no true running game until Bell comes back. Titans are not as bad as their record was last year.

Straight up: Tennessee Titans

Spread: Tennessee Titans +7

Fantasy Studs: None

Fantasy Starts: RB C.Johnson

Borderline Starts: WR Britt, WR A.Brown, Tennessee Defense, and Pittsburgh Defense

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills – As I’m writing this right now, the Bills still don’t know who their starter will be for week 1. Tom Brady should dissect the Buffalo defense for an early season win.

Straight up: New England Patriots

Spread: New England Patriots -7.5

Fantasy Studs: QB Brady and RB Spiller

Fantasy Starts: WR Amendola, TE Sudfeld, and New England Defense

Borderline Starts: WR S.Johnson

Cincinnati Bengals at Chicago Bears – Bengals are a really good team and the Bears are at home with a RB who was on fire in the preseason. This will be a close game and could be the game of the week.

Straight up: Cincinnati Bengals

Spread: Cincinnati Bengals +3

Fantasy Studs: WR AJ Green and WR Marshall

Fantasy Starts: RB Forte and Bengal Defense

Borderline Starts: QB Cutler, QB Dalton, TE M.Bennett, and Chicago Defense

Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns – This should be also a good game. I feel the teams at full strength are pretty even, but with Josh Morgan, the Browns are playing without a big playmaker.

Straight up: Miami Dolphins

Spread: Miami Dolphins pk em

Fantasy Studs: RB T.Richardson

Fantasy Starts: None

Borderline Starts: RB L.Miller, WR Wallace, TE Cameron, Miami Defense, and Cleveland Defense

Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints – Get the video game scoreboard ready. This game will be high scoring and 30 probably won’t be enough to win it. This is a game that will pump up fantasy teams.

Straight up: New Orleans Saints

Spread: New Orleans Saints -3

Fantasy Studs: QB Brees, QB Ryan, WR J.Jones, TE Graham, and TE Gonzalez

Fantasy Starts: RB S.Jackson, WR Colston, and WR R.White

Borderline Starts: WR L.Moore

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New York Jets – The Jets are probably in contention for being 1 of the worst teams in the league. They don’t even know who their starting QB will be. Welcome back Revis.

Straight up: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Spread: Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3

Fantasy Studs: RB D.Martin

Fantasy Starts: WR V.Jackson and Tampa Bay Defense

Borderline Starts: QB Freeman and WR M.Williams

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions – I like Detroit this year, but Peterson will keep this close. This could be an early statement game if the Vikings pull this out.

Straight up: Detroit Lions

Spread: Minnesota Vikings +4.5

Fantasy Studs: RB Peterson and WR C.Johnson

Fantasy Starts: QB Stafford, WR G.Jennings, and TE Rudolph

Borderline Starts: RB R.Bush and TE Pettigrew

Oakland Raiders at Indianapolis Colts – Looks like Pryor will be the starter for Oakland, that’s not good. Colts should get up early and send people home happy. Hard to give up a 10 point spread though.

Straight up: Indianapolis Colts

Spread: Oakland Raiders +10

Fantasy Studs: None

Fantasy Starts: QB Luck, WR Wayne, and Indianapolis Defense

Borderline Starts: RB McFadden, RB Bradshaw, and WR Hilton

Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers – This could be 1 of those week 1 upsets, but even if Seattle, who isn’t a good road team, pulls it out, I expect it to be a FG win type of game.

Straight up: Carolina Panthers

Spread: Carolina Panthers +3.5

Fantasy Studs: QB Newton and RB Lynch

Fantasy Starts: WR S.Smith, TE Olsen, and Seattle Defense

Borderline Starts: QB R.Wilson

Kansas City Chiefs at Jacksonville Jaguars – Chiefs are my surprise team this year and they get a good matchup against Jacksonville in week 1. This is another game that will be a FG win type of game.

Straight up: Kansas City Chiefs

Spread: Jacksonville Jaguars +3.5

Fantasy Studs: RB Charles

Fantasy Starts: RB Jones-Drew

Borderline Starts: WR Bowe and Kansas City Defense

Arizona Cardinals at St Louis Rams – Cardinals have to really earn their respect this year. They are the only team in the NFC that I just can’t see them making the playoffs. However, they aren’t a bad team.

Straight up: St Louis Rams

Spread: Arizona Cardinals +4.5

Fantasy Studs: WR Fitzgerald

Fantasy Starts: TE Cook

Borderline Starts: QB Bradford, QB Palmer, RB Mendenhall, RB D.Richardson, Arizona Defense, St Louis Defense

Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers – This is the best matchup of week 1. It has all the fireworks of an NFC Championship game. Even game, but the 49ers have the better defense and they are at home.

Straight up: San Francisco 49ers

Spread: Green Bay Packers +4.5

Fantasy Studs: QB Rodgers, WR Cobb, and TE V.Davis

Fantasy Starts: QB Kaepernick, WR Nelson, WR Boldin, and TE Finley

Borderline Starts: RB Gore, RB Lacy, WR J.Jones, and San Francisco Defense

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys – Eli Manning and the Giants usually own Tony Romo and the Cowboys when in Dallas, but I think this year is different and Cowboys will win the close one.

Straight up: Dallas Cowboys

Spread: Dallas Cowboys -3

Fantasy Studs: WR Bryant and TE Witten

Fantasy Starts: QB Romo, RB Murray, RB D.Wilson, WR Nicks, WR Cruz, and WR M.Austin

Borderline Starts: QB E.Manning and TE Myers

Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins – Headline will be Vick vs. RG3, but the difference makers should be Alfred Morris and LeSean McCoy. This is a good 1 for the Monday Night Football opener.

Straight up: Washington Redskins

Spread: Philadelphia Eagles +3.5

Fantasy Studs: RB McCoy

Fantasy Starts: QB RG3 and RB Morris

Borderline Starts: QB Vick, WR D.Jackson, WR Garcon, and TE F.Davis

Houston Texans at San Diego Chargers – Right now Houston is what the Colts were a few years ago. They’re a good regular season team that needs more to win a Superbowl. They’ll start off well here.

Straight up: Houston Texans

Spread: Houston Texans -3.5

Fantasy Studs: RB Foster and WR A.Johnson

Fantasy Starts: TE Daniels and Houston Defense

Borderline Starts: QB Schaub, RB Mathews, and TE Gates

That’s all this week for the game and fantasy picks, so until next week, good luck on all your matchups and enjoy the games.

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